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Elskede Poona Gunder Jomann um pacato solteirão vendedor de máuinas agrícolas parte para a Índia à procura de uma noiva inspirado pelas imagens de lindíssimas mulheres de saris coloridos ue vira num livro Aí conhece Poona a mulher dos seus sonhos casa se com ela e regressa à sua remota aldeia na fria Noruega onde espera ue Poona se lhe reúna dentro de poucas semanas O desastre de automóvel da irmã impede o de ir esperá la ao aeroporto e o motorista de táxi ue enviara para a trazer regressa sozinho É então ue a aldeia recebe horrorizada a notícia de ue foi encontrado num prado próximo da casa de Gunder o cadáver ensanguentado de uma mulher indianaNinguém consegue acreditar ue entre a boa gente de Elvestad haja alguém capaz de um crime tão abominável Mas a verdade é ue as boas pessoas são por vezes capazes do pior e ninguém é totalmente inocente Fossum takes uite a different approach to the murder mystery genre than we usually see built in a different sensibility Yes there is a murder a brutal murder There is an investigation But the focus here is on the uirks of fate that led the victim to be where she was when she was and on the husband left behind The tale is also about the people in this small Norwegian townvillage what they've seen what they imagine and why they don't talk; the level of secrecy is astonishing It's a fascinating portrayal of all involved Of course there is a mystery but we see tragedy heartbreak and acceptance than anything else I'm sure that if I read by this author they won't all get five stars This is just such a different approach to the thing that it left me stunned Spoiler After reading the entire book including the investigation arrest interrogation and I'm still not sure who done it And that actually isn't as important as one might think all in all This Norwegian mystery was a strange little book It held my interest but I wasn't so thrilled with the characters Except for Poona the Indian bride the female characters were not very bright or sane or likeable Marie was okay I guess but she was in a coma for most of the book The police officers were too good to be true And the main character Gunder was the world's sweetest most devoted man living a fantasy until August 20th when his charmed life completely turned upside down I kept waiting for obvious connections that never appeared and at the end the book just sort of stopped with us assuming at least one character is in danger and another is accused of a murder that we don't know if he committed The beauty of mysteries is seeing if you can solve it before the author tells you what happened In this book all speculation is wasted since we'll never really know This book was an easy read with many interesting characters a good flow moments of mystery and moments of suspense I thoroughly enjoyed picking the book up every night hoping to find out and to try and guess who the murderer was However the ending disappointed meI usually judge a book by the ending If it is a good ending I will say the whole book was good even if it started out less well In this case the book was great but the mediocre ending ruined it for me The problem was it was too ambiguous There were many suspects and we never found out who truly did it and what was their motive Hours after I finished reading the book it's still on my mind as I try to recount past details and to figure out who the murderer was I guess this lasting feeling was the author's goal but it does not please me I love reading a mystery and then a perfect conclusion and feeling all the puzzle pieces come together leaving you with a feeling of amazement This was not the case All that I was left with was a feeling of emptiness and confusionHere are some parts of the story which I felt were left uncomplete SPOILERSLinda She started out as a rather ordinary character but by the end of the book she had became uite a psychopath with an unhealthly obsession with Jacob Skarre We never know what happened with her did she kill Jacob as she was planning? Was she telling the truth about the car she saw? Was she telling the truth about the time she got attacked by a man? If so who was this man that attacked her at night? Mode Was he the muderer? Many clues point towards it he drives a white Saab which Gunder saw speeding away after the muder The fact that he had a bowling ball was emphasized it would make the perfect murder weapon And he truly had no alibi since he left the bowling alley before the murder occured All clues point towards him yet this character received little attention during the book and I have no clue what his motive would bePoona Why did she leave her suitcase in the cafe? And was Einar telling the truth? The book emphasized that the suitcase is very big surely you cannot simply 'forget' something like thatLillian Was she really with Goran that night?Goran Is he the murderer? The author leaves you with a feeling that he is not and that Sejer manipulated him to give a false confession However how did he know some key details like her small bag which was the shape of a banana Sejer said it was the shape of a srawberry once and another time he said it was the shape of a melon to trick GoranAnders Kolding Many clues also pointed towards him in the book He messed around at the gas station shop and left at the same moment as Poona and could have easily taken her He also bought a car battery the perfect murder weaponWriting this I realise how many unresolved parts there are in this story I wish there were answers but the ambigious ending certainly made the book memorable Therefore I give it 3 stars 45 stars This is my first book by this author and I loved it I like a lot of Scandinavian mysteriespsychological thrillers and this is no exception There is a lot of ambiguity almost as though there is than one truth I look forward to my next one by this author I'm a big fan of Karen Fossum and have enjoyed going through her books reading one about every three months as I catch up on all that she has written THE INDIAN BRIDE is the fourth book in the Konrad Sejer series I believe It is a book where you will definitely enjoy the journey but the destination might leave a sour taste in your mouth It takes some getting used to but I've grown to love the structure of Fossum's novels in which Sejer and his partner Jacob Skarre don't appear until chapter five The first four chapters introduce Gunder a lonely man who after getting a traveling book from his sister decides to go to India to try and find a wife He meets woos and makes plans to return home with Poona Bai a lovely Indian woman Through a horrific string of events he can't control Gunder misses picking Poona up at the airport and Poona never arrives at his house Later he hears of a murder in his small town and his life spirals out of control Sejer and Skarre are on the case interviewing everyone from the flaky obsessed 16 year old girl to the old man who lived