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Black Heart Blue Hephzibah You've no idea what it's like having a freak for a sister Rebecca Born first prettier Hephzi's always been the popular one The Father When he was busy with his bottle we were usually safe Usually The Mother Her specialist subject was misery and lessons of painful silence Hephzibah and Rebecca are twins One beautiful one disfigured Trapped with their loveless parents they dream of a normal life But when one twin tragically dies the other must find a way to escape Because if she doesn't she'll end up like her sister

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    Cross over fiction is a genre that I’ve thought a lot aboutWell OK not really I just said that so I sounded like I was ‘in the know’ about all things publishing Before I read this book a ‘cross over fiction’ kinda book I’d never really thought about it But for reviewing purposes I have decided to do just thatI’ve narrowed all my thoughts highly highly intellectual thoughts down to one uestion that I will attempt to answer in this reviewIs a book that is classed as ‘cross over fiction’ a YA book that wants to be an adult book or is it an adult book who wants to be a YA book?Now you know that yours truly is a YA book blog so going off that fact alone we can establish that adult books are definitely coolerNah I’m completely kidding YA books are all the rage right now and rightly so Real people are reading YA books and they’re not ashamed because SURPRISE there are actually some great YA books out there But adult books will always be the ones that top the bestselling charts and the ones that people talk about over canapés and champagne at high brow dinner partiesSo are cross over books books that straddle the genre and appeal to all readers the way forward?Anyway let’s talk about this particular cross over book I have decided to create a scoring system to see if I can determine whether this book is a YA book asking an older book to buy it some Strongbow or whether it’s actually an adult book going through a mid life crisis and pretending it’s in its late teens and is um probably going to get something pierced or I dunno buy a motorbikeJo plays a snappily titled game of Adult Book or YA book?1 I loved this book from the first page That may sound completely cheesy and cliché but I literally did love it from the first page? Literally Jo? LITERALLY? DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF LITERALLY I hear you bellow Yes I do and if you’d let me finish I’ll tell you whyThis book has a Sylvia Plath uote as its epigraph“You do not do you do not doAny black shoeIn which I have lived like a footFor thirty years poor and whiteBarely daring to breathe or Achoo” Daddy Sylvia PlathIf you’re starting with a Sylvia Plath epigraph you have to have guts because I mean it’s Sylvia Plath If you write a pithy awful book after starting with Plath then you’ll always be known as the author who thinks they’re good enough to follow Plath and no one wants to be that author Luckily Ms Reid did not write a pithy awful bookAnd while I’m not saying that young adults can’t read and love Plath I actually read The Bell Jar when I was 16 the mere act of uoting a dark and uncomfortable poem perfectly sets up the reader for a dark and uncomfortable read Black Heart Blue is difficult to read it’s harrowing and it’s darkI don’t want to go into the plot points because of spoilers but woooshaAnd you can uote me on that though you probably wouldn’t want toSo re Dark tone of the book Adult book or YA book? Adult book2 It seems every YA heroine has a tortured sister nowadays Not that it’s a bad thing and I’m not saying that this book is about a heroine with a tortured sisterIt’s about two heroines with a tortured sisterThat’s right We have twins I’m always wary of books about twins because even though in theory they are a great way to explore sister or brother though I haven’t actually read any books with male twins relationships they always just fall flat for me The jealously The angst The bitchiness YawnBut what I liked about Rebecca and Hephzibah were that they were completely different from each other They didn’t really like each other at all Hephzibah was a bitch to Rebecca but Rebecca wasn’t all sunshine and kittens either I loved how they had two separate personalities but there was always that bond that they shared both from what they had gone through but also just because they have the almost supernatural bond that they have Like I said normally I’m reluctant to read twin books but in this case the sisters and their relationship added lots to the overall feel of the bookRe Twins and tortured sisterly bonds Adult book or YA book? YA book3 OK this next bit is a bit of a uibble I had with the book I wasn’t entirely convinced about the setting When I started reading this book I thought it was going to be set in the 50s or something but then there was talk of A Levels Glee and Cheryl Cole It’s obvious that Ms Reid knows how to deal the twisty dark human emotions but when it came to writing general teenager stuff it didn’t always ring true for meAnd I don’t think I’ve ever met a seventeen year old boy who would want to ride a moped I think most of them would be happy to settle with a Megarider or a lift from their parents Maybe that’s just me To me anyway this book sometimes read like a historical book but I like historical books so I was fine with that but I don’t think that’s what Ms Reid intendedRe Adults thinking that teenagers care about if Cheryl Cole rides a moped Adult book or YA book? Adult book4 Tiptoeing delicately here but the adults in this book bar one were absolutely horrible Despicable Terrible Seriously I was so angry and scowly Really well done thoughRe Horrible adults Adult book or YA book? Seeing as adults aren’t allowed in a YA book Adult book5 Insert bad boy love interest Adult book or YA book? YA book 6 Hopeful ending Well Ms Reid took us for a ridiculous sad ride through this book but there was a hopeful ending All the nastiness is still there but all was not lost Thankfully I seem to talk about hopeful endings an awful lot on my blog but I think as a whole YA books like to have hopeful endings I think adult fiction is a lot happier at slashing your hopes and dreams and leaving you to sob and what have youRe Everything’s going to be alright Eventually Adult book or YA book? YA bookSo is it a YA book that wants to be an adult book or is it an adult book that wants to be YA?It’s neitherAnd it’s bothIt’s a cross over bookwink  Um   Sorry I felt like I needed a wink at the end of that Like I was starring in an advert for a book genre and that was the tagline Do book genres have taglines? They shouldWhatever Black Heart Blue is it’s good and you should read itI received a copy of this book from the publishersYou can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog Wear the Old Coat

