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    Gosh this book is so freaking cute I can't even stand it We all can use a little romance now and then but not many contemporary YA love stories stand out as anything particularly memorable which is why I normally prefer to see them cloaked among werewolves and angels and other such distractionsBrenna Blixen doesn't need supernatural beings to keep our attention however This smart and focused heroine has plenty of drama in her life what with starting all over again at her school after being abroad for a year She's also attracted to two very different boys the arrogant too sexy for his own good Saxon and the hot but shy Jake Both boys pursue Brenna with enjoyable focus and as things heat up in the two different relationships she discovers that everyone's hiding secretsand the two boys even have a complicated history of their ownI didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did but it uickly became one of my favorite guilty pleasures Love triangles are rarely well done but it's easy to see why Brenna likes both boys in different ways and why they like her too She's smart mouthed but kind responsible but spontaneous and just seems like an all around nice girl who'd be fun to hang out with I liked that even though the story is very much centered on the romance Brenna has a balanced life and cares about things other than just boys Her parents and friends are great she thinks about school and about her future and she doesn't allow herself to be walked all over EverI love that Brenna goes on blessedly normal dates sneaks her boyfriend into her room and tries to be a good person in handling her attraction to these guys without being a boring old goody goody One of the things debut author Liz Reinhardt deserves big credit for is that this is probably the most explicit and realistic depictions of teen sexuality I've ever read It's also HOT And fun And the characters actually talk about sex which is fantastic The two boys are also mouth wateringly adorable They're both seriously cute Saxon with his careless demeanor and how he's attuned to Brenna's personality and Jake with his sweet uncertainty and absolute devotion I almost hate to say this but the name whispers Tucker Avery floated into my head than once Neither boy is even close to perfect though which makes for some uncomfortable moments and history but also some fairly realistic ones including some wince inducing bluntness from Saxon in particular I liked that aside from a number of hot and heavy make out scenes there is also unexpected depth and emotion in this story These characters are layered and feel very real; this book pushed a number of buttons for me since it makes me terribly sad to hear about kids who don't have enough to eat as well as incredibly angry when I hear of anyone being mocked for their lack of education or intelligence If there's any room for improvement I'd say that Brenna might be a little too adult sometimes in her thinking and her actions even though I really enjoyed not wanting to smack the heroine for a change Jake's past is also perhaps explained away a little too simplistically and there are a lot of references to films that might be considered a bit dated when they're all taken together None of this really bothered me all that much however as the narrative voice is so fresh and funny and thoroughly winning It just worked for me as a YA romance in a way that few others have ever done The seuel Junk Miles wasn't uite as successful for me but this first installment was one that I really enjoyedThe next time you're in the mood to wriggle your toes over some adorable dates or swoon over some cute guys consider giving Double Clutch a try I think most fans of contemporary YA romance will fall in love with it in a big wayAbout the Book Double Clutch is available for ereaders for just 499 for Kindle or as a paperback from That's right this is a self published novel and aside from a couple of minor typos it's actually polished than many traditionally published books on the market Although I do support indie authors I rarely respond to indie review reuests these days since I receive so many What caught my attention about Liz's note however was her warm and personalized approach her reference of the Oxford comma in her author profile and my sneaking suspicion that Brenna's name was a nod to the writer Karen Blixen aka Isak Dinesen I was right about that reference and I was right to give this book a chance I hope that if you're a romance lover you will too This review also appears in The Midnight Garden A review copy was provided by the author

