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The Seduction Game SEDUCING ADAM After a disastrous relationship career girl Tara Lyndon had almost given up on men But then she met Adam Barnard The devastatingly sexy hunk could have stepped straight out of her fantasies Unfortunately it also seemed as if this perfect man had a perfect fiance waiting in the wings Tara knew it was wrong to want him only she couldn't help herself Wanting another woman's man was bad enough but did Tara also have the courage to seduce him A nice well written story A little slow paced but a good story with romance and suspense Not as good as some of her other books but still an entertaining read 35 stars maybe I wish some things were revealed earlier in a bookabout hero`s reasons and stuff that are obvious to us but h don`t know actually now I want to read books about non virginal heroine being second woman Good uick read I always enjoy Sara Craven Her characters always interesting as are her plots did not finish Ah was just okay Hero was clearly smitten but then he suddenly deliberately misleads the heroine into thinking he is committed to another person So further maligning their growing attraction to each other and making her think she is the cheating other woman 😠 The most interesting thing about this book was the short blurb on the back The plot and the characters were as bland as cottage cheese which is actually an insult to cottage cheese The Seduction Game by Sara Craven 1999 So the first MB I read was Reluctant Captive by Helen Bianchin and it’s been a wonderful read for me I still go back to it time and time again Even with all the typical romance tropes and all I love MB books The romance is ethereal I feel and thankfully I have never come across one that I’ve hated So recently when I got the chance to read The Seduction Game I grabbed it and I thankfully once again haven’t regretted it We follow a tough take no crap woman in Tara Lyndon a very career oriented woman and I loved her character It’s after uite some time that I’ve read such a realistic and real woman Tara Lyndon however is broken taking solace in her busy life We also meet her elder sister Sarah who even though ultimately brought the hero and heroine together I didn’t uite like her She seemed to be too meddlesome to me but then again I personally am a very personal person so obviously The hero of our story is Adam Barnard and the devastatingly sexy hunk could have stepped straight out of her fantasies However it to her utter dismay that she is finally interested in a man after years and he has to be engaged to be married Tara is very much confused her disastrous previous relationship had had a permanently negative effect on her rendering her almost unresponsive and uninterred towards men It was nice read truly with added portions of spiciness in the mystery and thrilling bits the author has sprinkled over it I loved the romance because it was so easy to relate to a career woman uninterested in men Pretty much reflecting parts of me and perhaps that’s why I related so much with Tara I rated this a solid 45 out of 5 stars a very beautiful modern day MB read

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