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Tightly Wound SEALS Inc #4 The story was very short and it was a little confusing at first because I started at book 4 It wasn't that bad there was no WOW factor but it was still entertaining although I wish that there were growth from the characters Claire and Shadow could have grown a whole lot instead of already being bad ass The only thing that I didn't like about this book is Claire's stubbornness Shadow told her to run or hide but what did she do? Yup she refused saying NOT WITHOUT YOU Well fuck Don't you get that you'll only get in the way? Its not bad but it just didn't have the same luster I felt the first one had It was a bit predictable and I felt like some lines were a little cliche Happy reading I was so excited to read Shadow and Claires story I hate to say I was sadly disappointed I enjoy Mia Dymond's books but the last two you feel like you're starting from the middle of the conversation This one was extremely predictable as far as the bad guy goes The villian even had a scooby doo ish line I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids I thought there would be indepth emotions to Shadow and Claire but it fell flat for me I even skipped some of the sex because I wasn't feeling it Sorry I really wanted to give them one a great review Love watching these big ole Seals fall captive to their women They all match up well and the books are fun Shadow and Claire's story Claire does a disappearing act in the last part of the Seals #3 book Shadow takes off after her just in time for some crazy to bomb her car It was a good thing that Shadow was there so the killer could not get to her while she was vulnerable in the house after the bombing Claire admits her love for Shadow and he for her Then Shadow calls in back up Claire's brother Brett to catch the crazy killer Claire is working with the police on several cases and she feels things when she touches them She can also feel evil if a person is bad One of the cases she worked on in the past a cop was killed and his partner is now working with her Shadow does not trust him She knows that he is innocent but cannot convince Shadow or Brett But there is evil lurking close to this cop in the end Shadow and Brett is very surprised by who it is Fourth and last in series of the very satisfying Seals Inc series by Mia Dymond The last book featuring the already developing love story between Shadow and Clare Steele twin sister of Brett Steele male focus of book three didn't fail to disappoint It delivered a steamy nail biter that kept you guessing However all four books have been so similar in their plot including their predictable saccharin sweet endings that it was fairly easy to spot the real bad guy early on despite the misleading clues that try to throw you off scent My biggest bugbear with this series has been time consistency And there was another uestionable but not wholly unbelievable jump issue around time in this book Which not everyone may pick up on but as a mother I didHowever weighing it all up I can't say I haven't enjoyed all four books in this series immensely They're funny with alpha masculine heroes and sassy likeable heroines Once you've read one you'll just have to devour the rest I hope Ms Dymond decides to give us one last bite of the cherry and gives us a book about Matt Brooks and perhaps his induction into Seals Inc In our most frustrated moments lots of us wish we could see into the future but few if any of us recognize what a burden it could conceivably become The heroine of this engaging story knows full well and it is the kind of knowing that has made her profoundly weird in the eyes of many and to such an extent that she keeps her gift under wraps Yet she need someone to ground her to be her anchor and her calming force just as her twin has always been Now she meets another who can actually appreciate her for who she is but their burgeoning attraction doesn't come easy nor does their relationship flow smoothly It's a really fun read that has lots of twists and turns and that keeps the reader glued to the page as well as the edge of the seat It's a keeper for sure Sigh I've finished the last SEALS Inc book I really enjoyed this series and would recommend it to all of my fellow book whores without reservation Sometimes it's nice to just read a book and enjoy it without going on an emotional roller coaster and that's exactly what this series achieved This final book covers Claire and Shadow's story but without so much assistance this time from Hawke and Max this time Claire's brother Brett does join this storyline though so you still get to enjoy two hot SEALSClaire's psychic police work gets her in trouble and with a killer on the loose she turns to Shadow and Brett to help her find out who is trying to kill herHot and steamy with a dash of macho perfect Claire Steele has spent her whole life dodging shadows Psychic since birth she uses her talent to chase the evil lurking in the recesses of her mindFor years Lt Malcolm Shadow Windsor has walked the fragile boundary of friendship silently waiting for Claire to acknowledge her love for him An ex Navy SEAL and expert tracker he knows patience is the key to her surrender Until sinister forces threaten to eliminate herCaught between love and death Claire and Shadow must combine both talent and skill to survive Mia Dymond sure packs a punch with this story First up Shadow is a HOT and SEXY piece of alpha male and Claire is no wallflower He loves her she loves him but is trying to protect him and so runs away Shadow finds her and YOWZA what happens sure made me wish i was Claire An excellent end to the SEAL Inc series if you haven't read the other 3 books then you are seriously missing out on suspense hot romance and did i say HOT men? Can't wait for books from this author

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