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Just One Night He’s got one shot Better make it naughtyMicah’s new living arrangement with her best friend is uickly becoming unbearable Not because Tomas isn’t a good roommate When they’re alone he shows her his sweet loyal side It’s just that he shows the rest of his parts to half the women in town If she can’t scrape together the money for her own place soon witnessing the aftermath of his late night carousing is going to break her heartThen again if it’s going to break anyway maybe she should just go ahead and make a move on the man she’s loved since high school And risk his rejection a second timeIt hasn’t been easy for Tomas to share space with the one damsel he can’t bear to see in distress To have her within easy reach has been torture His foster mother’s words echo in his head a classy girl like Micah deserves than the likes of him But lately Micah’s been rattling his cage If she does it one time she’d better be ready for the animal she awakensUnfortunately for him Micah’s hot little hands are already wrapped around the barsWarning Contains a Latin bad boy with twelve years worth of fantasies to get out of his system and his goody two shoes best friend who learns that her inner bad girl likes handcuffs and spankings Beware This book couldcause a riot since there’s only one Tomas to go around

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    I LOVE friends who take forever to finally become lovers because of unreuited love or something It's one of my favorite themes Then there is a Latino hero swoon making the premise of this book undeniably attractive So why did I rate this 3 stars? Well I can explainMicah our heroine is living with the man of her dreams Tomas but as platonic friends And it has been like this for 15 years She wants forever with Tomas but he's busy screwing around with other girls The thing is Tomas has been in love with Micah too In his case he believe that he's not enough for Micah or possibly too much depending on how you look at it Tomas is big on kink Hot sexy kinky Latino sounds yummy no? Well he is until he gets started Micah and Tomas agree to share one night Micah in hopes of getting Tomas in hopes of getting his fill so he doesn't wish for Conflicting goals but it's ok So Tomas trying to make the most of the situation goes all out with Micah This is an introverted girl who has been in love with Tomas for a long time enough to not have been in a sexual relationship in recent history What does Tomas do? No tenderness in bed He starts off with some deep throat action aka ramming his love stick into his lady love's throat Micah is apparently scared of the change in Tomas but it also turned on But it's Tomas's only night with Micah he has to make it count So the next step is popping her anal cherry Um how exactly does this sound like a good idea when 1 girl is still a novice and is sorta freaking out that you're moving to anal and 2 no lube seriously how will this be a good experience for Micah? and 3 Tomas has no concept of control Well despite the pain Micah's body does adjust and she has a blast Oo But after that Tomas believes that Micah only wanted a one night stand how did he get that impression seriously? and bails leaving Micah with no choice but to plan on moving out Of course he stops her and they lived HEA The endAnd that's my problem Not the writing which wasn't bad average not the characters they started off fairly decent and not even the stupidly contrived misunderstanding Nope it was the sex scene It just didn't click right for Tomas to really love Micah and appear to be a selfish lover yes she orgasmed but that was pure luck he had no idea that he could have jizzed on her toes and she would have thought it was hotAnyway it wasn't terrible it was just disappointing for me at the sex scene Well that and the fact that it was super short with no sappy family resolution At least give me some make up sex for an epilogue Nope nothing like that