close to where the body was found Fossum writes in a way that keeps you turning the page waiting for the next revelation from her twisted cast of charactersThe ending perhaps leaves some unanswered uestions and makes the reader doubt Sejer and his methods That is the major problem with this book but also a strength because it is perhaps truer to life than we might hope I have to admit a tiny tear escaped my eye on the last page of The Indian Bride A 50 something Norwegian tractor salesman goodnatured and a bit of a simpleton goes to India to procure himself a wife She flies to Norway but he can't meet her at the airport due to unforeseen circumstances whereupon she is violently killed in a field Near the end of the book her Indian brother comes to Norway to claim her body and brings with him a letter she has written him explaining why she married this man anticipating the resistance he would feel It takes the tractor salesman a few days to get the letter translated and the book ends with itFossum's Inspector Sejer is very appealing in the mode of Dalgliesh and Lewis He likes Judy Garland but don't read too much into that His relationship with his deputy Jacob Skarre is very similar to that between Inspector Lewis and Detective Sergeant Hathaway He eats prawn sandwiches who knew there was such a thing? This was my favorite sentence from the book He's the right man and you know it he said tersely harpooning a prawn with his fork After having read When the Devil Holds the Candle I knew I was in for something unusual when I picked up another of Karin Fossun's Inspector Sejer's books This one The Indian Bride as did the earlier book features action that takes place almost outside of Inspector's Sejer's investigation Fossum succeeds in developing parallel narratives of Sejer and the character Gunder who goes in search of a wife in India Throughout the book as in the earlier book the reader always knows than Inspector Sejer who seems almost purposefully obtuse at times This may strike one as strange until it becomes clear that murder investigations probably work that way in reality It is only in Law and Order land that the detectives are ahead of the villain in every episodeThe conclusion of The Indian Bride is satisfying but not in the ordinary way that murder mystery conclusions are satisfying And one of the most satisfying aspects of the book is the uniue cast of Norwegian characters who people the story 45 starsThis fifth entry in the series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer and Jacob Skarre and is a slightly traditional police procedural in contrast to some of the earlier offerings from Karin Fossum However in her true style she takes readers on a tumultuous journey to the heart of the small rural town of Elvestad home to just over two thousand residents Calling Out For You appears on outset to bear all the hallmarks of an uplifting love story but is uickly followed by an act of barbaric violence which devastates a small and seemingly peaceful community Stolid and admittedly rather simple ageing bachelor Gunder Jomann is inspired by a book entitled People of All Nations and makes an out of character decision to travel to India to find himself a wife The dependable agricultural machinery salesman might be balding and considered a little eccentric but it doesn't stop him wanting to find love His intention in not to find a subservient wife who simply wants a ticket to a richer lifestyle but to find a woman he can adore cherish and make a life with His sister Marie urges caution but in thirty eight year old Poona Bai a resident of Mumbai he meets a companion to share his dreams with Marriage follows and Gunder returns home to await her arrival a fortnight later in late August but the tragic news that his sister has sustained serious injuries after a car accident sees him prevented from collecting his wife from her flight Gunder enlists the help of fellow resident and taxi driver Kalle Moe to meet Poona Bai at Gardermoen airport only for him to fail to locate her before she departs the terminal As Gunder worries and buries his head in the sand kidding himself of Poona Bai's impending arrival he frets beside the comatose Marie but the report of the body of a foreign woman cruelly murdered just one thousand metres from his home is too much for him to withstand In an act of unparalleled savagery the woman is found bludgeoned to death in what appears as a frenzied attack inflicting sustained damage leaving her face unrecognisable But just who is this woman?Delays in identifying the woman due to the preponderance of residents keen not to draw the attention of the police is compounded by the inhabitants failure to conceive that a fellow member of their community could have been behind the violent crime Fossum's expose of the residents of Elvestad and their steadfast refusal to think that a school friend workmate or relative could have been behind that crime leads to those who have something to report fearing that they may either be implicating neighbours or raising their head above the parapet Life might seem pleasantly straightforward and honest in the little village of Elvestad but as the rumour mill gains momentum and the witnesses are publicly identified and subseuently ostracised Sejer and Skarre assiduously pin down the final hours of Poona Bai whilst almost blending into the background of life in the community as the whole town's atmosphere turns a shade darker As the clock ticks down and a suspect sits across the table from Sejer it is his passionate belief in delivering justice along with his incredible patience and humanity that sees him steer the case to its conclusion The brilliance of this novel is in demonstrating how a series of independent occurrences can conspire to wreak havoc and bring unintended victims The staggering number of contributing factors which combine to change the lives of an entire and peaceful community is made devastatingly apparent In the words of the distinguished Inspector SejerThere are so many elements So many incidents which pave the way for evilA suitably ambiguous ending leaves the memories rattling around in the conscience of readers and makes for a powerful yet disturbing story The lack of a single conclusive piece of evidence a garbled confession which is later withdrawn and some late night gossip leaves uestions abounding about the guilt or innocence of the charged party Fossum explores the fate of Gunder Jomann both sensitively and compassionately without the need for overdone histrionics detracting from the raw emotion on show A totally absorbing intriguing police procedural The story begins with the unusual tale of a Norwegian traveling to India to find a bride As the tale unfolds a thought provoking murder inuiry develops The author writes with much care intelligence understanding of human nature I found if I tried to read uickly I missed important nuances

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