Barons Of Texas TessThe Barons Of Texas Silhouette Desire

Barons Of Texas TessThe Barons Of Texas Silhouette Desire 1240 I didn't like the emotional blackmail that Nick put Tess through that was really not okay I was with her all the way until she refused to tell Nick the truth about why she couldn't stop drilling that is It would've explained everything to him and he would've backed off But no rather than telling him what was going on she let him think she was a greedy bitch Convoluted IMHO Heroine is all business because she was raised by a cold father and taught to be competitive even with her siblings The hero wants her to stop drilling a move that will cost her a great deal of money and Honestly I had a hard time with the book its characters and their actions Most importantly their falling in love wasn't believable for me LOVE AT FIRST SIGHTTess Baron knew she was in trouble the second she laid eyes on the mysterious—and oh so sexy—stranger Why had Nick Trejo suddenly appeared asking her for a private meeting And what was it about Nick that made Tess long to be in his armsNick was on a uest to discover his family's fortune and he wasn't going to let some beautiful heiress stand in his way—even if he was falling in love with her Or could the treasure he'd been searching for his entire life be less precious than the treasure he'd just found—Tess's loveThe Barons of Texas Meet the Baron sisters—Tess Jill and Kit Inheriting the family fortune is easy But what about falling in love

About the Author: Fayrene Preston

Jaelyn ConleeFayrene Preston was born in Texas USA where she raised Her high school years were straight out of the movie American Graffiti — good friends and that wonderful rock ‘n' roll After high school Fayrene attended college and earned an Associate degree in Business AdministrationAlmost immediately afterward the university she married a Navy man and for the next five years they traveled back and forth across America several times and lived on both coasts Although the marriage didn't last she was blessed with two completely wonderful sons both grown now and the most beautiful little granddaughter you've ever seen in your lifeShe counts herself as very lucky Books have always been an important part of her life and now she gets to make her living by writing them She can't think of anything to make one happier She published her debut novel as Jaelyn Conlee in 1982 now continued writing as Fayrene Preston

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