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    45 Stars Double Clutch takes a commonly used topic such as a love triangle and swings it from the ordinary into the extraordinary I was entranced by the natural feel of the dialogue and the realistic ease of the characters' interactions I certainly had a hard time putting this book down I absolutely love Brenna and felt she was the perfect portrayal of a teenaged girl in high school She's smart strong and has a refreshingly healthy relationship with her mother She's mature but to a believable extent that I feel a lot of YA books tend to lack She has self respect and shows concern for her grades but becomes conflicted when she meets two amazing boys on the very same daySaxon is your typical bad boy crude arrogant sexy and so alluring that Brenna finds it difficult to breathe normally in his presence He's bad news but there's some definite sweetness beneath his rough persona Jake is gorgeous kind hearted caring and protective without being possessive He's incredibly vulnerable and is also hiding a mysterious past These two heroes could not be different but they're both vying for the attention of Brenna Reinhardt really knows how to paint a picture with words; those little flirty nervous uncertain what the other is thinking moments transported me back to my teen years and made me giddy The level of steam definitely turns this into a mature read with generous descriptions that provided endless ear to ear grins This story presents the ultimate love triangle without taking the betrayal and lies to an unforgivable level It's executed gracefully and although its purpose forms the plot it also poses a uestion When deciding on love is the obvious sensible least threatening choice always the right one? Although Brenna does choose one boy over the other in this story the author leaves her option for the other intriguingly open I cannot wait to see how this triangle develops in the books ahead  Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory YA Mature▪ Steam Caliber ModerateVery sexy▪ Romance Love triangle▪ Characters Believable life like lovable ▪ Plot Two boys struggle for the love of one girl▪ Writing Engaging addictive fluid ▪ POV 1st Person Heroine▪ Cliffhanger Mild Story left open▪ Next Installment Follow up

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    Holy freaking CROW I'm completely torn I love Jake and Saxon There must be another book on the way because this story is sooo not over Loved it A must read Trust meUPDATE Okay here is my review sort of I won't go into details since other reviewers have but this book was fabulous I bought it and thought I'd read a little here and there while I took writing breaks but that didn't happen I ended up getting so sucked in I spent the day reading Double Clutch I have NEVER read a love triangle where I didn't have a team I was on by the end of book but this one managed to make me love both Jake and Saxon They both have the bad boy thing going for them they both are incredibly hot and they both want the same girl It's crazy good I can't wait for the next one You must read it

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    One of the things I love most about books and reading is the fact that they’re so subjective Each person brings to their reading experience something personal and uniue and leaves with a slightly different interpretation Add to this individual tastes and preferences and the field of opinion gets fascinatingly broad For every person who loves fantasy there is someone who prefers contemporary For every person who thinks the love interest is mysterious and enticing there’s someone who thinks she’s a swaggering arse hat And for those of my friends who adored Double Clutch and whose opinions I respect and value there’s me I have mixed feelings about this story and overall while I thought it was fun and rather cute in parts I didn’t love it But credit where credit is due this is a solid contemporary upper YA romance that will probably appeal to fans of Jennifer Echols’ work Double Clutch incorporates a new slant on the general high school scenario and Brenna is a girl with clear interests and goals There is a compelling dynamic between the three central characters and the tension between them is well crafted the triangulated attraction maintaining enough strength to carry the plot The love interests are both flawed view spoiler which includes some truly jerk ish behaviour on both their behalves to be honest hide spoiler

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    Every time I decide to delve into self published shaky territory I get worried My experience in this field is uite limited and truly I am not sure I feel like actually getting This year I was certainly heartened by instances such as Flat Out Love but I am still burned by previous wrist slitting catastrophes Thankfully Double Clutch is a keeper Mind it is not perfect then again not even the traditionally published ones are but this series and this author are certainly worth keeping an eye on Our Brenna soon to be 16 has just come back from a year abroad in Denmark with her family She's been home schooled in that period and has now decided to do Share Time attending both her regular high school and Tech school where she's chosen graphic design Trouble arise when on her very first day she meets Saxon resident smart ass bad boy and Jake sweet dyslexic gorgeous techie and is captivated by both These two guys seem to have some shared history they don't want to talk about and Brenna is becoming the catalyst for the inevitable to happenWhat surprised me pleasantly about this book is that despite the presence of some clichés which would normally put me in eye rolling mode insta love love triangle new girl in school who sucks at PE gorgeous guy with tousled hair they are limited to beginning of the story which then becomes interesting and fairly original Liz excelled at characterization in this case the teenagers portrayed sound pretty believable they're even occasionally goofy and certainly they don't sound like adults in the skin of teens as it often happens Sometimes you can really detect the author's voice in such young characters and I think Liz pretty much managed to avoid that here Saxon and Jake are two charming and interesting characters and what I appreciated most is that ultimately the story is not about Brenna or the love triangle but rather about them two friends who grew apart and who are obliged to come to terms with one another again because ofthanks to a girl There are some secrets between them and gasp even an interesting twist towards the end I liked their stories their personalities Saxon is definitely reminiscent of Adrian from VA Enough said and their uirks photographic memory and dirt bikes? I liked thatBut let's talk about something that is far from clichéd in this book I have never EVER read such explicit make out scenes in YA lit comparable to the ones in this book It was an unsettling feeling and I am most definitely not used to it I'm used to it in paranormal romance not in this genre The result is pretty much to my taste but might NOT be to everybody's there is no sex since the kids are kinda young but the scenes are steamy graphic and just stunningly and embarrassingly real I say embarrassingly because I seem to recall myself some centuries agoThe one missing star from my rating has to do with you guessed it the editing There are a few typos and grammar mistakes here and there which could have been avoided with the help of a clinical eye Also in my opinion some parts should have been tightened up especially the internal monologues and the descriptive parts while the dialogues are very very good Brenna has a clever witty mind and I liked her very muchAside from that a very pleasant and enjoyable book I will surely read the seuels to Brenna Jake and Saxon's story and I am glad Liz Reinhardt gave me the possibility to read Double Clutch

