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The Dollmaker's Daughters Two sisters tragically divided by love jealousy and ambition For Ruby and Rosetta Capretti life in the slums of the East End holds little promise Although very similar in looks they dream of very different futures Couettish flamboyant Rosetta is desperate to leave the claustrophobic confines of the sewing sweatshop to follow in her wayward aunt's footsteps and work under the bright lights of the music hall Ruby uieter and modest has always longed to train as a nurse a pipe dream for a girl from her humble backgroundAnd then by the side of their father's grave they meet handsome Jonas Crowe but little do they know how much one man will affect both their lives forever This is absolutely my favourite Dilly Court book so far I've been crushing on Jonas just a little and this is the first book I've read by Dilly Court where things have felt a little raunchyDespite Rosetta's character development I really couldn't warm to her so theres a star lost for that Loved itAnother riveting story from dilly court a real page turner could not put it down Definitely one of my favourite authors As always another brilliant book by Dilly Court Cant wait to start reading the next one Set in 1898 Whitechapel London “The Dollmaker’s Daughters” opens with twins Ruby and Rosetta Capretti whose father a dollmaker has died leaving the family without his small income and with little hope for the future Selfish beautiful and flighty Rosetta dreaming of fame and fortune having uit her job at Bonski’s a sewing sweatshop leaves home joining a chorus line in a music hall and living with her wayward aunt whose counselling leads her astray Determined to support her mother and grandmother her sensible and uiet lookalike sister who dreams of becoming a nurse uickly takes up her position at Bronski’s only to be swept up in a confrontation between the owner and a street gang who steal the women’s wages Discovering her brother Joe plagued by large gambling debts was coerced into participating in the robbery Ruby approaches Jonas Crowe owner of an illegal gambling den and head of the Raven Street Gang only to make a deal that has her living over his club and looking after his songstress the ailing Lilly LawsonTold from Rosetta and Ruby’s perspectives the story heats up as they both follow their dreams; one falling in love with Jonas Crowe and seeking the limelight the other loved and helped by him in making her wish a reality Intensity and suspense escalate as Ruby trying to save her brother from the ramifications of his gambling addiction begins working for Jonas as a companion to the ailing Lily only to be accepted against all odds into the hospital as a nurse probationer In contrast headstrong Rosetta makes bad decisions that have her getting pregnant marrying a man she says she doesn’t love and abandoning her family Exciting and riveting with twists and turns that include Ruby going to Africa nursing soldiers during the Boer War only to return sick and devastated by a tragic loss the plot is filled with multiple emotionally charged momentsTheir relationship fracturing after the loss of their father even love divides these sisters as the ambitious Rosetta falling for Jonas Crowe’s wealth and influence sparks with jealousy when he ignores her to pursue her sister Ruby Both girls follow their romantic dreams only to have them crushed and to have to face reality like the pregnant Rosetta dreaming of another man only to marry the generous hardworking and kind Billy Noakes while Ruby’s body inflamed after a night with Jonas who she can’t forget continues to care for a man she can never have Dilly Court continues to create complex and realistic characters that infuse the story with depth and passion like Ruby a serious sensible and hardworking young woman a bluestocking with a conscience in comparison to her self absorbed high spirited and rebellious twin Rosetta Jonas Crowe is the over confident arrogant and hard hearted illegal businessman who discovers a heart after meeting Ruby while Billy Noakes known for his shady reputation is cocky but humorous generous selfless and brave I thoroughly enjoyed “the Dollmaker’s Daughters” a compelling story set against a backdrop of poverty ambition tragedy and war that kept me enthralled until the end

  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • The Dollmaker's Daughters
  • Dilly Court
  • English
  • 10 June 2014
  • 9780099490982

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