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    They tried to make me go to my sister’s funeral today In the end I’d had to give in I’d been walking in her shadow for sixteen years and I liked its cool darkness It was a good place to hideSuch a beautifully written yet extremely sad book It follows the lives of 16 year old twin sisters Hephzibah and Rebecca Told in split narrative format Hephzibah narrates the past before her death and Rebecca the present after her sister's death Hephzibah is the beautiful outgoing and popular twin while Rebecca is silent disfigured and lacking in self confidence Both girls struggle to cope with life living with their fundamentalist Christian parents the father is a vicar who abuse the children particularly Rebecca in ways beyond imaginable But when the girls start college they get a taste of freedom only a taste however for the sisters' father is determined to prevent his daughters from leading any sort of life outside of the vicarageReid's writing style is captivating; the two opposite sisters are narrated so well that you understand them both intimately as sisters and individuals and the coping mechanisms both employ to deal with their situation My heart sank with every revelation and development and I simply couldn't tear myself away until I turned the last page This is the most perfect thing about this book; once you’re in you can’t escapemirroring so well the twins entrapmentBlack Heart Blue deals with some complex issues such as child abuse rape love and death It is horrifying chillingly real heartbreaking and unforgettable A great read for teens and adults alike

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    I've actually waited a couple of days before reviewing this book and I think that I made the right decision to do that Black Heart Blue is definitely a haunting book and I think that I appreciate it now that I've had even time to reflect on it I think that this will be a book that lingers in my mind for uite a long timeOn the very first page of this story is a verse from Sylvia Plath's poem Daddy I absolutely adore Sylvia Plath so when I read the verse I was so excited that I was maybe going to read something that was so marvellously interlinked but I was also scared that the story was going to be a disappointment in my eyes it's uite a big thing to try and follow on after a Plath verse Thankfully I think that using the poem was the right thing to do Reid definitely did it justice with the story that followedBlack Heart Blue follows the life of two twins the well rounded and beautiful Hepzibah Hepzhi and her disfigured sister Rebecca We learn right from the start that Hepzhi has died and we discover exactly how and why as we progress through the book I thought that the format of the book was really well done Hepzhi narrates chapters 'before' her death so that we get a clear picture of what life was like for the twins On the other hand Rebecca narrates the time after Hepzhi's death and what it meant not just for her but her family and the community around them Writing this way meant that we learnt so much about both twins and they were so well developed The twins had a very troubled past and present and we can see this in so many ways their behaviour their emotions and through other people's actions towards them Everything that was explored felt so realistic and had a lot of depth despite the shortness of the book We were introduced to several characters including the granny of the twins Hephzi's boyfriend her friends members in the community such as a church assistant and people who Rebecca worked with as well as non immediate family members Every single person in this story seemed to matter and they each contributed something to the story I was absolutely fascinated with how everyone interacted It seems wrong to say that I enjoyed this book due to the subject matter I didn't really enjoy it as such there wasn't anything that made me feel very happy but instead I appreciated it I really appreciated how well Reid had portrayed the lives of Hephzi and Rebecca there were no holds barred on the content this is a story that involves abuse and a whole lot Whilst the events weren't overly graphic or descriptive they were unbelievably powerful As aforementioned the words were haunting There was a seriously sinister undertone and it worked seriously wellThis is a book that I will recommend to others who are looking for a different read to your usual YA I'm glad that there's something different to the usual 'boy meets girl' or paranormal subjects This is definitely not a book for younger teens but for older teens and I know a lot of adults that would appreciate the work that's been put into this too I look forward to of Reid's work in the future

