Bodily Secrets Kindle µ Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Bodily Secrets
  • William Trevor
  • English
  • 15 January 2016
  • 9780141033235

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Bodily SecretsA thin little book and my first exposure to William Trevor Five stories of love set in the 40s 50s and 60s in Ireland Regular folks of all ages in sometimes clunky relationships in dowdy grey townscapes and rooms but sympathetically written and feeling authentic A few chuckles here and there I loved it Wealthy widow Norah O’Neill wonders if she will ever marry again When her son decides to close the family’s failing toy factory the manager a decent man who dances the uickstep beautifully becomes unemployed Suddenly Norah sees her chance for happiness in a new venture of her ownUnited by the theme of love the writings in the Great Loves series span over two thousand years and vastly different worlds Readers will be introduced to love’s endlessly fascinating possibilities and extremities romantic love platonic love erotic love gay love virginal love adulterous love parental love filial love nostalgic love unreuited love illicit love not to mention lost love twisted and obsessional love Bodily Secrets by William Trevor is a really really short book with 5 stories Story 1 is about a man not wanting to fall out of loveStory 2 is about how a man finds love but life destroys itStory 3 is about an old woman looking to marry but not out of loveStory 4 is about a man who wants to save the girl he loves but can'tStory 5 is about a man waying out who won the most out of his marriage him or his brideAs you can see in short all these stories are about love What I found really refreshing is that none of these stories are sappy cliché lovestories This collection shows very neatly how love can create all sorts of emotions all sorts of pain and grief and happiness and contentness These are not the stories that will explain everything to you a lot of it is between the lines If you want to enjoy this book to the fullest read slowly Don't think 'cool this is a really thin book I'll just blaze through it in one night' You won't get everything out of it that way These stories need some time they warrant some reflection some 'slowness' All of the stories are so beautiful in their own way For example in the first story the last scene was really heartbraking really beautiful Suddenly all the rest of the story made sense fell into place The feeling that crept up on me during that last moment was so sad so melancholic so painfull I could picture what the main character was feeling exactly it was so tragicEvery story left me with a different feeling sometimes an emptiness sometimes a sadness None of them are the superficial teenage lovestory and I was so thankfull for that The emotions in this book were so much profoundAlthough the stories are told with very little words the feelings behind them are so so clear so well conveyed William Trevor might not be an elouent writer but he is a master at conveying a certain feeling very uickly and wellI loved these stories I truly did I'd reccomend them to anyone who is in a pensive state wants to reminisce about passed and future loves William Trevor has that uncanny ability to make the ordinary and extraordinary lie side by side as if they were born as twins separated at birth and after many years apart find each other and wonder at how much they have in common The characters he creates are living breathing loving beings in a world that is real in all its anguish disappointment excitement and joy Bodily Secrets is a great collection of his stories to whet your appetite for of the William Trevor world I thought every one of these short stories which broadly covered the topic of love had their own individual charmThe first I particularly liked for it's sheer wackiness It was simply bizarre in plot and dialogue and I didn't know what to expect of the rest after reading it but they did get considerably less loony The story I thought was best written and developed was 'Bodily Secrets' The main character a woman who is left a widower and the owner of an unusual house thinks about re marrying After talking with and getting to know the obvious candidates at the golf club she attends she's put off by them all Then this unassuming uiet slightly enigmatic man who has been running the family's failing toy factory but not unwell comes into view and the relationship progresses much to the dissatisfaction of most of her family membersThis is my first reading of William Trevor and he appears really well gifted His writing style is very easy and he's not superfluous with his description He also seems to capture emotions fairly well All in all an enjoyable encounter with Trevor I know i go on and on about William Trevor but truly his stories knock the breath out of me the intuition he has about what make s a person work and how the human heart is frail and yet so strong The simpleness of the themes and the part the settings play in each one are so important I have a huge collection of his stories but it`s too heavy to read in bed so i have it at my chair ready at a moments notice I find them beautiful and so touching a very good read for these fragile times about the beauty of people and the bravery to carry on What I love about William Trevor's short stories is that they have an atmosphere which is consistent and overwhelming at times when reading Edna O'Brien comes close to this but Trevor seems to capture something cinematic for the senses beyond just images but also the psychological terrain of being human He is a master at how scene can reflect internal feelings The image of the man whose hand is dangling down over the side of his chair fingers just touching the carpet has stayed with me ever since I read it and is an absolute heartbreaking story The best literature for me is that which you cannot explain to paraphrase Flannery O'Connor if you can explain a story to someone then it hasn't worked as a story but if the only way that person and understand what you felt to read it for themselves then the stories of success Trevor is exactly this and this is a really nice way into his work This selection of short stories come from Irish author William Trevor They focus on the lives of ordinary people in Ireland and the connections that they form with each other A couple of these stories are about marriages and relationships that were formed out of necessity than by any real desire to be together They were nice stories to read on their own but one after another made them a bit tedious Five bittersweet love stories my favourite being Lovers of their time set in a time when attitudes to love romance sex were very different to those of todaybut in many ways things never changeA uick but nevertheless lovely read The beauty of these stories is that they convey emotional depth without being wordy William Trevor is a master at uncovering the complexities of human relationships hidden behind the mundane activities of the characters even though the characters themselves say very little I am not sure I always side with the narrative point of view resignationacceptance of the character's fate but I do enjoy the way the author succinctly describes the internal workings of these characters There is an honesty here in that the author lets his characters decide for themselves rather than directing their actions for the sake of a 'complete' ending or for bringing a conclusion to a thematic statement If you like this collection I recommend W Trevor's short novel The Story of Lucy Gault 2002

About the Author: William Trevor

William Trevor KBE grew up in various provincial towns and attended a number of schools graduating from Trinity College in Dublin with a degree in history He first exercised his artistry as a sculptor working as a teacher in Northern Ireland and then emigrated to England in search of work when the school went bankrupt He could have returned to Ireland once he became a successful writer he