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The Silver Donkey More of a revisiting than a first read I picked up Harnett's book in all it's beautiful hardback splendour With its greem wooded cover and embossed silver donkey to its dream like endpapers lovingly crafted by Laura Carlin it's a palm sized gentle story which resonates through Harnett's tender prose Set at some point during the Great War two young French sisters Marcelle 10 and Coco 8 venture into the wood near their farm to discover a blind hungry soldier who has escaped the Front's atrocities With only care and curiosity at the forefront of their mind they choose to keep him a secret from the townspeople and feed him In return he tells them stories inspired by the little silver donkey that he always carried in his hand The allegorical stories themselves interject the children's visits and are there for him to share with the girls and other visitors what it is about life that is worth living for It is a story that is sure to embed itself within the mind of the young reader ready to be revisited and reimagined as they grow into the world Harnett stays cautiously away from overt didacticism and instead leaves interpretation of the tales to the reader The story has a beautiful hopeful close Apparently simple but so beautifully done with lovely and haunting writing There are some sad scenes some very sad but I thought it was really a very moving book Not everyone will agree with all the points I think but it was very touching and well done simply magicthe language makes you want to read it out loud poetry I especially enjoyed the tail of the donkey on the mountain and i found out later that it also includes a Christmas tale Marcelle and Coco two French girls living in a coastal farming and fishing village during World War I have discovered a secret They stumbled across a a new friend Lieutenant Shepard The girls think Lieutenant is a funny name but they are delighted with their new friend's tiny silver donkey charm and in exchange for stories they help him to find his way home to his ill brother Through Lieutenant Shepard's stories the children learn about loyalty humility courage and the importance of family Can they find a way to help their new friend find his way across the English channelThis book is slow I think my nieces would declare it boring They would be turned off by the preachy moral fables and the depiction of wartime violence Lieutenant Shepard destered the British Army That's treason and if they find out when they find out he could be executed Since he is blind he must rely on two silly young girls about the ages of my nieces While I felt sorry for the soldier and wanted him to see his brother one last time I wonder what good that will do He'd have to go on the run again The plot moves slowly over the course of a few days In between the exciting will he make it adventure plot the soldier tells stories fables and moral tales to the children The first story is from the Bible stripped of religious elements The focus is now on the donkey It would be a sweet story if it wasn't so familiar It seemed odd to hear the story without the divine and the shepherds and everything I like it better this way being a huge animal lover My heart broke at the end of the story The second story must take place in India During a drought the people and animals try to force the sky to bring rain Only one creature figures out what to doThe next story is a war story with all the horrors that accompany it The end was shocking and I didn't expect it I thought it was the soldier's true story The true story is about his brother who is ill and not expected to live very long This is a sad story This book reads like a classic from the 1950s the ones I used to read growing up that were not my favorites but kept me occupied Sonya Hartnett just received the Astrid Lindgren prize an award that carries a large cash prize along with the honor I had never read anything by this Australian author so I put in some reserveds at LAPL This was the first book to come through It is nearly an allegory a story about an English soldier who has been blinded not by a physical wound but by the trauma of the sights he has seen in the trenches and on no man's land He has deserted the battlefield and is trying to get across the English Channel to his home Three French children find him feed him listen to the stories he tells about brave and loyal donkeys and enlist an older friend to take him home A contemplative story that is profoundly anti war This imaginative book brings children into the history of WWI by introducing an unforgettable set of characters Hartnett takes a bleak setting and fills it with friendship loyalty and imagination I love this book It’s a great and simple one to read between books or series and I enjoy reading it in my spare time as I have over the past few days It’s a poignant and touching story or rather story of stories that still warms my heart despite having read it twice before I highly recommend this to people of all ages; it might be easy enough for a child to read but the message behind it is one everyone should explore From extraordinary novelist Sonya Hartnett comes a gently told fable of a lost soldier heroic children and a steadfast donkeyOne morning in the woods of World War I France two young sisters stumble upon an astonishing find — a soldier temporarily blinded by war who has walked away from battle longing to see his gravely ill younger brother Soon the care of the soldier becomes the girls' preoccupation but it's not just the secret they share that emboldens them to steal food and other comforting items for the man They are fascinated by what he holds in his hand — a tiny silver donkey As the girls and their brother devise a plan for the soldier's safe passage home he repays them by telling four wondrous tales about the humble donkey — from the legend of Bethlehem to a myth of India from a story of rescue in war to a tale of family close to the soldier's heart Sonya Hartnett explores rich new territory in this inspiring tale of kindness loyalty and courage I picked up a first edition signed by the author haven't read it yet but I love Sonya Hartnett and do think she is a seminal Australian writer who will be remembered forever I picked up this book on a whim at a thrift store because the illustrations and setting caught my eye What a little gem it turned out to be It would make a wonderful read aloud If one is aiming to slowly introduce young children to WWIWWII without overwhelming them this could have a place in that aimI found the three siblings realistic relatable and endearing

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