Putin PDF/EPUB µ Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Putin
  • Chris Hutchins
  • English
  • 26 January 2016
  • 9781780881140

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PutinI had very little knowledge of this major player on the world stage and very much wanted to learn This book was interesting and informative how much was fact fiction or conjecture is hard to know For sure Putin is a complexed character someone you would cross at your peril as several Oligarchs have found out Intelligent books about Vladimir Putin have been few and far between because of all the world leaders the man his friends call 'Vlad' has managed to remain an enigma This highly personal biography of Russia's leader is the result of six years' research by author Chris Hutchins a successful investigative journalist and much published biographer His associate Alexander Korobko is a London based Russian journalist and TV director This book goes some way towards ending the enigma that is Vladimir Putin This book is very favorable to Vladimir Putin Fine but the author does not really provide evidence to support this other than very superficial offerings Hutchins appears to be averse to asking the hard uestions and pointing out the contradictions in Putin's actions For example Putin acted very aggressively in the war against Chechnya secession Yet when Georgia fought to keep South Ossetia from seceding Putin's Russia very uickly invaded and continued on into Georgia The author was complementary of Putin's battle to keep Chechnya yet very supportive of Putin's invasion of GeorgiaThe author appears to have a knee jerk antipathy to the West particularly Britain and the United States He swallows the Putin propaganda hook line and sinker Perhaps the most useful aspect of this book is that it may unintentionally provide insight into why Putin is so popular in RussiaThe book is also poorly written and organized Often the author will be describing an event and then suddenly jump to an event several years previously with little warning or explanation It is a superficial book I was not surprised when I investigated other books the author wrote to find that most are celebrity books about the Beatles Princess Diana the Duchess of York and Athina Onassis Putin is People Magazine coverage of a very complicated man Note also that this book was published in 2012 so recent actions against Ukraine are not covered

About the Author: Chris Hutchins

CHRIS HUTCHINS is an established author of highly acclaimed biographies of the rich the famous and the royals His first FERGIE CONFIDENTIAL was an intimate biography of the Duchess of York and chronicled her troubled marriage to the ueen’s favourite son This was followed by a revelatory biography of the late Princess of Wales DIANA’S NIGHTMARE and an acclaimed psychological profile of her