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Lord Fool to the Rescue Sweet story with unusual premiseGlad I stayed with itNarrator was Stevie ZimmermanShe was flat until later in the storyThen I enjoyed her I am impressed with the changes in the newly updated version of this book 32913 The author has done a wonderful job of revising The tale flows much smoother and the additions make it much fleshed out The ending is superior to last version by far and you leave the ending with a smile Well doneAll read Updated 032813In this Regency period novella Lady Tempest finds herself on display standing alone by the fountain in the park under the scrutiny of several strange gentlemen Enter Lord Fool as one of these fellows has the temerity to approach her under guise of returning a dropped handkerchief so that he might warn her that her step father intends to auction off her honor dear so to speak She knows she must escape the dastardly villain's clutchesThe story is short and would benefit from development both in plot and character but many of the major issues with the previous version have been corrected The story has a lot of silliness in it and almost makes me think of it as a 'dreadful' rather than a Regency but overall I still find it amusing and on the basis of the revisions gave it another star for a total of threeOne pet peeve of mine sample chapters from other work are presented as 'bonus material' In my mind something that is a complete story in itself would be a bonus Sample chapters from another book you must buy to finish are advertising and not a gift and thus not a bonus for anyone but the author and the publisherOverall a nice improvement making the short story pleasant to readPrevious reviewStill a somewhat cute story but it would have been much improved with better development a logical plot line and had the duke not called the young lady 'honey' uick Regency ReadThis is a hard review to write Lord Fool to the rescue was a clean readbut yet the entire story is based on Lady Aphroditeas the Duke refers to her as being saved from her horrible evil stepfather He has definite evil and disgusting intentions laid out for her futureand the Duke or Lord Fool as he is known is off to rescue her Because of the theme of the book I would definitely say it's an adult read even though there were no scenes There was a surprising amount of sweet humor in this uick read though as well I don't know that I would read it again but the ending was fun and i really liked the two main charactersSome languageBook based on adult themeVery light kissing I've read this three times over the past 5 years and I'am sure to read it againThe start seems rather innocent Miss Tempest MacIntyre is strolling alone in a park abandoned by her stepfather when she's approached by a pleasant man who offers her his escort around the park The plot turns a bit dark as the gentleman warns her of her step father's plans to auction her virginity In this nasty business there is a touch of humor in their discourse as he addresses her as Miss Aphrodite while she addresses him Mr Hercules having never been introduced to each other To avoid spoilers I will only add there are unexpected turns toward the worse and then for the better and further entertaining scenes L L Muir certainly has a talent for witty dialogs and interesting characters Very short story was done in a couple of hours but it was rather sweet and funny I enjoyed itApril 25 2013 I got an update on this story and just read it today Absolutely great improvement on the ending Don’t Be A FoolL L Muir is one of the best writers for making you see feel and believe in her characters She writes personas with such depth you remember the characters long after the book is read I started with her Culloden Ghosts and now have read everything she has writtenHer Regency series are the best I can’t remember laughing as much as I did while reading these books Muir’s females are strong and yet still feminine smart but still vulnerable and just a little flawed like real women This was a wonderful read I was disappointed in how short the story was and wanted of Tempest and her Lord Fool I applaud Muir’s Regency series Can’t wait until her next book She has an excellent escape planned Lady Tempest MacIntyre has been offered by her stepfather as an item up for auction But she has an excellent escape plannedif she can keep from tripping over the good intentions of the Duke of Stromburg sometimes referred to as Lord Fool Lord Fool to the Rescue has at least one hero a heroine and an assortment of characters who may or may not be villains The fun is in the discovery If you like LORD FOOL TO THE RESCUE try one of LL Muirs other novels THE SCARLET PLUMIERE BLOOD FOR INK BONES FOR BREAD Regency novels CHRISTMAS KISS Time Travel romance GOING BACK FOR ROMEO NOT WITHOUT JULIET Time Travel romances SOMEWHERE OVER THE FREAKING RAINBOW A Young Adult Paranormal Romance And for reluctant readers WHERE TO PEE ON A PIRATE SHIP humor for kids 10 and up Learn about LL Muir's works of fiction at wwwllmuirweeblycom This was a light hearted clean story with likable characters The plot was enjoyable with funny witty happenings even though the main plot was the auctioning off of a Baron's step daughter Lady Tempest aka Aphrodite Lord Stromberg aka Hercules give us a fun ride through the story as he tries to rescue Tempest from the hands of her stepfather I found the supporting cast from Lords to servants a delight I highly recommend this short but fun read to anyone WittyThis short novel was adorably witty The main heroine had enough spirit in her to make this short adventure absolutely entertaining Loved it

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