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The Whispering Road The Whispering Road Trailer YouTube The Whispering Road A riotous roller coaster of a story that soars from tenderness to wild hilarity all in a perfectly formed folktale The Whispering Road couk Michael Livi The Whispering Road Paperback – Jan by Livi Michael Author › Visit 's Livi Michael Page search results for this author Livi Michael Author out of stars ratings See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price New from Used from Kindle Edition Please retry — — Hardcover Please retry Paperback The whispering road eBook WorldCatorg Get this from a library The whispering road Livi Michael In early nineteenth century England poverty stricken orphaned siblings Joe and Annie escape from the abusive farmer they work for and try to survive in Manchester with help from a friendly tramp The Whispering Road Wikipedia The Whispering Road documents the stories of Joe a young orphaned boy who loves to tell fantastical stories and Annie his younger sister who can contact the dead Since their mother left them on the front step of the local workhouse Joe and Annie have been searching for her but to no success At the beginning of the novel they work for a cruel master and mistress whose chores they The Whispering Road Michael Livi com The Whispering Road by author Livi Michael will with no doubt open up a whole new world for the reader The two main characters Joe and his sister Annie are orphaned children who have escaped an intolerable living situation; a place where they were underfed and overworked Once they are free Joe decides the best place for them to hide is the big city of Manchester Annie's hope is to find The Whispering Road Brent P Newhall;s The Whispering Road Beautiful smooth and challenging It's ambitious and magical with a sprinkle of moondust in its hair” – N Curves and lookouts of La Rumorosa the Continue on the road and enjoy the descent at your own pace There are strategically located lookouts along the way You can stop park and take all the photos you want at your leisure Each lookout offers different panoramic views all eually striking some even with a watch tower and telescope Take your time to go down La Rumorosa highway and come back Be aware that during the summer gameswhisperingroadBrent P Newhall's The Whispering Road is a storytelling game of cooperation and exploration inspired by the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli Basic Rules The system uses d's and d's to tell a Hero's Journey about people who are spirited away to a strange world find allies and face antagonists and at the end may or may not return home The rules explicitly reward cooperation and selflessness The Whispering Road Michael Livi nl The Whispering Road Michael Livi nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren onze services aan te bieden te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen The Whispering Road de Livi Michael The Whispering Road de Livi Michael Fremdsprachige Bcher Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln Prime entdecken Hallo Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufs wagen Bcher Fremdsprachig Los Suche Bestseller

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    The author was inspired to write this book after hearing the following true story that took place near her home over a century ago “A farmer and his wife took in two children boy and girl from the workhouse to help with the run of the farm As the years passed people began to notice that the children never got any older But the farm was isolated people kept to themselves and only when the mother of one of the children came looking for her did the truth finally emerge The farmer and his wife had been working the children to death and replacing them with similar looking children from different workhouses No one ever discovered how many children had been disposed of this way” Her story takes place in 1830s England a time when industrialization was putting an end to feudalism The population growth of the poor was out of control and overflowing the slums I think that the author did a good job of bringing the environment of that time to life and incorporating satire She even included some famous historical figures in her story The suspense of the book had me turning pages for hours There were some powerful moments in the story as well as some creepy elements which I thought were very well written the main character’s sister is possessed by spirits The book reminds me a bit of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” with British slangA downside of the story is that it has too many chance encounters and stroke of luck moments and there is not enough humor or novelty in those sections to distract you from noticing that

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    This is a gem of a book Dickinson like it deals with abject poverty work houses for the poor and children whose parents cannot afford to keep them and resort to dropping them off at work housesRealistically written without over dramatization we travel the streets of England during the 1830's when poor were deemed unworthy stupid and people to be abusedTwo children a young boy and his younger sister run away from an abusive situation at a working house Traveling through the woods they eventually arrive in Manchester a dirty industrial townLonging to find their mother they met a host of characters some goodmost badHighly recommended

