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Miss Moseley the Matchmaker This was a surprisingly enjoyable novella I was in the mood for something uick and this fit the bill I loved reading about Molly the spinster and her surprising suitors I was a little worried I was in for an angst fest but this turned out to be sweetly romantic with a nice twist ending I purchased this book by mistake but I'm glad I did I am beginning to appreciate books set in this era A very uick easy to read fun wholesome story Not a lot of substance but I found it entertaining This is one of the most heart warming romance novellas There is an unexpected turn to the story that at first I was not sure I liked but after Julian's letter I was so touched This is what true love does and is all about I loved that the Hero turned out to be rough at the edges in the beginning Very often love stares us right in the face but we don't see it because the package is not what we think it should look like I did not want this story to end I would love to see this as a movie Even though it is a short novella there is enough material for a BBC production Starring Richard Armitage I will be purchasing kindle books by this author Vaguely set in the past with very modern manners and dialog Molly Moseley is a thirty year old spinster who enjoys matchmaking her friends Then the man she's loved all her life asks her to find him a wife Molly tries but her heart isn't in it Even as she's being tormented by feelings for Lord Rocksavage she catches the eye of a dour villainous looking man Molly has to choose between her lifelong crush or her new friendShort with no real plot or much characterization Uniue plotThis was an unexpected surprise A fresh take on friends to lovers with the unlikely hero and great heroine Charming and witty Thoroughly enjoyed it Late night read All promise and no substance Nonexistent plot two dimensional characters and a very unsatisfactory ending There was little if any believable romance She might be a spinster but no one knows love better than Molly Moseley Her unrivaled eye for romance has led many couples toward their happy endings Molly prides herself on being a remarkable matchmaker until Lord Rocksavage asks for an impossible favorMolly and Lord Rocksavage have been friends since childhood but there is something he doesn’t know she is secretly in love with him When he asks Molly to play matchmaker for him her world is turned upside down How is she supposed to find a wife for the man she’s loved her entire lifeHer life is further complicated by the arrival of Julian Crawford a reserved older gentleman who makes her uestion what she really wants Simple cute predictable Had a very abrupt ending This was an unexpectedly cute book I found it for free on and was instantly charmed Molly Moseley is a sweet character who honestly loves the people in her life The conflict that developed from confused feelings was believable and uickly resolved There is a bit of angst but like it is in any good romance the angst is uickly resolved I'm glad I stumbled into this book and I look forward to checking out from this author I had higher expectations for this It was a let down I can see a lot of potential but it falls flat It comes across as less than believable There seemed to be no character development And what little there was was unflattering to the characters I gave it three stars and then dropped it down to two stars Still that may be too much I thought that with the potential for better story it deserved two but maybe that is the very reason it deserves only one It had potential that the writer just ignored Or failed to see even I talked myself into lowering it Maybe it should be one

  • Kindle Edition
  • 112 pages
  • Miss Moseley the Matchmaker
  • Caylen McQueen
  • English
  • 07 February 2016