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Carbon Copy Cowboy An injured woman in a wedding veil on Jack Colby's ranch property Jack has no idea who she is—and neither does she Kendra doesn't know her name what the veil is all about or where she belongs And since Jack's entire life changed with the unwelcome discovery of a twin brother he's not in the mood for secrets or surprises Like finding out that Kendra might be spoken for Yet even as she helps him open his heart to his family he finds himself praying for the opportunity to make new memories

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Carbon Copy Cowboy
  • Arlene James
  • English
  • 15 June 2015
  • 9780373877645

About the Author: Arlene James

Arlene James has written romance for three decades and has published 75 novels A mother of two wonderful sons and now a happy grandmother to the brightest of all grandchildren she is finding her fifth decade to be great fun She and her very supportive husband of 35 years whom she agreed to marry on their first date enjoy a busy social life and particularly delight in traveling They have v

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    Can't wait to find out Grayson's story next time and to find out if their mother wakes up out of the coma and if they find their father alive and well This is a really good series so far Good story telling by the author

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    This is a mini ‘Books For Christian Girls’ review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 3182013 “Cute story”272020 Mentioned in a recent video that I would be unhauling this series after rereading it Main Content Kisses

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    Miniseries Texas TwinsCategory Inspirational Romance

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    I thought this book was a bit stronger with the faith message than 'standard' Love Inspired tend to be I liked how both Jack and 'Kendra' would have scripture passages come to mind to help them in the difficult circumstances they were facingI also liked the character of Kendra Even though she literally could not remember a thing about herself including her name from before the accident she tried her best to be encouraging and upbeat and was grateful and helpful to the ColbyWallace family for letting her stay on the ranchJack ahh Jack he was a Grumpy Gus for about 95% of the book and that bugged me However he does eventually get some sense and seems to be turning his attitude around so I have hope he'll be a nicer person to read about in the forthcoming books in the seriesSpeaking of the series I feel like we really didn't get much to go on with regards to why the family split in this instalment but I do feel like there's some kind of additional side? story that's going on with Sadie the shy church secretary I think it will be interesting to see what happens with the family division subplot and to see if the 'Sadie story' amounts to anything35 stars

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    Carbon Copy Cowboy reviewCarbon Copy Cowboy is the third sweet Christian romantic book in the Texas Twins series written by author Arlene James

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    It was so good I'm excited to read Grayson's story next

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    Love inspired Texas Twins series by Arlene James Carbon Copy CowboyJack Colby is riding his ranch deep in thought because he has learned recently that he has a twin brother an identical one that he never knew existed this news was on top of his sister meeting a young woman who they now knew was her twin sister So many changes and so many uestions with no answersIt is at this moment he sees a little red car driving so fast towards a bad curve in the road and he prays for the person inside please slow down you will never make that curve in the road he then races his horse over the land towards the highway hoping he can get there in time to help He finds a young woman inside wearing jeans and a wedding veil When she comes to she does not know who she is or why she is in the car driving so fast or where she is going She is so beautiful and Jack seems to feel deep down he must help her She is rushed to the hospital and even after a stay of a few weeks and getting better in the physical sense she still doesnt have a memory of her life and at the time to leave the hospital Jack brings her home to his ranch hoping she will get her memory with rest and relaxation Jack thinks his sisters will be helpful also or at least this is what he tells himself as he just has a gut feeling that he needs to be around this beautiful young womanHe is also working through a part of his life with anger at himself thinking he caused his Mom to have a fall from her horse because they had words shortly before she took a fall that resulted in a head injury that put her in a coma where she lay for 6 months He had been so angry that she couldn't or wouldn't answer his uestions about an absent fatherYou will love to read this story by Arlene and find out some answers as Jack meets his twin and learns to love the sister that has shown up who is his sisters twin alsotwo sets of twinsan absent father and Mom in a coma not able to shed any light

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    Carbon Copy Cowboy by Arlene JamesTexas Twins Series Book 3Jack Colby was never uite satisfied that he didn’t know of his past Who was his father? Did he have other relatives? But his mom Belle refused to answer On the final day he asked they argued and she took off on her horse ended up being thrown and has been in a coma ever since Jack has carried the guilt and blame for that day Refusing to look for the past didn’t work when his new sister showed up and he found out about his twin brother The last thing he needed was the beautiful blonde who was in a car wreck with no money nowhere to go and no memories of who she is or where she came fromKendra as she was named by a young girl in the hospital was frustrated not remembering but she knew she had faith and also that she wanted to help Jack find peace in his life Only the moody handsome cowboy just became distressed with each failure to find information Worse yet she was falling for him and knew she couldn't not without knowing who might be out there waiting for her to come home A fiance or worse yeta husbandIn this third book of the series we still have a missing father and a comatose mother Jack seems to take on all the anger and guilt for everyone along with feeling inadeuate every time he hears about his twin brother Grayson the undercover cop Not to mention some mystery person leaving Bibles with each twin and a mysterious note along with them The fourth book Look Alike Lawmen introduces us to Grayson and maybe answers to their past A really enjoyable series that makes it hard to put the book downhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom#

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    4 STARSTexas Twin book 3This is third book in the series and so far have liked them all but I want some answers for them soonThis is a clean read It is Love Inspire so thier is mention of prayer scripture that is part of storyJack Colby was out riding fence on his ranch when he saw a car speeding too fast for that road Sure enough he saw the crash When Jack made it to the car he saw it was a stranger wearing a wedding veil and jeansShe woke up in the local hospital with no identyno purse luggage license plate and no memory of who she isJack is worried about where she will end up staying He was thinking of calling the preacher but realized he would usually call his family They have a big house on the ranchThier family is in a mess of confusion A couple of months ago it was just him his younger sister and his mother Now his mother is in a coma he found out his little sister has a twin and he has a twin he has never met and a father who is missingJack brings Kendra to the ranch A little girl in the hospital named herKendra finds that she loves being on the ranch and knows a lot about animals and how to take care of themThe family still does not know how come they were split up and why thier mom changed thier names and kept all this information from themJack blames the fight he had with his mother about where they came from when her horse threw her off and she has been in the coma since8212012 Harleuin Harleuin love Inspired

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    Carbon Copy Cowboy by Arlene James is the third book in Harleuin's Love Inspired series Texas Twins The three star rating doesn't do justice to Arlene James It isn't her fault that I don't care for Jack Colby who sulked through the first two titles in the series She kept his character consistent with the other titles; though in this one we get inside his head There is a scene in the barn that isn't very believable but this is fiction Arlene James' Chatam House series and Eden OK series are both excellent reads

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