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    Ahhhh thats the sound of me relishing over this ah mazing book I can't say that there is ONE character or scene that kept this book together Because lets admit that that usually happens in novels We love one scene or something in the book and it keeps us going in the end And when you've finished reading something felt off so you give it a 3 or 4 stars Umm won't happen here Everything combined in this book the characters plot tension and romance makes it a perfect read And thats a lot for me because I'm the pickiest reader out there I'm horrible at flipping through many pages if I'm bored or just annoyed by a character I finished this book within a few hours and then suffered through a morning with bleary eyes I wasn't even able to duck from the many blocks and toys being thrown back and forth from my 2 year to my 1 year old My game was off and I was left with a Tonka truck floating in my coffee but all's right in the world when you've read a GREAT book I think one of the MAIN reasons I loved this book so much was that there was NO paranormal nothing in this book Now I love my paranormal books as much as the next person but it becomes a little too much when thats all there is to read It was relaxing to read about a NORMAL girl dealing with average issues OH With a healthy balance of parents? Did I understand that correctly? I enjoyed Thorsten her step father and Brenna `s mom very much They were a constant in this book And many times I laughed aloud when Brenna's mom would mention something about her friend Kelsi's low forehead probably because I remember my mom making a comment about one of my friends Her mother was concerned and loving and it was so refreshing Brenna First off was a realistic voice for all girls Spunky sarcastic smart and went to the beat of her own drum And the funny thing is you as the reader SEE that everyone sees that You don't have to uestion Hmm why do these two boys like her so much? It's plain to read that she's interesting It's a uniue twist to have her travel abroad for a year to Denmark She seems older than her 15 years and for good reason Traveling around the world opens yours eyes in a different way Believe ME At 19 and never stepped foot anywhere My 5'11 self stuck out like a sore thumb in South KoreaLet's move on to this little love triangle eh? Saxon I enjoyed this perfect bad boy from the start I'm pretty sure if you look up the word Bad in any thesaurus you'll see a picture of Saxon MacLean in the corner smoking a cigarette It's a nice little picture He's pretty much the school's man whore But there is so much to him than people see And Brenna is the person who ends up seeing right through it And there's Jake Sweet hott Jake I just wanna hug him Brenna meets him at Techinical School gasp But it's there that we get to see the sweetest character ever Some of the best scenes IMO are there And nothing is sweeter than when Brenna writes Jake a letter Read it you'll see You can see how much he adores Brenna And I loved it You won't really be able to pick a favorite guy because both are gorgeous have their own bad boy behaviors and show a side of themselves that no one else has ever seen And they're both gorgeousThis is when we bring Saxon and Jake together; these two have a tense history that of course didn't end well at all Ensue the tension drama and romance And you have a TOP READ for 2011 and for many years to comeLet's not forget the most important thing about this book Liz writes this book with YA and mature YA in mind There's no kiddie feel to this book I went into this book a little skeptical because Brenna is only a soph so I was bracing myself for the kiddie feel I was pleasantly surprised I actually think it's the most truest to form YA book I've read because it deals with the real emotions urges feelings that happens when you're that age The most depressing issue is that I'm now gonna have to wait before I dig into another book because it's just a known fact that when you read one of those perfect books the one after that can't compare I think I'll just re read through my favorite parts like an obsessed stalker Now I'm just hoping for a seuel to this bookIf you enjoyed Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire or Thoughtless by SC Stephens you'll adore this book

