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    4255 “Will you please take that off? I can’t talk to you like this” she said gesturing at his turnout“Why not?”“It makes my knees go all weak and funny” Hot sexy lovely and sweetI was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this book It was utterly romantic heartwarming hilarious and steamy all rolled into one Jennifer Bernard has uickly become one of my favorite authorsA news producer Melissa McGuire found herself pushing into a date with a fire captain Harry Brody by her grandmother At first Melissa was reluctant to go out with him but after the night ended it turned out that both of them felt irresistibly attracted to each other As they spent time together it became harder and harder for them to keep their hands off each other Will her grandma’s matchmaking plan work out or they will end up with a broken heart?It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with these endearing characters Brody and Melissa were well rounded characters and they were perfect together The chemistry between them was hot enough to melt the ice and the temperature of their passion reached a fever pitch as wellHowever one thing about this book that could definitely be improved upon is the drama For me it didn't feel uite like an actual drama and wasn’t as heartbreaking as I expected Actually it should be the highlight of this story but unfortunately it was a little bit too bland for my likingAll in all this book was very fun to read It was a touching romantic story that you will not want to put down I absolutely enjoyed it If you’re looking for a nice firefighter romance story full of humor heat and heart then you shouldn’t miss out on this one “Do you? Because you know I’m a simple old fashioned man If someone tells me they love me my next thought is flower girls and reception halls”

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    Fearless smoking hot and single meet the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel These firemen might be heroes but it's their bad luck in love that makes them legendary The Fireman Who Loved Me is the first book in Jennifer Bernard’s The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series as well as her debut novel It’s fun it’s sexy it’s poignant it’s a thoroughly entertaining story The Curse In my review of the preuel One Fine Fireman I explained a bit about the curse First a little background to the series title Due to an event over 150 years ago the firefighters assigned to this firehouse are cursed to never find love The curse surrounds the true supposedly story of mail order bride Constancia B Sidwell and says that one of the first volunteer firemen in the area Virgil Rush had been corresponding with Constancia B Sidwell who was eager to start a new life in the West Like many women of the time were doing she hopped on a mail coach to travel across the country to meet her future husband but before she could reach him a gang of robbers attacked The story goes on that she fell in love with the leader of the gang and never thought about poor Virgil again and Virgil subjected to the unrelenting teasing of his fellow firefighters vowed that from that day forward San Gabriel firefighters would suffer the same rocky road to romance that he didAs I said then this really has little to do with the actual storyline of this book but it’s a fun “backdrop” to the entire series so I wanted to share that with you The Story News producer Melissa McGuire has been burned and not by fire Thanks to the dog eat dog environment of television news she lost her job and got her heart broken in one fell swoop Leaving the glitz and prestige of Los Angeles behind Melissa now finds herself living and working in not so glitzy San Gabriel California and taking care of her ailing grandmother A grandmother with a secret whose made is her mission to match Melissa with one of the hot legendary “Firemen of San Gabriel” Melissa and Fire Captain Harry Brody couldn’t be different but sometimes as the saying goes opposites attract And in the case of this matchmaking endeavor they match and match big But that doesn’t mean everything goes smoothly though because Sparks fly Passion flares Heat rises You get the pictureAdd a curse a conniving nightly news anchor a stunningly handsome daredevil fireman a brave little boy a couple of exes and one giant fire to the mix and Melissa and Brody's love may not be the only thing that burns My Thoughts All I can say is Wow What a great story this is Lots of excitement action romance humor and sexy goodness and even some moments that found me fighting back the tears There was so much packed into this story that I honestly can’t think of a thing it lacked If you’re a fan of contemporary romance and if you love firefighters then you definitely need to give this series a try Ms Bernard is a talented writer giving us awesome characters great stories and happily ever afters we can believe in and cheer for

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    35 starsMelissa McGuire's grandmother Nelly wants to see her granddaughter happily married Sooner rather than later But when Nelly bids and wins a date for her at the Firemen's Bachelor Auction Melissa is unimpressed She's twenty nine a television news producer and not interested in beefcake When her date turns up he's not the fireman that Nelly won but the fire captain standing in for his young reluctant colleague Harry Brody is the fire captain of San Gabriel's Fire Station 1 the only all bachelor fire station in the country Having one disastrous failed marriage behind him Brody is not interested in getting involved againThis contemporary debut is a fairly standard romance At times the tone was light and comical but the plot also dealt with some heavier issues and I'm not sure that both the dramatic and lighter issues were woven seamlessly The hero was a real delight a true gentleman Although I wasn't so keen on the heroine Melissa was too pushy at times about her feminist dogma Overall a good debut just not great But certainly has sparked enough interest for me to read Jennifer Bernard's second book in the series Hot For FiremanSteam 3 ARC courtesy of Avon via Edelweiss