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    Fuh I tried so hard to make this a spoiler free425 for Black Heart Blue by Louisa ReidBlack Heart Blue is a gripping tale of twin sisters Hephzi and Rebecca who have been subjected to abuse and religious extremism in their own family I like how distinctive the main characters are Hephzi the extroverted one bold at the outside but most fragile at heart and then Rebecca her twin sister who suffered Treacher Collins Syndrome who seemed fragile but actually was a strong willed child in protecting her sister They are glaringly different but they complemented each other wellI loved how the chapters perfectly interlaced between the 'before' which was told from Hephzi's perspective and the 'after' which was told from Rebecca's I loved how every chapter of this book explores every range of emotions suffered by the twin sisters I didnt weep as I read this but I did feel suffocated at times the cruelty and the sufferings are just too muchThe author's style of writing is SO simple it doesn't beautify the story but it certainly matched the atmosphere of the book which was real and horrifying The story is medium paced it sometimes got too fast but thank God the author didnt jumble up things unrealisticallyI loved this book and I'm certain this is the kind of book that will stay with me for a long time Highly recommended

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    The author of this book described child abuse in realistic ways so as a result parts of the story is rather painful and disturbing to read for example the abused victims are always too fearful to seek for help to a point you become frustrated and wanting to scream OMG Seek help already Plus the complicated relationship between the disfigured girl and her pretty twin sister has also been handled nicely 4 stars

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    Its uite rare that I feel so emotional when reading a novel but this certainly was the case with this story Its a very powerful and compelling story at which I felt sadness anger and hope in eual measures The story is told in two narratives of both past and present from two twin sisters Rebecca and Hephzibah Hephzi The book starts with Hephzi’s funeral We are not told why she died although as the book progresses it becomes clear Although they are twins the two sisters are very different Hephzi was the pretty one but Rebecca was severely facially disfigured from a birth defect We learn about the relationship between the two sisters and that of their lives with their parents – a religious fanatic of a father and an indifferent mother There were times when the book horrified me at the way the girls were treated and it’s very true that you never know what goes on behind closed doors Although the subject matter is a difficult one to deal with its not a depressing book by any means and I would wholeheartedly recommend it The story certainly stayed with me long after I had finished reading it I look forward to reading from Ms Reid

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    Black Heart Blue is a touching book which I really enjoyed because it is unusual and both sad and heartwarming at the same timeI really enjoyed the way this story was told It it told it split narrative for the majority of the book switching between the twins One looks backs of the events the story is set around while the other is present tense As a reader you are therefore trying to make sense and fill in the gaps between the two narratives which is something I really liked about itThe best thing about this book is following the story of the twins as they go out into the real world after living like prisoners with a father who treats them like animals and hides them away from the world and tells him it's because they are evil I like seeing how the girls interacted with the world in their own different ways and found myself wanting to go and take them away from everything they went throughThe story goes along nicely as you start to find out and about what has been going on behind those closed doors that the girls have been hidden behind all their lives the you feel for them Towards the last third is when everything starts to come out fully and the revelations pack a real emotional punchWhile the book is very sad I did enoy that it was uplifting too and had some nice things to say about human nature I particularly loved the character Danny who Rebecca meets part way through the book I loved the role he ends up playing and seeing how pivotal he and his family were to changing things for Rebecca for the betterAll in all a book I enjoyed which really made me think

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    I was sent a proof copy of this novel at work and picked it up as some in flight reading for a weekend away I eventually started this book on a flight back up north this evening I was so hooked that I stayed up past midnight to finish it What an utterly stunning novel both for the shocking bleakness of the content and in the beautiful gorgeous proseThe decision to narrate in two voices Hephzibah for the past Rebecca for the present allowed a lovely contrast which took the reader immediately into each voice Their characters were so different that I was almost shocked at first and yet as the novel progressed I began to see that both girls were alike in many ways I was able to guess fairly early on what had become of Hephzibah the confident beautiful sister the mirroring of events between the girls was cleverly told and gave powerful ammunition to Rebecca in her growing strength and ultimate ability to free herselfIn conclusion I'm spinning and dizzy and breathless from this book I don't often award 5 stars but; wow just wow

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    Beautifully written and hauntingly sad A reminder to us all that just because a family looks respectable it doesnt mean they are

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    Loved this book as it was a proper turn pager and one I did not want to put down Depicting the saddening tale of two sisters abused at the hands of their parents and their escape I loved how the chapters alternated from the sisters perspectives showing personal thoughts and feelings as well as events from both of their perspectives and their journeys Great read definitely recommend

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