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    Do you think it's possible that one person the right person can make you better know matter what your past was like? I believe it can happen and Double Clutch is a great example of exactly thatBrenna Blixen is the new girl in town but it doesn't take long before a guyor two are competing for her heart Brenn is a great character totally knows how to handle her own knows what she wants and she'll be damned before anyone tells her otherwise I respect that in a character She also has uite the delimma since she's attracted to two very appealing boysLets meet the boys Jake Kelly has a shady past but he's open and honest with Brenn He's sweet and kind He's good for her and she's good for him MrRight SafeHis rivial? Former best friend Saxon Maclean Full of issues and sarcasm tough and rough makes toxic intoxication and would put a snake charmer to shameBut these boys have there own sordid history which makes it harder for Brenna since she feels like she's in the middle She cares for both guys ultimately picks one but lying about how she feels about the other This is story of who you should be with and who your scared to want to be with It's a story about love Complicatedmessyreal exactly what love is suppose to look and feel like when your new and young At first I struggled with this book in the beginning but as it started to unfold it was pretty hard to not fall for these characters I had a really hard time picking which guy to root for since they are both really really great guysJake has a lot of smooth swoon worty moves and the things that he and Brenn explore was tasteful and sexy But then there's Saxon who is totally my kind of guy Funny witty a total bad boy and definitely earned a few warm smirks along the way But it's when he finally shows his true colors that really made my heart go out to him It means coming from him somehow which makes it bittersweetLiz Reinhardt does a really great job of writing a realistic and convincing book filled with angst jealousy and the complexity of young love Say what you want about love triangles but when done right it could be one of the most alluring elements in literature Liz did it right She nailed that flavor of being confused and conflicted I also liked that my affections weren't so easily placed These boys both come with emotional baggage but they are both just as genuine when it comes to how they feel for Brenn It reminded me of when I was young and in love for the first time The late night phone calls going to the movies introducing you to friends and then there's the physical part and how explosive it feels for the first time with someone you actually care about Due to some of those heated scenes I think this book is for the mature reader It's not overly graphic but it might make some uncomfortable so be warnedI also really liked that I had to guess which guy was the real deal since they would play off versions of one another to Brenn and it was tough to figure out what story was the truth It also has a neat little twist in the end nothing overly heavy but enough to tangle things up even in later booksAll in all I really enjoyed myself with this one It took me back to a time and place I haven't remembered in a long time First love is a powerful emotion and when your attracted and scared to want something else it makes it even crazy especially when that person has so much potential and yet you seem to be the only one who knows it It's uite the intriguing situation and I'm really looking forward to seeing how things play out for Brenna Jake and Saxon in the next book Good stuffSpecial thanks to Liz for giving me the opportunity to read and review your story There's a seuel right?;

