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Mermaid's Song Gorgeous completely gorgeous Truly the best mermaid book I've ever had the pleasure to readI've always been a fan of mermaids and I spent hours upon hours drawing and coloring them as a kid I borrowed every mermaid book I could get from the library love the illustrated ones and when the mermaidsea creatures theme became a thing in YA I excitedly tried them Sadly I didn't enjoy them very much THIS book however is the mermaid book I've always wanted to read The mermaid aspect is not a sub plot There are no humans or involving turning into one and it doesn't read like 'people with fins somehow living underwater'The story takes place in the rich and beautiful underwater world created by Alida The society customs environment EVERYTHING is well crafted The summary gives you the gist of the story but it did not prepare me for the emotionsReading this book was a wonderful experience By some miracle my uni library had a copy of it after I saw and lusted after this mentioned on Anya Starships and Dragonwing's haul A book like this is timeless and should not be lost I wish the publishers would reissue another edition This out of print book is wonderful and if you can find it I recommend snagging it This is the only book by this author who passed away in 1998From the back coverThrough the ages the Balance between good and evil had been maintained guarded by the legendary Seadragons Every fifty years the people of the underwater Caverns held a Choosing to find a new Between to serve the dragons While legend says only the Merramaids were once selected for this most vital of tasks long ago the Merra were betrayed by their distant kin the Ghrismogs Now few Merra remain in the world As a result evil has spread throughout the watery realmIt is time for the final Choosing for only two Seadragons still live Unless the Merramaid Elan as the last true Between can prevail the Balance will be destroyed and darkness will triumph for all eternity This story follows a young Merra named Elan as she discovers that the truth about her people is much different than how the Mogs tell it She gains several friends throughout the story; one is a giant Suid another an old blind Merra named Tia and the dolphin Nemu along with several others Together they help Elan face the dangers of becoming the Between for the seadragons a position jealously held by the MogsThere are also points of views told by Menol a Merra Mog mix who is also an Elder of the Caverns He struggles with what is commonly said about the Merra vain and weak vs what he sees when he briefly meets Elan training for the ChoosingThe main villain of this story is Groff a cruel manipulative Mog Elder with a hatred toward Merras Groff wants only power and with his eually vile niece Kili as Between he can easily become High ElderThe point of view is primarily with Elan though there are several points where the story switches to Menol Kili Groff and a few other minor charactersThis is a good story and the underwater world is richly depicted and a nice change from the typical fantasy scenery The book is broken into a few different sections starting with Elan's beginnings the Choosing and what happens after with enough twists to keep you turning pages The ending is a little abrupt but the main story is strong enough that it is easily forgiven What an incredible worldbuilding this book exhibits with a complex underwater civilisation for a setting and all characters belonging to several societies and species This is by no means a The Little Mermaid retelling; not even remotely There are no humans in this fully developed world and no longing on the part of any character to meet or become one of them for love either Instead it's the uick paced story of a young Merra one of the mermaid like races inhabiting this world known as Elan on a uest to save and become the caretaker here called a Between for the last specimens of the dying Seadragons on whom the Balance depends The Balance is sort of like the Force from Star Wars and if the Seadragons die out the euilibrium between the good and bad sides will be broken and everyone will be in trouble Only Betweens that are Merra can forestall the impending doom and Elan has to fight tooth and nail for a chance at the position with seemingly insurmountable odds against her The way she struggles to achieve this goal is the backbone of the plotline and is so well done with plenty twists and suspense that kept me fully immersed till the end It's bittersweet in tone overall and at times heart wrenching but a beautiful story as well Oo This will have to be a DNF for me No matter how interesting I found the worldI will have to draw the line at the mermaid merra female protagonist having sex with a dolphin In explicit detail I wish someone would make an ebook version of this wonderful novel so that readers can find and enjoy it Let me just say that this book would make a great animated movie for a mature audience I bought this book as a young adult just turned nineteen or so at a local library book sale for