The Art of the Confectioner Kindle ë The Art

The Art of the Confectioner I call this The University of Confectionery I learned so much Thanks A gorgeous professional level guide to the most challenging form of the confectioner's art A showpiece created entirely from sugar is truly a work of art and it takes an eye for design and strong pastry skills to work with this delicate medium The Art of the Confectioner is the ultimate guide to working with sugar to create beautiful sugar and pastillage shapes flowers figurines and breathtaking full scale showpieces Author and award winning pastry chef Ewald Notter shares wisdom gained from than 35 years in the pastry kitchen and combines straightforward advice and step by step instructions with lessons on developing artistry and design skillsThe book begins with a basic overview of sugar including information on the euipment and ingredients needed to work with sugar and Isomalt Subseuent chapters cover Pastillage Sugar Casting Sugar Pulling Sugar Blowing and New Trends in Sugarwork and include detailed instructions on how to make everything from delicate flowers to whimsical blown sugar figurines And the final chapter shows how readers can bring together all the skills learned throughout the book to create award winning sugar and pastillage showpieces From working with shapes and color and choosing a focus point to developing a sculpture based on a particular theme Notter provides insights into all the tricks of the trade and expert advice on preparing for competitionsThroughout the book techniues are explained with simple step by step instructions and illustrated with clear how to photos while stunning showpiece beauty shots provide inspiration The book includes hundreds of color photos as well as beautiful hand painted watercolor illustrations by the author and an Appendix of templates is provided to help readers replicate the showpieces shown throughout the book For pastry students aspiring confectioners and professional pastry chefs looking to improve their skills for restaurant work or competition The Art of the Confectioner is a must have guide from one of the field's most well known experts

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