The Trail of Lost Time Choose Your Own Adventure PDF

  • Paperback
  • 142 pages
  • The Trail of Lost Time Choose Your Own Adventure
  • R.A. Montgomery
  • English
  • 05 February 2016
  • 9781937133030

10 thoughts on “The Trail of Lost Time Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. says:

    I read to every alternative ending I like that you're rewarded for being brave but all in all it was okay Had to text the friend I met in Bandelier That was a kick in the head You know it's good for it's target audience

  2. says:

    My very first decision ended the story LOL Freuent choices and a fun story

  3. says:

    A fork in the pathA new life to make my ownA choice must be made

  4. says:

    Our oldest has been bringing home various You Choose books from her elementary school library And now at our local library we've discovered some of the books from the original Choose Your Own Adventure series that I read when I was a child I remember loving books like this in my childhood and I am excited that our girls are discovering them as wellThis book focuses on a journey to an ancient kiva that allows a person to travel through time and space Many of the paths took us on a sci fi journey that we could hardly imagine but the stories were dramatic and exciting Overall these are entertaining though sometimes graphically violent stories I tend to prefer the You Choose series because they have an educational and historical context but the books in this series are interesting too We enjoyed reading this book together

  5. says:

    Cute book for kids 14 under You get to make choices and see a variety of outcomes based on your decisions

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The Trail of Lost Time Choose Your Own Adventure When your famous archeologist grandfather passes away he leaves you a map to an ancient kiva located deep on the ranch that lets you travel back in time Where will the dugout canoe take you Do you dare access the time and place when the wooly mammoth walked the earth

About the Author: R.A. Montgomery

Shannon Gilligan with the goal of reviving the CYOA series with new novels and reissued editions of the classicsHe continued to write and publish until his death in 2014