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Being Plumville Living in the small southern town of Plumville is effortless seamless and safe if you follow the rules You're given them from birth and anything that could possibly make you break them is removed from your life even if it's your best friend Such is the case for Benjamin Drummond and Coralee Simmons two best friends separated during childhood because Benjamin is white Coralee is black and relationships between the two races are unspoken in its taboo However fifteen years later during the turbulent 1960s Benjamin and Coralee are reunited and despite their upbringing neither are able to deny what they had in their innocent youth nor suppress the desire to rekindle it maybe even into something The reunion forces the pair and those around them to examine the conseuences of following the status uo versus following their hearts Is friendship too high a price to pay to be Plumville Is love Will Benjamin and Coralee become who Plumville raised them to be or who they were born to be

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Being Plumville
  • Savannah J. Frierson
  • English
  • 01 January 2014
  • 9780595430208

About the Author: Savannah J. Frierson

Based out of Charleston South Carolina RWA PAN member Savannah J Frierson is a USA TODAY best selling and award winning author who crafts full happily ever afters for readers who believe transcendent love is worth the wait Savannah taps into women’s softness to show this vulnerability as a strength to be embraced and celebrated Savannah’s characters find empowerment through love and she hop

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    Being Plumville is a love story about two people who knew they were each other's happy endings from a very young age But society and the stupid notions of color race and what should and shouldn't be done managed to stand in their way for fifteen and years Savannah J Frierson takes the reader back to the late 1960s in the South where there is hope of things changing but a lot of blood sweat and tears will be expended to make things better This is a world in which skin color dictates many things how much you get paid where you live what kind of job you are able to take even how well you get treated by others It doesn't matter what you want for yourself or for your children It is just the way it isThe opening scene tells me a lot about Benny and Ceelee Benny is protective caring and possessive of little Ceelee Ceelee loves and trusts Benny Benny declares that he's going to marry Ceelee However it is not acceptable that Benny should feel that way about Ceelee because Ceelee is black and Benny has expectations that he must meet for his family and for Plumville White future state judges sons of prominent Plumville citizenry don't marry black daughters of their family's housekeepers So Patty was forced to keep her young daughter away from BennyFifteen years later both Benjamin Drummond and Coralee Simmons have yielded to the dictates of their world They live in the same small town but inhabit separate spheres black separated by white Until Ceelee is asked to tutor Benjamin in English or he will not longer be eligible to play as uarterback for their college football team Benjamin has fallen into the mold of white prominent young citizen He even jokes along with his racist friends about blacks even if his heart doesn't feel that way Deep down he yearns for his friend Ceelee and is secretly glad that he can reestablish that crucial connection that was missing in his life for so many years But now Coralee keeps him at a distance She doesn't trust him any To her he is another white person who thinks he's better than her thinks he can insult her and treat her like a second class citizen Benjamin is determined to show Coralee that he is different from the others That he is worthy of her trust and friendship because the truth was he never stopped loving her Coralee has to find the courage to fight for the love that she feels has felt for many years beneath the hurt and fearThis book was a wonderful read It was also very difficult to read It brought the anger and rage to the surface Knowing that in the United States blacks were and still are in some instances treated this way because of some bizarre belief that skin color determines intelligence eligibility and superiority I was born a short five years after this book takes place My mother and father both black lived in this world of Ceelee and Benjamin dealing with the same issues It is a painful thought to accept that one's life is not your own That you don't get the same choices as someone else because that's the way it is That it's okay for them to call you ugly names and you have to bite your tongue and deal with it That you can't love who you want to love without being rejected by your own people and subject to physical harm by his peopleMs Frierson didn't make up any of that angst This book is real I rooted for Ceelee and Benjamin even as I knew the road they traveled was a long hard ugly one I could feel their frustration when they weren't even able to hold hands or express affection towards each other in public It was okay for Benjamin 'try the dark berry' but he couldn't love a black woman For Coralee she was condemned and ridiculed for even thinking it was okay to date a white man It was a lot to take making this far from a fun escapist read That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy or love this book It was just a sobering experience for me and sometimes I had to put this book down and regroup I am glad I read this book because I really appreciate Ms Frierson's writing Although painful at times this gave me something to think about It helps me to be grateful that I have the choices that Coralee didn't have back then and not because I am smarter or deserving than Coralee was Although I have and will face prejudice for my skin color my fate and my life is my own I can love who I want and if people don't like it I have the safety and the ability to face that and not find my essential being damaged from it I for one am grateful that people like Coralee and Benjamin and the real life Mr and Mrs Loving paved the way for interracial couples in the modern United States People can say what they want but their opinion doesn't legally amount to a hill of beansThis was a moving excellent book It hurt my heart but it also gave me hope that you can believe in love even if it won't guarantee a perfect road ahead But two is stronger than one And love is worth fighting forBen and Ceelee

