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    The Lost Kingdoms of Africa is the companion to the BBC series first televised in 2010On his tireless journey across the continent Gus Casely Hayford brings to light some of the diverse cultures and civilizations which have arisen in Africa since earliest times Discoveries in the West showing that Africans were making pottery at a time that Europe just coming out of the last ice age the raising of Pyramids Castles and Cathedrals in the North East forgotten trading cities in the East massive stone built construction in the South the seat of empires in the North West which not only ruled in Africa but also in Europe We see that from earliest times Africa has always been in the mainstream of human development and has historically been a major player in the system of global tradeWhat I liked about this book is that it is also part travelogue where the reader is taken on a tour of a contemporary Africa One sees not just the physical historical evidence in the form of architecture artifacts and art but you also meet the modern day descendants and experts whose testimonies help to evoke echoes of the pastThere is a living and vibrant feel to the authors' presentation and he aims to show the techniues archaeology written or oral records used to uncover the pastWhilst there is much that could be said about these histories having completed the book I think he got the level of detail just right considering the amount of ground he covered literally Sudan Ethiopia the East Coast the Great Lakes region Southern Africa West Africa and North AfricaThis book is a good introduction to African History For those who are already familiar with this history you are certain to find something in its pages which is new and enlightening There are many photographs included and the drawings made by the author are a nice touchI found the book a pleasure to read and I would certainly recommend it

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    You can watch here depository blurb For many of us the history of Africa is at best vague We might think of Egyptian pyramids legendary ueens of Sheba or Cleopatra and Zulu warriors The truth however is one of remarkably diverse creative culturally rich civilisations In this book which accompanies an 8 part BBC series Gus Casely Hayford takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of this remarkable continent We will encounter archaeological sites of staggering beauty that rival the Great Wall of China vast and ancient universities that predate Oxford and Cambridge kingdoms of extraordinary wealth artistic traditions that still inspire artists today great religious sites that surpass the Vatican and a country with pyramids than Egypt In recent years new archaeological and anthropological research has opened up the study of African history in ways previously unimaginable Long lost kingdoms are suddenly being brought back to life Civilisations that had faded into myth are revealing their secrets Using this latest research Gus Casely Hayford is able to tell the history of Africa's major kingdoms in an entirely new colourful and richly informed way Accessible and inspiring The Lost Kingdoms of Africa is both a major addition to our understanding of this oft overlooked history and a source of genuine delight and wonderNubiaEthiopiaGreat ZimbabweWest AfricaThe Kingdom of AsanteThe Zulu Kingdom About the author

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    Maybe my expectations were too high there is so much to learn about the history of Africa so much so that even Arnold Toynbee failed to recognize that some civilizations did flourish and in his vocabulary failed in this vast continent In the end it remains the script for a made for TV exploration some parts spell binding some others leaving you wondering what the fuss is all about

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    An interesting and insightful read One thing that struck me was the paternal nature of the civilizations examined but I Kingdoms means King doms At the end I found I was drowning in men in command it was a bit much The book's epilogue of the strong woman behind man variety did little to help the situation But all in all a worthy read and journey Recommended