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    Saw it at the book store and soooo very nearly bought itnext timeAnddd then I bought itI read the 05 in the series but it was soo short and cute that I had to download this one right away I loved Brody What an amazing uiet deep and ethical man Loved himThe story was good fast paced just steamy enough with fully fleshed emotions that gave us a spicy Heroine a loving granny a recovering dad and an entire fire hall of hawties Highly recommend to those who enjoy their contemporary romance with some fun and firemen thrown into the mix

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    Not my thing I made it to page 262 and just couldn't stand how the hero and heroine were acting and reacting to things around them I found both the leads hard to like and wanted to shake Melissa for not standing up to Ella sooner and to stop being a push over

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    This book is definitely much better than you would expect from the cover I've also got to say that no historic buildings in San Gabriel CA were harmed in the writing of this book The Fireman Who Loved Me has a sweet charm hot sizzle and I am looking forward to stories in this series It was impossible not to be pulled into Bernard's world of hunky firefighters and television news as her writing is both humorous and the sexy was so hot The cast of secondary characters were wonderful especially Ryan who will be featured in Bernard's next book When a Fire Engine passes by I find myself doing a double take with my grandkids except I'm checking out the hot firemen and not the engine It takes special men to do what firefighters do every time they answer an alarm They are true heroes Melissa McGuire's grandmother Nelly is a woman on a mission That mission is to find a hunk for her granddaughter so who could possibly be hunker that policemen and firefighters? A charity auction finds Nelly the winning bidder on one of the hottest firemen there One problem Ryan is not keen on a date with an 80 year old firefighter groupie Ryan's captain Harry Brody takes pity on him and does his date Only it isn't 80 year old Nelly it is much younger very hot Melissa who ends up going on the dateMelissa is appalled at what Nelly has done She doesn't think she has a dating problem She is a television news producer and dates writers musicians artists intelligent men The thought of a date with a Neanderthal firefighter is just not to be endured She was prepared to be bored out of her mind but what she was not prepared for was the kind thoughtful very sexy Brody Brody puts her preconceived notions to the test on their date and afterward when he gets roped into doing a television special on his fire house He is intrigued and finds that what he feels with Melissa is not what he expected What I love about these two characters is that they both have preconceived notions about the other and after spending time together they realize just how wrong they were

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    This review posted at Guilty Pleasures45 StarsThe perfect Firefighter romanceThe Fireman Who Loved Me is an intense page turner Melissa and Brody are thrown together after her grandmother tries her hand at getting Melissa hooked up and married off These two characters are the perfect example of opposites attract They argue and fight all through the first date but as it draws to an end and he walks her to the door sparks and flames ignite They may not have a lot in common in their lives but their bodies sure do tell a different story anytime they are close to each other The relationship with these two takes off and you can’t help but to admire their love story But as uickly as things heat up for them they abruptly come to a halt when both exes come back into the picture This book is full of feeling and passion My emotions were all over the place at times I laughed and cursed and I even shed some tears a time or two There is a great cast of characters Grandma Nellie is just a nest of trouble and adds great humor The story of Melissa’s father makes you understand the importance of overcoming addiction and forgiveness You get to watch Melissa grow and develop into a strong independent woman The firefighters in this book were great guys and easy to adore This is not just a book about Melissa and Brody There are lots of characters and they each have their own agenda and story The way it entangles and weaves through the underlying love story is beautifully done My only drawback was a storyline of an abused boy Melissa was working a news story about him and numerous times commented that she had completely forgotten about him I’m not sure how one forgets about a child being abused In no way does this affect the story line of the book; it was just an issue for me From start to finish Ms Bernard wrote a fast paced tale of excitement and heat There are hints about follow up stories for these sexy firemanI can’t wait to read

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    Frustrated beyond belief with some of this story I'm now going to have to rethink reading from this authorI don't like when other people cause drama inside the relationship I don't like being just slammed into that suddenly I went from loving this story to cringing in heartbreak The hero didn't do anything wrong on a physical level but his good guy standardsjust went a little too far I did end up loving how he handled it and also loved the ending but really wanted and it needed an epilogue badly Jennifer Bernard writes in a way that sucks me in but gosh I really dont' want to read stories where exes come in and cause angst I hate that It's really all in how the hero and heroine handle it I don't like separations and I don't like misunderstandings If they clear it up uicklyI can deal Also I hated the POV of Ella Absolutely hated that part I don't want to read about characters that are so selfish and stupid Yea major major let down