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    Oo THIS BOOK IS SO SAD AND DARK But also gripping and spooky and full of historical detail and an intriguing barely there fantasy edge I read it in two days which is the highest praise I can give tbh because I'm normally the slowest sobs in direction of Goodreads Challenge being 4 books behind scheduleAnyway Good stuff I'm still thinking about the ending Also I thought this was MG but if anything it's upper uuuuupper MG The darkness levels are easily in YA to adult territory and there were sections I skimmed because the descriptions of diseases street fighting and wounds were so freakin' sad and grittyLastly I remember reviewing Livi Michael's follow up book Faerie Heart for a magazine ages ago and being a big fan I still remember that book fondly and would highly recommend it I really need to read of this author's work

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    Set in 19th Century England Joe and Annie have been sent to work on a farm When they left the workhouse they thought they were lucky but this is much worse worked to the bone and violently beaten they know they need to escape The pair make a run for it and decide to head towards Manchester to see if they can find their mum she always promised to come back and now is the time to reuniteAlong the way they meet a host of characters some nice and others only want to use them the pair must learn who to trust and how to surviveJoe is a cheeky chap not completely sure of his age but somewhere around 12 14 He likes to tell stories and has a way with words he is close to his sister but finds her very hard work Annie has always been strange and is some sort of Medium able to see Ghosts Very strange and doesn't speak much but very dependant on JoeI liked the two main children they had a good bond and I really felt for them Annie was very odd but I just wanted to hug her her upbringing had been so tough And the sad thing is these things really did happen children were sold as cheap workers slave like and beaten or worked to deathThere is lots of mystery and a hint of magic in the story but it is namely a historical fiction the scene is set well and I could clearly picture everything I really did walk down that road with Annie and JoeJoe ends up leaving Annie and gets involved with a street gang the characters there are great so diverse a real jumble but all very real I loved little ueenie so tough and brave holding it together the whole group was so diverse There were moments in this book where I laughed out loud and others where I had tears in my eyes For the most part I was hooked into the story and really enjoyed it However there is the chunk of the book where Joe is taken in by a wealthy man this part of teh book takes on a rather political angle discussing the affects of poverty on people and what the best ways to stop the poor from 'spreading' would be This was OK for a little while as it offered an insight of how the other half lived in that time but for me it went on a bit too long and really slowed the book down I found myself losing focus and scanning the paragraphs a little bit when Joe finally left there I breathed a sigh of reliefBut that was only a small issue and I actually really did like this book The language and setting of the time was right down and the characters captured my heart I'm glad I decided to keep hold of this book to read

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    This book reminded me of Oliver Twist but it was fast paced and I think younger readers will get messages out of it The layered worlds the protagonist experiences in 1830s Manchester tell you a lot about society in general What struck me most about Joe was that he was a survivor Whenever he was selfish heartless even at one point in the story it was from the realistic perspective of that struggle You could say his whole journey is a desperate search to belong somewhere I saw it as a strenuous climb up the hierarchy of needs In the end his triumph is that he climbs beyond survival He can care about people who need him rather than see them as a burden He can care what he does for a living and even look forward to his future

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    Excellent book Loved the characters and plot Great for learning about workhouse Victorian times and just for general reading at the end of day to children Explores different issues such as family friendship loneliness belonging

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    This book had a great influence on me because now I know how tough things could get for me in the future It's a great book about an adventurous boy named Joe but he also has many other names

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    実は本当にびっくりした!この本が大好きだ!自由の課題は強かった。主人公は自由が欲しかったのに全く自由がなかった。この本は私のおすすめだーI was really surprised by this book I really loved it The theme of freedom was strong It was interesting to see how no matter how hard the main character wanted freedom and without responsibilities he was never truly free I really suggest this book

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    I'm rather torn between giving this 3 stars or 4 I really liked the ending and the historical basis was interesting but most of the book was really long and slow and I didn't much care for the main character However like the story I liked him towards the end which I think you're supposed to but it was still annoying during the beginning and middle

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    I've never really read a book like this before and was surprised that I enjoyed it so much There is a lot of plot to keep you entertained and it touches upon many issues and subjects The only problem I would say is that it gets a bit slow in some places but I don't mind

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