The Rise of Alec Caldwell The Rise of Alec Caldwell #3

  • 465 pages
  • The Rise of Alec Caldwell The Rise of Alec Caldwell #3
  • Casey K. Cox
  • 10 February 2014

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    Seesaw Holy crap The emotional swings in Hamilton and judgment calls by Alec lead to some very interesting goings on Alec is starting to come into his own and Hamilton is dealing with some serious and unexpected responses to seeing Alec interact with others Hey jealousy jealousyThey make some real strides and seeing them in the context of their respective families and the dynamics at play explains a lot especially about Hamilton

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    I enjored this book as I have the series but there are things that I found frustratingI would have enjoyed in this installment to see action with the main characters or even the secondary characters rather than bringing in a barrage of new characters for meaningless sex I was glad that the families were involved and we got to know themAgain Alec is all about Alec and forgets constantly of poor Seb With his ever increasing number of lovers he barely has timeenergy to take care of him Additionally he has total double standards eg his outradge that Seb broke a rule Like he always follows them??? Maybe if he was a engaged or overall better Master he would know what his slave needswantsI was disappointed that there was not telling of how Seb took it when he sawAlec told him about the ring and where that left him That was completely glazed over Though knowing how Seb is portrayed as 'all about Alec' he would have been 'happy' for him I wouldn't mind some angst and conflict on thisI confess that Bradley is growing on me but I could do without Harrison His relationship with Alec is creepy and confusingI hope the next installment focuses on the main characters and their growth Must have love for Seb too ;

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    gah So here I am again feeling like these people are people I know in my everyday life Wanting to smack Hamilton upside the head but no not really 'Cause Hamilton is Hamilton how can you not understand his issues? Who could possibly keep up with Alec? Who's not half in love with Harrison? Who could not want Sebastian all for themselves?Vaughn is awesome Peter is too Maurice is Maurice Philip is a creep Wondering if or when Alec will lose his shit er yeah that just sounded bad I didn't mean it like that LoL Will he? Won't he? Does he? Can he? And oh my goodness they are insatiable Well so am I when it comes to this series it exercises every emotion;P

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    Looking forward to the next installment

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    It's ironic that jealousy and possessiveness is starting to play such a big part Even in a sexual free for all lines and boundaries exist Both Alec and Rick can bring out the best and worst in each other and we finally begin to see what makes Rick tick when they go on holiday to Rick's family homeThe stress and strain of maintaining the various households office environment tries their patience and causes each to act out Will they be able to work through it?This has been a delightful series and now I have to wait for Volume 4 to see what happens to my favorite characters

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    Liked this book as well Will definitely continue reading as Alec develops I love that he is changing so much and growing as a person and within the company I love that the relationships are complicated and that I find myself changing my mind from chapter to chapter on whether they should stay together forever or move apart etc Just like my critiue of the 2nd book the sex just doesn't seem as hot as it was in the 1st book

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    Another awesome installment but Alec better get his head on straight with Rick and figure out what he really wants before he makes an unforgivable mistake

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The Rise of Alec Caldwell The Rise of Alec Caldwell #3 Life is complicated Alec is realising love and life good and bad are not as clear cut as he’d always imagined Reality can be ugly and brutal and amazing and intense but most of all confusing Follow Alec’s journey as he picks through the choicest titbits and skims over what often feels like the wreckage passion and desire leave in their wakeContains explicit scenesTags Ds; multiple partners; polyamory; sex at work; threesome; man love; sex acts in public; Free MM fiction

About the Author: Casey K. Cox

Casey K Cox is an avid reader and author of mm erotic fiction Hailing from the West of England she tends to set her stories in the UK although some of her characters have been known to travel in time and space The popular 'Rise of Alec Caldwell' series is now available in print Check out the list of titles available and follow her work at