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The Camberwell Raid There was a double wedding planned in Walworth Sally Brown was marrying Horace Cooper and her brother Freddy was at last getting hitched to his childhood sweetheart Cassie Ford But the wedding wasn't the only thing being planned for Ginger Carstairs and Dusty Miller were working out a bank robbery and unbeknown to the inhabitants of Walworth and Denmark Hill both Freddy Brown and the Adams family were to be deeply involved and put in considerable dangerIt took much ingenuity on Boots's part to come up with a scheme that would foil the plans of the raiders And all this was happening at a time when Boots had other worries in his life and when the unity of his own little family was being threatened

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    The Camberwell RaidGood book read very easily and continuing the saga of the Adams Family Really enjoying this series of books although I keep getting confused about which order to read them in

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