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Pistols for Two and Other Stories This was the best book of short stories Georgette Heyer has the best way of pulling you in right from the beginning and letting you unwrap the characters one at a time Then you are allowed to see them as their story unfolds in a clear and usually funny well scripted manner This book was no different It was a joy to read from the first page I want Georgette Heyer She was just brilliantThere are real people captured in her words and they are so full of life and witty What a joy to read My 33rd Georgette Heyer Pistols for Two while Tom and Jack's courtship of the same girl started out on friendly terms the situation uickly deteriorates and enters dangerous territory 3 starsA Clandestine Affair Miss Tresillian is shocked to discover that her niece has fallen in love with the nephew of her jilted ex fiance but when an elopement is about to happen the two must unite forces 3 starsBath Miss Sir Charles falls into a trap set up by his mother and aunt so he must now pick up Miss Anne from boarding school 3 starsPink Domino Giles is trying to prevent his sister from making a disadvantageous marriage while on a mission to find the girl who stole his heart 3 starsA Husband for Fanny Fanny has scrapped all her life in order to give her daughter a London season but she finds herself falling in love with her daughter's suitor 3 starsTo Have the Honour Alan has returned from war to find his family estate in ruins and his only salvation is to marry his cousin Hetty 3 starsNight at the Inn on his way back from Lisbon Mr Cranbrook meets Miss Gateshead in an inn where odd things are afoot 2 starsThe Duel on the eve of his duel Lord Rotherfield finds his adversary's sister in his house trying to prevent desaster 3 starsHazard Helen's brother has just lost her hand in marriage in a game of cards to the very drunk Lord Carlington who wants to set off for Gretna Green as soon as possible 3 starsSnowdrift on his was to Bath via the stage coach Sir Julian meets Miss Trent who is on her way to win a fortune 3 starsFull Moon on his way to visit family friends Lord Stavely meets a young man who is determined to elope with the fiance Lord Stavely was unaware he had 3 stars So the thing about Georgette Heyer's romances is this I like them but I have to space the fuckers out She's really only got like eight characters and only two kinds of romantic heroes the scandalous rake usually lots older than the heroine and the rarer dandy and her stories all seem to follow the same beats so if I go straight from one Heyer romance to another it's impossible to ignore the creative recycling which I can only bear if I can ignore it I had the same sort of problem with Pistols for Two a collection of eleven short stories; rushing through the book in one go was probably the worst thing I could have done Don't get me wrong Heyer is consistently entertaining and freuently amusing and I enjoyed nearly all the stories in this collection But they're so very predictable and so many of them are so very much alike oh my goodness so many ill tempered rakes in their mid thirties falling desperately in love with teenage ingenues who have fallen into dire straits Is it any surprise my favorite story is the one in which the middle aged rake proposes to a middle aged widow who is in no danger at all? that they start to blend together by the end of it all Of course being short stories and not as you might suppose novels this collection is rather bereft of the improbable subplots the cast of wacky supporting characters and the complicated hijinks of a full on Heyer novel which is a bit of a shame I like Heyer's romances but I love her sense of humor and you don't get much of that here All the absurdities and the wit have been pared down or outright disposed of in order to streamline the plot and without the comedy without that enormous supporting cast to liven things up it isn't really the sameFavorite stories A Husband for Fanny in which the widow Wingham nearly gives up everything to see her daughter married well To Have the Honour in which the hero is a well intentioned doofus and also not fifteen years older than the heroine I don't have a problem with age differences and actually rather like them in fiction most of the time but seriously enough is enough Heyer and The Duel in which there is a twist I genuinely did not see coming though I think that's to do with the fact that I'm an idiot than anything else I'm also rather fond of the title story Pistols for Two which is surprisingly and delightfully slashy25 stars Very Short Stories from Georgette HeyerThese stories were very shortThey didn't make enough of an impression on me to be memorable or for me to wish to reread them as I do some of her novels that are my favoritesMarch 2017 Georgette Heyer group BOTM Affairs of honour between bucks and blades rakes and rascals; and affairs of the heart between heirs and orphans beauties and bachelors; romance intrigue escapades and duels at dawn all the gallantry villainy and elegance of the age that Georgette Heyer has so triumphantly made her own are exuisitely revived in these eleven stories of the RegencyGeorgette Heyer's historical accuracy and eye for a wonderful story of romance is uneualled and in Pistols For Two we can see the skills which won her a devoted audience that continues to this dayStories in the bookPistols for twoA Clandestine AffairBath MissPink DominoA Husband for FannyTo Have the HonourNight at the InnThe DuelHazardSnowdriftFull Moon 35 starsHeyer has a small pot from which she collects her characters The humble witty spinster with laughing eyes; the naive big eyed waif; the sporty devil take it Corinthian usually 'swarthy'; the handsome hiding hidden depths Dandy the young bucks; and the prone to spasms overwrought motherBasically Pistols for Two is a mix and match collection But what keeps Heyer from seeming too formulaic is her skill with a well placed plot twist In Hazard a gentleman wakes up hungover in the middle of his own elopement only to encounter the fiancee he wasn't eloping with but there's In The Duel a young lady is attempting to appeal to the man who is to duel with her brother when she inadvertently ends up in the home of a handsome stranger but that's not all Half the fun I had was trying to pick the hero and heroine out of the line ups of characters not difficult and then attempting to figure out the twists difficult and then seeing if I was right Favorites of the lot The Duel A Husband for Fanny; Pink Domino To Have the Honour Hazard Whenever I need a Georgette Heyer fixs but don't have time for a full novel I grab this delightful collection of short stories Of course GH is at her best when there is time to develop her characters and all the wonderful side plots so a short story will never show her at her best But it is fun to see her toying with ideas and characters she has either abandoned in earlier books or want to explore before reusing in later books It is amazing how many plans for Gretna Green there can be in one book A lot of the stories are on the road which makes it a perfect read for travelling It is hard for me to choose a favourite but the ones I most often return to is A Husband for Fanny The Duel and Hazard A must read for any Georgette Heyer fan Disclaimer Anyone but HER and this book would probably garner 3 stars A collection of short stories by Georgette HeyerI found the titular story miserably boring It is the sole reason I haven't gotten to this volume before Once I passed it the stories weren't so bad I enjoyed some particularly Hazard A widow makes an appearance in another one which represented a welcome break from the ever present 19 year old heroines fluttering about Elopements Gretna Green and Heyer heroes pepper the stories and eventually blur them together If you like Heyer this is a pleasant stroll It contains a few gems Unfortunately it also feels rather paint by numbers The same personalities emerge not just from her other books but from the other stories within the volume Almost all female characters fall into her younger female category and I just don't like them as much I also felt a little concerned for how many of them met the Heyer hero and then were talking engagement Not much development I think I'd still buy this one There is creativity in it Just not as much 'new' as I'd hoped Favourites as I'm rereading 1st Nov 2015The Duel loved it I do find it funny how the girl implores a stranger to convince a man not to kill her brother in a duel The best part is when the man gets hitHazard oh yes haha humourous and adorable a guy waking up hungover devilishly aware when he realises where he is that he's eloping when already engaged

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The Black MothIn 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932 Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each yearHeyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella MartinHer Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by

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