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Mixedblood Messages Literature Film Family Place In this challenging and often humorous book Louis Owens examines issues of Indian identity and relationship to the environment as depicted in literature and film and as embodied in his own mixedblood roots in family and land Powerful social and historical forces he maintains conspire to colonize literature and film by and about Native Americans into a safe Indian Territory that will contain and neutralize Indians Countering this colonial Territory is what Owens defines as Frontier a dynamic uncontainable multi directional space within which cultures meet and even mergeOwens offers new insights into the works of Indian writers ranging from John Rollin Ridge Mourning Dove and D'Arcy McNickle to N Scott Momaday Leslie Silko James Welch and Gerald Vizenor In his analysis of Indians in film he scrutinizes distortions of Indians as victims or vanishing Americans in a series of John Wayne movies and in the politically correct but false gestures of the recent Dances With Wolves As Owens moves through his personal landscape in Oklahoma Mississippi California and New Mexico he uestions how human beings collectively can alter their disastrous relationship with the natural world before they destroy it He challenges all of us to articulate through literature and other means messages of personal and environmental — as well as cultural—survival and to explore and share these messages by writing and reading across cultural boundaries 

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    A wonderful look into mixedblood Native literature and how Indians are portrayed in film and literature Owens discussion of the Vanishing American is particularly thought provoking

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