Daddys Lil One #1 and #2 Complete MOBI ¾ One #1 and

Daddys Lil One #1 and #2 Complete The complete Daddy's Lil' One Series a explicit erotic Daddy fantasy all will enjoy The book starts I have always dreamed of being a little girl slut of having a daddy who would love me and teach me how to be his plaything He would love to share me with his friends to boast about his wonderful little girl I go to bed dreaming of him talking to him and feeling him beside me and inside me I decided it was time to play out my fantasy so I placed an ad on an adult fetish website I poured all my dreams into the and hoped that he would find me He did Tomorrow finally I will fly to meet him I have dreamed of him so much that it feels like tomorrow is the beginning of my life He has told me what to bring and how to dress I love it I love him being so caring of me taking care of me I am to stay with him for one month and if I can please him enough I will be allowed to stay longer I slip the dress over my shoulders it is light cotton and with no bra my nipples are standing proud and clearly visible As I collect my things my breasts sway against the material making the nipples so hard they hurt I hand the taxi driver the address and wonder if it will be a long drive Finally we are there Taking a deep breath I ring the bell and wait My new life begins when I hear footsteps and then a shadow appears behind the glass The door swings open and there he is my Daddy “Hello little one” he says he in a calm steady voice“Hello Daddy”

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