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    Claustrophobic friends bewaremost of this book takes place in tunnels under a historic university Including rats cave ins sudden floods blocked passageways and shooting It's an intrigue about lost art and of course there are plenty of people who catch the lust of treasure at thought of a discovery of a priceless painting by a master Is the crime for one mastermind or several dedicated treasure hunters? I did guess the main player at about 65% but there are plenty of twists and turns and things to be solved even after that

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    This is certainly NOT literature But for a road trip where I had little time to really think but needed some plot to relax with it worked It has just enough reference to God and belief to get the attention of Christian publishers Just enough romance to satisfy romance readers and a little mystery thrown in A lot of getting in trouble in tunnels so the claustrophobic should beware It was not hard to put down when I couldn't read but I enjoyed relaxing with it when I had a minute Not a book I'd save or give to anyoneWhen we road travel we always stop in Julesburg Colorado at the welcome center and they have a trunk of books to take or leave for the traveler It will be shared there the next time through

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    In Mentink’s inspiration romantic suspense novel Brooke Ramsey is running out of time in her efforts to save her father’s reputation Teaming up with Victor Gage to locate a missing painting they draw closer to each other as a murderer prepares to kill again to keep his secretsBelievable characters but the story is a bit sluggish

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    What a wild treasure hunt I enjoyed this story and all the twists and turns it took deep in the tunnels under the university Could have enjoyed it without the rats But I guess for accuracy sake even the rats are needed Looking forward to the other books in this series

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    Spoiler alert don't read this if you're claustrophobic Lots of threads to follow in this romantic suspense A past event that affected both hero and heroine makes them reluctant partners at first but they grow to care for one another as much as clearing the past that injured them

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    Fast read for summer Non stop action Surprise ending

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    Good mystery with a classic twist ending Fun uick read

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    Title Lost Legacy Treasure Seekers #1Author Dana MentinkPages 221Year May 2012Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating is 4 out of 5 starsVictor Gage has been trying to discover who killed his wife and he has been looking for four years He is a wealthy private detective He owns the Treasure Seekers a private detective agency along with his brother and sister He meets Brooke Ramsey when she tries to hire Treasure Seekers to find an original formerly unknown painting by a famous artist Her father had discovered the painting and sent it to a colleague at a university to verify and authenticate this work Brooke had no idea her father had sent the painting but now the university claims the painting never arrived However the man who was to authenticate the painting is now missingThe last person Brooke wants to turn to his Victor Gage He thinks his father is responsible for the death of his wife who was killed in a car accident the night of an art burglary at the museum where Brooke’s father worked Victor is intrigued by the thought of tracking down this treasure of artwork even though it means working closely with Brooke It appears someone else is after the painting as Brooke and Victor encounter one dangerous situation after another Who else wants the painting? Brooke must find the painting first as her father’s dementia is uickly getting worse and she needs the money the sale of the painting will provide to take care of him as well as clear his reputation that was sullied during the art museum theft four years agoThis story reads like an Indiana Jones movie There are tunnels to explore possible romance in the air danger around every corner and treasure to discover The story was a little slow in a couple of spots but still enjoyable These little books are treasures in and of themselves as they provide a few hours of entertainment and fun

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    Dana Mentink’s Lost Legacy tells of a sweet Christian girl determined to protect her father’s reputation and the strong but wounded Treasure Seeker she asks to help her Both characters hide secrets and the author reveals their backstories with nice timing as the novel progressesVictor was a doctor once Now he hides his heart and hunts treasure He has two siblings each hiding their own mysteries and a grave determination to avenge his wife’s death But when his need for revenge tangles with Brooke’s search for justice sparks might flySecret passages mysterious maps hidden symbols and threats of sudden death combine in this enjoyable fast read I might complain at some unconvincing chess notation but the fast paced story kept me turning pages The danger’s exciting the characters have pleasing depths and the elements of faith are enjoyably unforced making this a fun romantic suspense for adult or young adult with plenty of scope for to come in the seriesDisclosure I won a free copy during a blog tour Lucky me

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    Another exciting book from Dana Mentink Lost Legacy is the second book that I have read by this author and I loved both of them The first book was Escape from the Badlands Love Inspired Suspense I am looking forward to reading books from this author in the future

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Lost Legacy Brooke Ramsey is running out of time She needs to save her father's reputation before she loses him to illness That means finding the painting that went missing while in his care Fast Which is why she teams up with Victor Gage owner of Treasure Seekers agencyThe charming private detective has at stake than uncovering a lost masterpiece He's investigating his wife's death and the artwork holds the answer As Victor and Brooke draw closer to each other so does a murderer Someone wants the past to remain buried and will kill again to keep it hidden