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    Our review covers both the book and the DVD seriesThe video photography of Africa was magnificent but the content of the DVD programs about African history were superficial Eurocentric and lacked coherence and authenticity The attempt to separate ancient Egypt from Nubia and the rest of black Africa raised a red flag from the gitgoFurther a DVD program about African history that omits even saying the name much less discussing the views of Dr Cheikh Anta Diop Theophile Obenga Molefi Asante Maulana Karanga or any other African scholar points to an ideological agenda The few African scholars who appeared in the program served mainly as propsSadly Mr Casely Hayford almost always grinning allowed himself to be the mouthpiece for his European intellectual masters Casely Hayford displayed some of his drawings during the program In fact he seemed to be a far better studio artist than an art historianHis intellectual masters put him into an intellectual trap which mired him down in utter confusion and contradictions from beginning to endAt one point Mr Casely Hayford states that Europeans did not believe that Africans could have built the stone structures of Great Zimbabwe Happily those assumptions have been discredited today added Mr Casely HayfordYet at the very beginning of the program Mr Casely Hayford had repeated almost verbatim the Eurocentric position that Nubia was first mentioned by the ancient Egyptians as a primitive outpost used by the Egyptians as a source of slaves treasures dancing girls and wrestlers What Casely Hay Ford said is false historical propaganda masuerading as historical truth Where are the documents to support this?Since we are given no sources for his assertions we will venture to supply our own Perhaps Mr Casely Hayford has been coached by his BBC handlers until he could repeat his lines with easeAnyone who is at all familiar with what the ancient people of KmtEgypt wrote themselves would be amazed by what Dr Gus Casely Hayford saidFor example in the tomb of Ramses lll Book Of Gates in tomb Merenptah and in the tomb of Seti l it is clearly written that after death in Tuat the souls of the Semites and the Indo Europeans were to be beaten or hammered by Sekhmet The souls of rmto Egyptians and nehasuNubians were to be protected by Horus because both the Nubians and Egyptians were followers of Horus This is what the ancient African peoples wrote themselves note Many other examples from language social organization religion and mythology could be greatly expounded on hereAlso keep in mind that it was the near unanimous opinion of the ancient classical Greek and Roman writers that the Egyptians and Nubians formed one very ancient Nile valley civilization One uick example Diodorus of Sicily writes The Ethiopians say that the Egyptians are one of their colonies which was brought into Egypt by Osiris They even allege that this country was originally under water but that the Nile dragging much mud as it flowed from Ethiopia had finally filled it in and made it a part of the continentThey add that from them as from their authors and ancestors the Egyptians get most of their laws It is from them that the Egyptians have learned to honor kings as gods and bury them with such pomp; sculpture and writing were invented by the Ethiopians The Ethiopians cite evidence that they are ancient than the Egyptians but it is useless to report that here Be reminded that the name Ethiopia does not refer to the modern day country of Ethiopia Diodorus is referring to what we call Nubia todayIt seems almost certain that Dr Gus Casely Hayford was simply repeating parrot like the script placed in front of him No debate no critiue just a lot of grinning Gus Casely Hayford was dressed for his part wearing his Zahi Hawass outfitWatching the DVDS one gets the feeling that the director had to do a lot of retakes and editing to pull this off Many of the scenes appeared to be forced and contrivedIn one scene we suddenly see Casely Hayford pausing for dramatic effect ask a somewhat puzzled Sudanese archeologist if the ancient Egyptians considered the Nubians inferior barbarians The Sudanese looked very uncertain and then answered yes Casely Hayford acted as if he had made the point he was told to makeA few minute later after prompting from Casely Hayfordand some editing the Sudanese archeologist repeats another old Eurocentric cliché saying that the name Nubia comes from nub which originally meant slave in some unspecified language I don't know what language they were referring to but in ancient Egyptian Nbt or nub means gold not slave See Egyptian Grammar Gardiner p 614Again the attempt was made to mislead the unsophisticated viewer who mistakenly believes that scholars always shed light on their subjectsWas Dr Casely Hayford the great British Art Historian going to give his viewers a fuller picture? would he add that at one time or another the Egyptians seemed to hate and despise every body including Semites Asians and Indo Europeans They despised people who were not circumcised the Semites Asians and Indo Europeans These people were called all sorts of names by the Egyptians lepersbecause of their skin color vile wretched thieves barbarians foul and so on None of this is mentioned by Casely Hayford Perhaps he was again only following his scriptThe