twenty five cents And it was worth so much This is my favourite mermaid based book Everything about it is awesome From the intricate underwater world building Alida Van Gores spins around the reader to the cute loyal and protective dolphins to the telepathic sea creatures and Merfolk I really liked how there are two separate sets of merfolk in this novel; the Mirra who are the traditional beautiful femalemale creatures with the upper bodies of humans and the lower half of tails They have dolphin like tails and the reproductive organs of most mammals The Mirra are gentle artistic have beautiful voices and in ancient times could speak telepathically with each other and the life in the ocean Then there are the Mog The Mog are fish like and instead of being colorful like the Mirra are mostly found in muted shades of olive green brown or tan The Mirra are the oppressed minority in this book with the greedy troll like Mog having taken over and basically ruined everything that was ever good about living under the ocean In the center of the story is a young girl Mirra who goes on a pretty enthralling adventure There are even songspoems included in the story which I always find to be a treat My mom's cousin wrote this book and I thought it was pretty good but it got really long at the end I usually don't like fantasy because it is really weird but I liked this book The author makes you feel like you are right there You can really picture the scenes The most impressive mermaid book I've read to date Immersive fantastic language and a fully fleshed out underwater world I wish there was use of dialogue and all the character jumping toward the end became a little tiresome But overall I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a classic fantasy not set in pseudo Medieval England Too bad this book is out of print This is a really well done mermaid story with good characters and interesting world building Most novels about mermaids are Young Adult romantic stories which gloss over the underwater life in favour of your familiar run of the mill story involving relationships with land dwellers But no this book is focused entirely on the underwater society and their struggles which can get pretty dark sometimesThe narrative moves along very uickly Some seuences that I expected to be the culmination of the book in reality occurred in the middle and there was still a lot of adventures left to happen so I found myself constantly engrossed in the storyI need to find books like this for myself BB Chambres d'htes Mermaid's Song Royaume Uni Situ Kent km de Margate le Mermaid's Song dispose d'un jardin et d'une connexion Wi Fi gratuite Un petit djeuner continental et la carte vgtarien ou vgtalien est servi chaue matin Le Mermaid's Song possde une terrasse Dans les environs vous pourrez fr Mermaid's Song A Paranormal Academy Romance Not Retrouvez Mermaid's Song A Paranormal Academy Romance et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion fr Mermaid's Song Van Gores Alida Livres Not Retrouvez Mermaid's Song et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Mermaid’s Song uand la Petite Sirne devient un film d Toxic Frogs The Mermaid's Song Musiue en coutez The Mermaid's Song par Toxic Frogs sur Deezer Avec la musiue en streaming sur Deezer dcouvrez plus de millions de titres crez gratuitement vos propres playlists explorez des genres diffrents et partagez vos titres prfrs avec vos amis Mermaid's Song IMDb An homage to Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid Done Four Productions' inaugural feature Charlotte's Song tells the story of Charlotte Katelyn Mager a young girl coming of age in the midst of one of the most desolate and desperate periods in American history The mermaid's song Hob XXVIa databnffr The mermaid's song Hob XXVIa Joseph Haydn Langue anglais Genre ou forme de l’œuvre Œuvres musicales Date Note Date de composition Fait partie des Sechs englische Kanzonetten Autres formes du titre Now the dancing sunbeams play Hob XXVIa anglais Die Seejungfer Hob XXVIa allemand Dtails du contenu ressources dans databnffr Mermaid's Song Plot Summary IMDb Mermaid's Song Plot Showing all items Jump to Summaries Summaries Done Four Productions' Charlotte's Song is a dark homage to Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid set in the s Dust Bowl and stars Game of Thrones baddie Iwan Rheon — Celtic Music Song of the Mermaids YouTube Buy my music here iTunes Bandcamp mp Charlotte's Song | Mermaid Wiki | Fandom Mermaid's Song is a dark movie inspired by The Little Mermaid story by Hans Christian Andersen It is set in s and features young woman named Charlotte who discovers she's a mermaid Mermaid Serena lives on land and has had five children they live in a house where I really loved this book when I read it at age 14 I'd be curious to read it again see what middle aged me thinks of itI didn't know it was out of print I've owned two copies but currently have none Would not have discarded it in a move if I had known it would be so difficult to get ahold of

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