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Creating Affluence The A To Z Steps to a Richer Life This is a nice small book a mere 104 pages and it purports to be potentially life changing Who is Deepak Chopra? He’s a guru of our times; he’s published tons of books; and he’s adored by countless thousands of people Why? I picked up this book at the local library to find out why Deepak wants us all to be rich Rich in material wealth Rich in physical health Rich spiritually And by absorbing the ideas in his book we can achieve all thisIsn’t it astounding? And to think all that wisdom is to be found within a short 10 minute walk to our local libraryThe first half of the book is organized alphabetically It is like one of those children’s books that teaches us the alphabet A is for alligator B is for BugA Deepak tells us is for “all possibilities absolute authority affluence and abundance”Just repeat after me absolute authority affluence Yes if you read these words enough times they will become real in your life Abundance with materialize It is uite wonderfulThe techniue is simple Repeated Reading Absorption Physical manifestation The second half of the book consists of a list 123 this time instead of ABC The list describes the “ualities of the universal field the self pure Being”I am no science major but his “scientific explanation” of the universe appears to me to have enough mumbo jumbo to turn off any thinking brainBut who wants to think? No We all want to be affluent So repeat after me Perhaps I’m being too hard on old Deepak I’ll be honest I’ve read some of his other books I even enjoy some of his stuff It’s fun to experiment briefly with this wonderful world of what? metaphysics? philosophy? pseudo philosophy? pop psychology? new age religion?Deepak’s hard to classify Read him and make up your own mind I’ll see you in a couple of years driving by in your Mercedes You wealthy dog You All those repetitions paid off didn’t they? The author encourages us to read this book multiple times to really absorb its teachings After a first read I am definitely going to read this again A great book to help set a positive tone for the new year and the remaining years of ones life Many of us are accustomed to expecting and planning for scarcity in our lives to ration our own energies and affluence as if they are finite This then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy If you are miserly you will lead a life driven by depravation However if you are generous with your time and possessions and expect life to be abundant you will have an affluent life Go first class all the way and the universe responds by giving you the bestI do not pretend to be on the same spiritual plane as Deepak Chopra His writings are always very thoughtful challenging to me yet provide tangible recommendations for achieving a higher state of being Wisdom is universal I read this book as a Christian entrepreneur and as an independent author The principles engrained into eh DNA of this book are at their heart finely in tune with the principles taught by Christ The philosophy of wealth and affluence as freedom—in every aspect of our lives including finances family career personal happiness—is exactly in line with he principles I hold in faith to guide my daily life That's important to me Wisdom is universal if it's true wisdom And I believe the author understands and practices the same loving principles that I value in my life There is great wisdom here and taking it into yourself letting it take root in your consciousness and subconsciousness will increase the very best of you I count this as one of the best books I've read to date on the topic of embracing the power of knowledge and wisdom as a means to prosperity in all aspects of your life These are true principles and if applied they'll bring truly good results I'm very grateful to have found this and very grateful to share it This was ok but not Chopra's best He talks about changing your mindset to realize the abundance that is already in your life and how to encourage to come I enjoyed his meditations on love than this What can I say Another great book I will read this a few times Like all of these books of self empowerment one needs to read them over and over before the full message can penetrate However Mr Chopra does a wonderful job of un complicating itI enjoy his work According to author Deepak Chopra “Affluence includes money but is not just money It is the abundance the flow the generosity of the universe where every desire we have must come true because inherent in having the desire are the mechanics for its fulfillment” Creating Affluence has sold over 300000 copies The book is 99 pages long and is broken up into two parts with two chapters each as followsPart 1 Creating Affluence Chapter 1 The Source of All Abundance Chapter 2 The A to Z Steps to Creating AffluencePart 2 Chapter 3 The Magic of Attention Chapter 4 The Power of Knowledge Desire and SpiritIt also has two appendices 1 a list of the A Z steps from Chapter 22 a list of the 25 ualities of the Unified Field from Chapter 4Having read The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Reverend Catherine Ponder I was aware of the connection between prosperity consciousness and material prosperity Reverend Ponder is a new thought Christian so she wrote her book from that perspective I don't know if Dr Chopra calls himself Hindu or not but the book is very much written from a Hindu perspective I've also attended Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive so I'm familiar with the idea of creating something in your life by giving it attention I particularly like Eker's Attitudes of Wealth's a fairly short read I took my time and read it in about an hour and a half because I paused at times to reflect on the material Here are two beautiful passages from the book1 you've probably heard good books are meant to be read and re read In A Note from the Author Dr Chopra saysThe material in this book is extremely concentrated and has to be literally metabolized and experienced in the consciousness of the reader For best results I suggest you read the entire book once and subseuently read five pages on a daily basis Upon completing the book start again Make this a lifelong habit and wealth in all its forms will follow you wherever you goI intend to do as he suggests and will post again a month from now In this remarkable book lies the secret to creating affluence Here you will discover that you are the dancer and the dance the creator and the creation and unlimited wealth is yours merely for the asking With clear and simple wisdom Deepak Chopra explores the full meaning of wealth consciousness and presents a step by step plan for creating affluence and fulfillment on all levels of our lives According to the author affluence is our natural state and the entire physical universe with all its abundance is the offspring of an unbounded limitless field of all possibilities Through a series of simple steps and everyday actions Creating Affluence gently fosters the wealth consciousness needed to tap into this field and create anything you desire This book lists out the A Z steps for creating affluence The word affluence here refers to every positive things in our life not only money Each step is a passage which the author suggests the reader to read everyday till the concepts are inherited by the reader's mindThe author also takes reference from his inspirations Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Wayne Dyner Here the reader need not take any effort to implement these principles in his life The author suggests that simply reading it and absorbing the meaning for every passage will transform one's mindThis book ends with a chapter narrating the scientific advancement and relating this to spiritualityGood Luck My psychologist recommended this book I like the idea that what we focus on creates our reality it's true that I have to focus on writing to be a successful writer but I was distracted by the fact that the last 10% of the book is just a list of other Deepak Chopra books audio books etc I might want to spend my money on No thanksOr maybe that's part of the lesson as well? Maybe we should all spend 10% of our time making it easy for other people to give us money

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