School Leadership and Strategy in Managerialist Times PDF

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School Leadership and Strategy in Managerialist Times This book is dedicated to an analysis and synthesis of research on strategy and school leadership with the ultimate goal of suggesting a new research programmeEach chapter takes up this challenge through different means resulting in an overview of the construct of strategy within the practice of school leadership It is hoped that each of these chapters encourages students practitioners and scholars to continue to investigate this important topic and to undertake the methodological challenges set out to advance our understanding of strategy and school leadership in managerialist timesDespite maintaining a primarily scholarly focus as such a focus is exceedingly important for the advancement of any domain of inuiry it is also recognised that many of the ideas discussed have profound practical significance for schools and those who lead and manage themThe arguments in this book particularly those in the latter chapters seek to expand the horizons of scholarship and understanding on the topic of strategy and school leadership Although this should not be interpreted as a prescriptive call for how further inuiry should be undertaken it is but one voice in the conversation The reviews studies analysis and proposed research programme of this book argue that the strategies of school leaders are of considerable theoretical and practical importance to schools the governance of schooling and the behaviour and performance of schools While this book offers a blueprint for further inuiry it remains for the reader to accept the challenge Doing so will enable important new insights into strategy and school leadership