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    4 12 stars What happens when you fall in love with the perfect guy twice in one day? I know what you’re thinking Another YA Love triangle Well yes and no It is a love triangle But not really not your normal one On one hand the 2 guys are polar opposites which is a given for a triangle But on the other they are actually uite the same Meet Brenna Blixen Liz mentioned that she had bangs and mentions converse a lot I auto thought of this photo so she became Demi Lovato in my head Brenna is 15 going on 16 and in most ways wayyyyy mature than she should be at that age Brenna and her mother and Stepdad Fa have just moved back to the US after a year abroad in Denmark Brenna has decided that she is going to do “timeshare” which is half a day at normal high school and half a day at the tech school so she can focus on her love of art and graphic design The thing I liked most about Bren is that she was real She wasn’t an annoying whingy bitch stuck in the middle of a love triangle where you want to throw things at her every 2 seconds eg Keira from Thoughtless First day of High school she runs into Saxon Maclean HEELLLOO SAXON BANG Instant attraction Funny Flanter flirty banter uick comebacks photographic memory insanely smart full of badassness charismatic hard to breathe around type of guy that could get you pregnant just by kissing you Basically everything your mother ever warns you about After her half day at high school it’s off to Tech and then BANG HEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOO JAKE KELLY Jake is dyslexic hence why he is at the tech But he is Insanely gorgeous funny as hell great with the flanter smart but shy a gentlemen caring and vulnerable BUT Turns out to be a reformed BAD BOY We then enter into the journey of Saxon vying for Blix’s attention Jake falling madly in love with her and not knowing how to handle it with his past Brenna trying to be a teenager in love for the first time and handle everything else that society expects her to do As well as her Mum Throw into the mix that Jake and Saxon actually used to be best friends but Jake now hates Saxon with everything he has Meanwhile Saxon is holding onto a dark secret about Jake that he shares with Blix but makes her keep secret PhewLiz Reinhardt has done an excellent job with this book Honestly it was just the right amount of everything No betrayal nor lies so bad it couldn’t be forgiven The right amount of awkwardness and gushing transporting you back to a teenager those awkward first kisses touches heavy petting It really was hard to pick a guy You fell head over heels for both of them view spoiler Especially when Saxon gave her the book for her birthday and the note sigh hide spoiler

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    What a fantastic book I wouldn’t have thought that a YA book about a pretty much drama free love triangle would pack such a punch but it absolutely does Brenna is new to town and on her first day at school she meeds moody bad boy Saxon She feels an instant connection to him but is disappointed to see him with a girl hanging off him talking about their date that night Later that day she meets the boy from the wrong side of the tracks Jake Also drawn to him Jake immediately puts her at ease and they fall into an easy relationship But as things progress with him she discovers that the two boys in her life share a troubled past and Saxon just refuses to go awayWhat I loved about this book is that it’s so real and incredibly honest The characters are all great likeable and realistic and they actually speak like their age In so many books teenagers talk and banter like witty 20 30 year olds but these kids actually sounded like kids intelligent and mature sure but still very much teenagers And it was so nice to read a book for a change where nobody is deeply traumatised or dealing with major issues although the boys aren't exactly pure and innocent and there are secrets revealed which throw some twists into the storyline Brenna is just a normal girl with a happy family life She is confident honest and straightforward and she’s torn between two great guys – both of whom I love just a little bit okay I love them heaps Oh I’m torn I’m sooooo torn I can usually spot the perfect couple in a love triangle straight away because I always fall for the guy that ends up with the girl and in this case I thought I had it picked early but as I got to know Saxon and Jake I loved them both and suddenly it wasn’t so clear Then as things started to develop I strongly leaned in one direction and suddenly it all shifted and I didn’t know what the hell to think I’m pretty sure I have a favourite but the thought of either of these guys getting their hearts broken just devastates me They are both amazing in their own ways and I can absolutely sympathise with Brenna’s dilemma over having strong feelings for one guy while dating another Her actions and thought processes are so well explained that you understand what she’s feeling and why she makes the decisions that she does And through it all there is no stupidness and no games Everybody is up front and honest and I love that It’s not just a damn game Whatever it is that I feel for you is real than anything I’ve ever felt beforeI don’t want to be your God damn friendThe writing is beautiful It flows easily and the pacing of the story is perfect Reinhardt really captures the feeling of first love and a few other firsts so brilliantly it was like living it all over again And even though the story is told from Brenna’s POV the openness of the characters lets you know exactly what they’re going through and you experience everything right along with them I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to continue on with the next book 45 gorgeous stars