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    UPDATE Is it wrong to say I am in love with love? Ms Coleyou really outdid yourself with Just One Night I was hooked completely engaged blown away and absolutely and undeniably in love right from the beginning Although I was very disappointed this was a shortand I meanreally short read because I just never wanted to put it down I wanted to keep reading about Micah and Tomas and their “make your heart beat fast” relationship This is the type of book that will make your palms sweat and bite your knuckles because of all the HOTNESS in itit will literally enthrall you No doubt I found myself savoring every word I read All thumbs and toes up to you Ms Cole This was fantastic DWhat’s a girl to do when the love of her life is hot as hell sexy as sin best friend since high schooland the town’s resident playboy? Claim him for her ownof course Micah’s family has cut ties with her over her dream to become an artist Now she has no one left except for Tomas They have grown up together and nothing has ever gotten in the way of their friendshipnot even that miserable night in high school where Micah asked for one night in Tomas’ arms and got rejected So sharing an apartment with him is no big dealat least that’s what Micah tells herself But living in the same space proves to be difficult than both of them expected Micah can’t stand Tomas’ “nightly affairs” and Tomas is ever persistent to not go past the friendship line Micah has had enough A night out is just what she needs to find someone new and get over Tomas But things don’t go as plannedand a night on the town proves to be the perfect tipping point for the pent up attraction between the two Can a night full of passion with your everyday handcuffs and spanking included convince both Micah and Tomas to ask for than just one night?Micah was the perfect heroine every reader can connect to Her feelings for her best friend could hit close to home for many readers This was my favourite aspect of the bookcrossing that line from just being friends to lovers It was sweet and romantic and every girl’s fantasy wink ;p Definitely swoon worthy Not to mention she was feisty and her uirky remarks had me laughing at every page And can I just say “Hello inner bad girl” Micah’s bad girl side was justWOW You’d never expect her to take that next stepbut did she ever I loved italthough I am 110% positive Tomas loved it lol ;As for Tomasdreamy sighhe’s a Latin bad boyDO I HAVE TO SAY MORE?? He was hot sexy and very alpha male Dominant to the corewhich is a HUGE turn on He also had a funny and sweet side when it came to Micahand that just about melted my heart into a puddle of goo He definitely made it to my Book Boyfriend list of 2012 I’m not into the whole spanking scene but if it were Tomas dishing it outI’d be a willing participant hands down Did I mention he can cook and rides a motorcycle? fans self Yeah total hottie and a major crush on my part dreamy sighagainMy overall thoughts about Just One Night are it was simply perfect and one of my favourite reads of 2012 It was a fun and easy paced read and I enjoyed it very much With a perfect blend of humor scorching sex and emotional dramait is definitely a re reader I loved the characters the writing style and the story itself Ms Cole did a wonderful job of creating such a sexy sweet and scrumptious story I am absolutely looking forward to reading by this author in the future D

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    You know i have LOVED everything that i have ever read of Ms Cole's and Just One Night is no different She writes FREAKISHLY HOT SEX SCENES but also with a lot of emotion which in turn makes me turned on and emotionally invested at the same timehmmm maybe that was TMI? LOL Can't wait to see what's coming up next Ms Cole

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    Ava's review posted on Guilty PleasuresMicah has grown up with Tomas and they’ve been the best of friends They come from completely opposite family lives and that has never gotten in the way of their friendship Tomas seems to fill the role of big brother and is determined to keep it that way Micah has recently asserted her independence from her affluent family and her job in the family business but her father isn’t taking it well So much so he’s cut her off completely in retaliation Tomas was raised in foster care and in and out of trouble until he met Micah twelve years ago He’s worked hard to be successful on his own and has offered Micah a room until she can get on out on her own Close uarters is throwing them both for a loop Strong mutual attraction finally hits the tipping point after Micah heads out for a night on the town Tomas in true form scoops her up and brings her home and the fireworks bloom from there Latin bad boy? dreamy sigh Tomas is oh so hot and I just loved him from the start He’s all dominant male in just the places Micah is funny and determined to get Tomas to notice her as than just his roommate best friend ‘Mike’ The funny part is Tomas knows all about Micah and has put her ‘in a box’ to keep from ripping her right open He stubbornly believes she deserves “way better than him” and knows if he got one taste of her he wouldn't be able to give her up ever Just One Night is a believable story because everyone knows there is huge gamble moving from great friends to something intimate and there’s no going back once that line is crossedI don’t read many short stories but after this one I think I might change my mind This was the perfect length for me to read in one sitting on a weeknight Just the right amount of humor sex and conflict This is my first book by Chloe Cole but it won’t be my last