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    You know when you find a book that speaks to you and you're like gasp OH MY GAWD THIS IS GREATThat's Being Plumville for me I don't know of many IRMC readers who haven't read it If you're one of the few who haven't hopefully I can persuade you to pick it upBenjamin aka Benny Drummond and Coralee aka Ceelee Simmons grew up together in Plumville Georgia and they were inseparable You see Coralee's mom Patty worked for Benny's parents Kids kids are smart Children will adapt to anyone regardless of their skin color their physical handicap their class their gender Children see people as people and Benny is no different He protects Ceelee from bullies; he's her hero He shares his books with her They read together play together and essentially do things together that most children do despite Benny being a few years older than CeeleeThe story begins with Coralee seeking out her mother to have an injury cleaned and bandaged after cutting herself while playing with the boys who reside in Benjamin's neighborhood The kids tease and taunt Ceelee because she's black The offending slur tar baby makes an appearance Of course Benny isn't going to stand for it so he punches the offender good ole Tommy Birch in the jaw love Benny for that Patty is disapproving of Benjamin's behavior even though he was looking out for her daughter Benjamin's mother Florence overhears this bit of information and forbids Patty from bringing Coralee back into her homeThis is not good Patty Florence determined the words surging out of her mouth Benjamin's becoming far too attached to CoraleeI wanted to throttle that woman Throttle She was a hot mess personified I felt sorry for her but even so God don't like ugly The funny thing is Florence already sees the connection between the two children before they have any idea what their future holdsIf they keep on going the way they are they'll be in all sorts of trouble when they're olderAhhh foreshadowingBenny and Coralee don't cross paths for some years but when they do they're both in college and things are awkward to say the least Racial tensions are HIIIIGHCoralee thinks the Benjamin she once knew is gone Benjamin thinks the Coralee he once knew has forgotten about how close they used to beThings heat up when this couple tries to fight fate and when others who want to do everything in their power to keep them apartMs Frierson did one heck of a job with this story Everything about Being Plumville was phenomenal The writing the pacing the character development the editing All on point If you're looking for a historical read set in the chaotic times of the 60s you should definitely add Being Plumville to your TBR pile Not only is it a five star read it's also one of my Top Rated reads It deserves all the stars and then someThis review was originally posted on Romance Novels in Color

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    Another instance where I wish there were half stars because I'd give this a 35 edging toward 4 I'm surprised I didn't like it but the reasons I didn't are pretty understandable considering my romance novel proclivities Its VERY well written which is not suprising coming from Frierson My lack of enjoyment was tied to the unavoidable angst tied to the subject matter and the fact that there wasn't a whole lot of time spent on the ROMANCE and relationship progression it was the backdrop to the foreground of racial tension Maybe it was even eual but I tend to want my relationship front and center with the issues in the background I felt the ending was abrupt as well We got that big jump after the climax where everything seemed to be delivered for a HEA in a nice neat bow We didn't SEE them get there and for me that's half the fun of a novel Seeing the couple GET to their happily ever after What happened between Coralee leaving school and them getting married? I mean we get an explanation but its literally like a debriefing After investing in the story up to that point I felt like I'd been jipped a bit Still solid writing And in this genre that deserves HUGE props

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    This book is absolutely Amazing Very sweet and romantic I was just grinning at the screen throughout most of the book Stayed up late to finish Loved the writing and I'm so grateful to have met my hubby in 1999 The 60s was something else

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    I just finished this last week and my oh my what a great love story Ben and Ceelee childhood best friends that were separated young to meet up again in college to become BFF's again as well as loves of each other's lives This story was wonderfulSet in 1960 living in a southern small town this interracial couple go through a lot to be together But the love they both had for each other is what good romance reading is all about Ben WOW that Ben he was amazing and a true gentleman and Ceelee had such a big caring heart they both had me crying all through this story This book is a definite keeperMy character choice

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    WOWwhat a HIGHLY emotional roller coaster ridethis book evokes so many emotionsit makes you angry makes you laugh makes you cry makes you sigh and makes you thinkthis is the third book I've read by Savannah J Friersonand it is DEFINITELY my favorite of the threea strong and TOUCHING storylinean engaging and MEMORABLE well developed cast of charactersand some SURPRISING and unexpected twists that keep me turning the pages to see what will become of Benjamin and Coraleea WORTHWHILE read

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    So I was writing an awesome review and a storm came in and knocked my power out Anyway here it goes This is exactly the kind of book I have been waiting on The real grittiness of an interracial relationship The N word the eroticism of Black women the disgust and bigotry of both races towards the couple in love This is what all the other interracial novels lack They make it too pretty the discrimination is nothing than a snarled lip or an icy attitude from someone's mother But Savannah Frierson knew exactly what needed to be exposed This isn't pretty for people it wasn't in the 60's and it still isn't for some couples even today I enjoyed this book but what stopped me from giving it 5 stars was Cora I just didn't love her character I wanted her to be stronger speak up for herself not be so docile Other than that this was a good read and I enjoyed it

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    I liked this story it as sweet for the second time

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    One of the sweetest read ever This is a full 5 star book for me I loved the romance between Ben and Cora This book captured me from the beginning till the end Oh and what an end this was this book had one of the best epilogues ever It was such an wonderful end for them and just how I pictured it I recommend this book for every romance loversMy CastingCoraleeBenjamin

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    It is simply splendid gave a review for it at couk It's been a long time since I could get a book and really enjoy it with a longing to keep reading it finish it this book gave me that feeling because I'm not that easy to please Well done Savannah

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