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    Melissa McGuire is a television news producer who left her big time gig in LA after her now ex boyfriend screwed her over With her elderly yet very feisty grandmother having some health issues Melissa moves in with her and takes a job with a smaller television station Her grandmother wants her to get married and takes it upon herself to drag her to a firefighter bachelor auction Grandma aka Nelly bids and wins on the very hunky Ryan which entitles her to a dateEveryone thinks Ryan is cute and he is really tired of being teased about it to the point he gets great anxiety He entered the auction because proceeds go to a charity His captain Brody is there to try to calm him but eventually agrees to go out on the date in his place Of course Nelly makes Melissa go on the date so they both end up not expecting to see the other person Melissa thinks she is suited to the artsy type and Brody is really not looking for commitmentBrody’s fire station is well known for the number of hunky bachelors it has in it attention he doesn’t really like He is a very serious well respected fireman who is rebuilding his life after a divorce Although the first date for him and Melissa didn’t go super great there is that spark of chemistry When Melissa and Nelly find themselves back at the station for a dinner things heat upI can’t resist a fireman book I just can’t Fellow Smexy reviewer May has spent a lot of time in fire houses and she tells me – now everyone hold on – that firehouses and firemen are really not that sexy I’ll allow you to all compose yourselves before I continue Now we all agree that they are heroes and that right there is sexy in itself But apparently making fart jokes and potty humor is their speed gaspAnyway getting back to this book – no worries ladies and gents Because this firehouse is full of the smexy “Our local fire station is famous Even made the Today Show The whole crew was in People’s magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue It’s the only all bachelor fire station in the country Or almost all And apparently they’re good looking too”Welcome to the firemen of romance booksOkay so we have a firehouse full of hot dudes except one poor soul with a big belly and apparently two female firefighters that are never really in the book So you would think this book might be fun? I wanted to like it so much But the supporting characters really ruin it for meFirst let me say the romance between Melissa and Brody is nice It builds up well and it is sexy and hot and they have nice chemistry Unfortunately they don’t get a lot of page time togetheralone And the supporting cast are like nails on a chalkboard First we have Ella who is the hot news anchor who works with Melissa She provides a lot of conflict in this book as she is super high maintenance always needing attention and thinks she is the best of the best of all newscasters She drove me insane I’m not kidding She is so annoying the entire book I wanted to beat her down as I’m sure Melissa did tooNelly the grandmother is over the top with her well wishes for Melissa as well The guys at the fire station are very clichéd super hot well mannered menAnd to make things even worse two characters are introduced in the second half of the book that are even over the top and annoying than Ella don’t want to say who due to spoilers I seriously could not stand the supporting cast Which is a shame because this could have been a fun light hearted bookI’ll have to wait to read reviews of the second book in this series before I proceedRating C

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    What a fun book Melissa's grandmother bought a bachelor for her at a charity auction Thanks to some fast talking on the part of the bachelor Melissa ends up with his boss instead There is an immediate and intense attraction but they agree they are wrong for each other and decide to move on Then the news anchor from Melissa's station decides she wants in on the action and finagles a way to film a Thanksgiving special at the station The firefighters get called out to a fire in the middle of the taping and Melissa ends up covering part of the fire for the news before Ella the anchor takes over and screws things up Melissa and Brody finally get together for some intense firefighting of their own Ella spends time trying to get her own way in things while Melissa tries to keep her in line Melissa is also trying to do an investigation into a foster care scandal helped by a young boy who told her about it Then Melissa's ex boss comes to town trying to get her to come back to LA Brody's ex wife comes back to town and creates some havoc of her own Melissa's grandmother gets the last word in when she tries to help Melissa and Brody see how much they care for each otherI really liked both Melissa and Brody He was a fantastic captain for his fire station able to guide his firefighters without being heavyhanded about it I loved seeing him interact with them He wasn't interested in a long term commitment but wanted to get to know Melissa better Melissa was very good at her job as a producer I really liked seeing her do her job and how she was able to get the best out of her crew I wish she had been better at dealing with Ella but by the end of the book I could see why she was that way at the beginning Her personal growth was pretty awesome There were a lot of really great characters in the book I'm looking forward to seeing of them in the next one

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The Fireman Who Loved Me Fearless smoking hot and single meet the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel These firemen might be heroes but it's their bad luck in love that makes them legendaryNews producer Melissa McGuire and Fire Captain Harry Brody couldn't be different though they do have one thing in common they're both convinced they're perfectly wrong for each other But when Melissa's matchmaking grandmother wins her a date with Brody at a Bachelor auction Sparks fly Passion flares Heat rises You get the pictureAdd a curse a conniving nightly news anchor a stunningly handsome daredevil fireman a brave little boy a couple of exes and one giant fire to the mix and Melissa and Brody's love may not be the only thing that burns

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  • The Fireman Who Loved Me
  • Jennifer Bernard
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  • 02 April 2016