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    I thought it will be just another late night trashy snacks reading like others stereotype kinds book like this that I used to read when I need some breaktime when I'm in bad moodBut thenI found that the story uite good and yesit's HOT Tomas is a very hot shmexy guy with the reputationWhile Micah is very lovely girlsThey know each other for 13 years and be best buddy whole timeTomas always be Micah's side through all their teenage years be Micah bodyguard to all jerks on their high school yearsOne night Micah asked Tomas to spent Just One Night with herbe her first guy but Tomas cannot full fill her wish and leave herBroken heart and feel disappointed Micah then decided to hide her feeling and stay on her role as a bestfriendWhen Micah have problems with her parents and leave home as a bestfriend Tomas offer his tiny house to shareMicah accepted it even it means she must deal with Tomas late night activity and its broke her heart even Until one day when she's in heavy drunk she ask Tomas the same uestion like years beforeto spent Just One Night with herWill Tomas say yes this time ?And face the conseuences to lose their friendship they have so many years ?No Cuz Tomas didn't want Just One Night with Micah he want Every single night with Micah for the rest of his life “I want you as my man” And Tomas had waited for 13 years to hear those words come out from Micah's sweet mouth

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    A shortie but not badI think most of the confusiondrama could have been avoided if they actually SPOKE to each other Just one night was the theme But it really was them both thinking heshe only wants me for one night and nothing So if they had actually said literally anything than 'just one night' like 'I know you don't want to give me than one night so please just give me one night' that would have immediately made the other person go what? what makes you think I only want a single night???but then story would have been a lot shorterStill enjoyed it though

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    For the most part I liked this book It was very steamy but at the same time did a good job with the emotions before their one night Although a lot of it wasn't my cuppa or not at the time anyway I just wished there had been a bit tenderness their first time and I wish that he wouldn't have been so uick to take the other woman up on her offer view spoiler luckily he started thinking before anything happened hide spoiler

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    Micah's parents can't handle her decision to leave her successful corporate job and become an artist so they kicked her out Without anywhere to go she ended up bunking with her best friend of thirteen years Tomas The only problem with this potential haven is that Micah is head over heels in love with Tomas and it's getting harder and harder to pretend otherwise She doesn't know how many nights she can take Tomas coming home late shirt untucked hair mussed and obviously satisfied by someone else However what Micah doesn't know is that Tomas is working overtime each night going out every weekend finding girls to fall into bed with only to take the edge off Tomas wants Micah with a passion but thinks he isn't good enough He wasn't when she asked him to be her first thirteen years ago and he feels nothing has changed Besides there is no way in hell he could have just one night He couldn't walk away So knowing this he stays away the best he can Until one night Micah gets drunk Tomas gets jealous and the truth is finally revealed I loved this story It had eual parts steam and love creating the perfect recipe I came to care for Mike though it's a horrible nickname and Tomas I was rooting for them to figure it out the whole 75 pages on my nook I definitely wish it were longer that we could have seen how things worked out for them but for what it is I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone let Micah and Tomas add a little spice to your day Grade AThis review others also found on Red Hot Books

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    Short hot and sweet I love the friends to lovers trope it's one of my favorites This is a short one though Micah lives with her friend Tomas On the surface Tomas is a man whore but actually he's been in love with Micah since high school and Micah loves him but thinks he is not into her He feels unworthy of her because of his meager beginnings to her family's affluence Micah is sick of her family interfering in her life so refuses to ask them for help hence the reason for her living in Tomas' house There is a screamingly funny scene where Micah is at a bar gets drunk comes on to a guy Tomas has steam coming out of his ears watching her and drags her out He gets her home and she is so drunk she starts stripping out of her clothes At some point she begs him for one night of love Turns out Tomas has some rather Dom like tendencies and things gets steamily kinky Things do work out for them though and we get a lovely HEALiked this one Just the thing for a uick sexy dirty read Will be looking for of Ms Cole's work

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    The fear of rejection can be a powerful deterrent when it comes to love Micah and Tomas are old friends who are crazy about each other but are afraid to speak their minds Why ruin a good friendship right? There are no surprises in the plot of this novella The Big Misunderstanding is cliche Yet the story kept me engrossed and I finished reading feeling uite satisfied Why? First of all the hot buildup with the hero cooking breakfast for the heroine a turn on by itself was one of the sexiest scenes I've ever read Then when Micah goes to a bar in order to get on with her life I was laughing out loud The book had the perfect blend of emotional ups and downs and tie her up sexI really loved the characters The writing was superb If there had been some small thing to surprise me I would've given it a 5 I will definitely be buying of Chloe Cole

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