Egyptians seemed to have enslaved Indo Europeans Asians Nubians and Semites There are numerous tombs markers monuments and documents testifying to this factFollowing the directions of his intellectual lords at the University of LondonSOAS Dr Gus Casely Hayford said nothing It could not have been a matter of time Many scenes had Gus Casely Hayford whining about his fear of snakes muddy shoes the hot African sun even giving the temperature These could have been easily cutThe aim of this project was to repeat the standard Eurocentric cliches and talking points there was some kind of Apartheid Wall between ancient Nubia and ancient Egypt This point is crucial to the European intellectual paradigm This is Hegel all over again The Eurocentrics loudly denounce Hegel as an out of date racist but psychologically they cling to his dogmatic historical formulationsOf course the Egyptians and the Nubians fought despised and slandered each other When Europeans fight in the Balkans or when the Germans fought the Poles or when the English fought the Irish does it mean that they were of different races? They don't all share a common European culture?There is a fascinating interview with a dignified royal Nubian Elder Casely Hayford ask his setup uestion about whether or not the Nubians many miles south of Kerma were the same people as the ancient NubiansThe Nubian elder said we are all the same people Some stayed in Egypt some went to Kerma some went to Meroe some went to other places some came here The language the cultures are the same the only difference is in the color of the skinThere was a rather stunned look on the good doctor's face But Casely Hayford did not ask the logical follow up uestion the elder was not asked to expound on his remarks that some of the ancient Nubians stayed in Egypt Casely HayFord said nothing The translator a beautiful Nubian woman smiled The Nubian Elder gave the impression that he had a lot to say but there was no way that the BBC taskmasters could put words into the elders mouth No amount of editing and retakes could accomplish this The Nubian Elder was not another Gus Casely Hayford There appeared to be some heavy editing at this point and the interview endedFrom beginning to end this DVD program gave the standard European version of African history Ancient Egypt was not a black African civilization There were many lost kingdoms but KmtEgypt was not one of them Black Africa was outside of human history The premises are no longer openly stated and despite of all the evidence to the contrary they assert that their beloved Ancient Egypt was a creation of Asians Semites and EuropeansConstantly during the 216 minutes of this DVD program we hear Casely Hayford saying scholars or historians or archeologist don't believe this or that about African people history and cultureWhat he is really saying is that European mainstream scholars still cling to the myths of an Eastern origin of human civilization Not too many years ago Mesopotamia was the birthplace of humankind and human civilizations Black Africa was outside of human history This was taught almost everywhere in the world in all the great universities of Europe and AmericaToday we know that those old theories are false yet they live on camouflaged under scholarly sounding rhetoric and slick modern academic jargonOne of the greatest scholars of our time Dr Cheikh Anta Diopnot mentioned once in the program has written something that brings to mind Mr Gus Casely HayFordDiop writes in part The African historian who evades the problem of Egypt is neither modest nor objective nor unruffled; he is ignorant cowardly and neurotic See The African Origin of Civilization Myth or Reality Diop p xiv1974 Lawrence Hill CoThis effort is a pure example of the propaganda of history

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    I was looking for information on ancient African kingdoms for research and Zon threw this up It is a coffee table book the history is light general and buried I don’t care what the coffee’s like or how cool it is to meet someone I want the information and imagery The latter is actually pretty good and is a redeeming factorThat information is scant partially with style and partially with evidence available Too much irrelevant prose is a distraction from what could have been a stunningly detailed guide I gleaned a few snippets but I’m glad I got a second hand copy

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    This is my first book about African culture and the author has very concisely covered various Lost Kingdoms of Africa

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    Interesting but not engaging which is why it has probably taken me so long to finish Clearly written as a book to accompany a TV series which I have not seen as it has not been shown in NZ Having travelled in many parts of Africa I was able to recall some of the countries and places he writes about and that visual memory enhanced those parts of the book but the rest of the book was not sufficient to transport me to the unknown places In summary a rather disappointing and superficial book I know a little of African history and had hoped to be further enlightened 'Twas not to be

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    MD reviewed wwwGoodReadingGuidecom

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