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    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFDouble Clutch is a realistic young adult romance about a girl who is caught between two guys I’m a hard critic when it comes to love triangles because I hate it when you have A the obvious right choice and B the obvious wrong choice Golly GeeWho should I pick? Come on there’s no fun in that Well Reinhardt got it right with Double Clutch There are two guys in this story Both of them have their flaws and they both have their charm There was no obvious right choice for me and that’s what I loved about this novel Reinhardt kept things realistic relatable and current in her exciting and fun debut novel I think Double Clutch laid a sturdy foundation for a promising series I really enjoyed the authors voice and style The characters are also very capturing My only complaint about this novel is that there wasn’t any major conflict There were some minor conflicts and struggles throughout the novel but there was no explosionLike I said before one of the best things about this novel is that both of the guys are flawed I didn’t see one “bad” character and one “good” character Honestly some people may read it that way; it’s possible But in my book Jake and Saxon are on an even playing field Both guys have their faults One of the characters shortcomings are definitely broadcasted than the other characters but they both have their flaws The other characters flaws just aren’t given as much attention Hopefully I am making some sense Stay with meSaxon Maclean is your super smart bad boy Did I mention that he is totally good looking? Too bad he knows it He is used to getting everything he wants by using his charm or manipulating people He knows how to stir things ups Crap he either has a good heart hidden underneath it all or he manipulated me too Hopefully I will find out which in the books to comeOn the other hand you have Jake Kelly Jake has a bad reputation and a wild past He is also very self depreciating but he’s also a hard worker and has very good mannersPersonally I like both guys I am glad I’m not in Brenna’s shoes because 1 Converse make my feet look HUGE 2 I can see how hard it would be to choose between the two guys There is something about Jake that screams comfort and easy but Saxon is the sexy unknown and things with him would be exciting I can see why Jake would be the one to choose but I am rooting for Saxon I can’t help but root for the bad boy with the hidden heart Dang those bad boys get me every timeRegardless of my favorite I think both guys have A LOT of growing up to do and I don’t think either is ready for a serious lead to marriage relationship Nor do I think that either guy is good enough for Brenna yet That’s why I think this is going to be a great series because over time we can watch them grow and matureI love Brenna She is one of my favorite young adult protagonists She’s smart She doesn’t spend too much time thinking about what other people think of her She cares about her family and friends She deeply loves and respects her parents I love seeing that in a YA novel Thank you Reinhardt for showing young adults that it’s okay to love and respect your parents She is really wise for her age She is admirable She is world traveled She is appreciative She’s a good girl but she is also strong sarcastic and smart She also says what’s on her mind and calls people on their bull Did I say I love her?I gave Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt 4 STARS I honestly went back and forth between 3 STARS GOOD and 4 STARS GREAT and here is whyI considered rating Double Clutch 3 STARS because there wasn’t a lot of conflict and action I felt the characters individual struggles especially Brenna’s but it didn’t really have a HUGE explosion or conflict If this novel were a stand alone novel then it would only be 3 STARS I think that because this was the first book in the series Reinhardt spent a lot of time introducing background information key players and establishing relationships I hope this novel was her way of setting the stage for to comeI am giving this book 4 STARS because I really enjoyed reading this novel and I think this series has a lot of potential I am REALY looking forward to the next book The main thing I am looking for in Junk Miles the seuel to Double Clutch is some conflict and some action XOXOREADING EATING AND DREAMING

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Double Clutch What happens when you fall in love with the perfect guy twice in one dayBrenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now that she’s back in the States she’s determined to make her sopho year unforgettable And by unforgettable she imagined awesome classes fun friendships and maybe a little romance What she got was a whole lot of romance and all at onceThe same day that dark brooding Saxon Maclean charmed her with his killer good looks and whip smart wit Jake Kelly stole her breath away with his heart wrenching smile and intelligent thoughtful focusBut Saxon is a proud player who makes it clear that he doesn’t know why he can’t get Brenna off of his mind and out of his system and Jake’s sweet and humble attitude hides a secret past life that might be darker and complex than Brenna’s willing to handleComplicating the matter is the fact that Saxon and Jake were once best friends and are now arch enemies and the Brenna finds out about their connection to each other the intrigued and worried she becomesBetween keeping the peace with her lovingly over protective parents designing t shirts for her high school’s rising punk band keeping up her grades in both academic and technical high school and running the track like a maniac Brenna has enough to worry about with out juggling two guys who make her heart thud and drive her crazy all at onceShe has to make a choice But how can she when giving her heart to one of them might mean breaking the other’sCover Design Steven PetersonRecommended Age Older YA

About the Author: Liz Reinhardt

Liz Reinhardt is a perpetually homesick NJ native who migrated to the deep South a decade ago with her funny kid motor head husband and growing pack of mutts She's a fanatical book lover with no reading prejudices and a wide range of genre loves but her heart will always skip a beat for YA In her spare time she likes to listen to corny jokes her kid reads to her from ice pop sticks watch her