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Covert MD She Could Trust Him with Her LifeBut Not with Her HeartSomething sinister was taking place in the shadowy basement of Boston General Hospital and Dr Nadia French was determined to stop it A transplant specialist Nia French was called in to investigate the puzzling deaths of organ transplant recipients at BGH and nothing was going to keep her from solving the case not even her ex lover turned partnerFor Dr Rafe McKay women were a liability especially in the field He'd already lost one female partner and he couldn't let Nia put herself in danger But Nia had grown up in the ten years since he'd walked out on her and she wasn't about to be chased off this caseor away from him

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    Book 5 in the Boston General series is probably the best so far in my opinion I’m so glad we have moved away from the unbelievable storylines This one actually made sense I enjoyed the characters apart from the twitchy eye trait bit weird The drama was also intense and it did feel like an intrigue novel with a bit of love thrown in there Hopefully this series is starting to pick up a little bit

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