The Rise of Alec Caldwell Volume Two The Rise of Alec

The Rise of Alec Caldwell Volume Two The Rise of Alec Caldwell #2 Alec has received a promotion and is trying to find his footing with his complicated relationship with Rick and mastering his own office and houseboys Add to that the availability of all kinds of different sexual scenes which excite Alec he's trying to find his waySeriously I don't how anyone gets any work done but this is a fantasy and a hot one at that I'm not complaining lol Part 2 of Alex's erotic adventures was a bit clunky for me I didn't not get some of the character's choices and the jumps in logic didn't uite make sense I am still curious to see where things go in part 3 Here is smut smut and smutyet I keep readingAlec is a total man slut The man wants everyone and wants everyone to want him I find him frustrating at times He's just all about himself and his dick YET thinks that he is doing it to please everyone else His moments with Sebastian were endearing and tender Seb is still my favorite character He is the only one who in all this seems selfless and always puts Alec firstAgain I'll commend the author I usually don't keep reading books that are mostly smut specially with open relationships but this series just keep sucking me in Wow another hot installment I have a little trouble believing the recovery time these guys just keep going and going Very sexy Still loving this series but the sex seems a little less hot It seems like the first book had description and emotionfeeling as part of the action It is hard to explain what is missing The first book had me hot and present in the smut Here I felt like I was just reading about different sex acts instead of how hot it made the characters and me Still an awesome series though I enjoyed this one than the 1st volumeThe only thing I took issue with is if you are any a relationship any type relationship and you have set boundaries you should stick to them Alec had promised not give up his ass to anyone other than Rick So him and Sebastian going for it barely pushed my buttons but when he gave it up to a 2nd person keeping it secret from Rickthat felt like crossing a line You get to have sex with anyone you wantmultiple times a day but you couldn't keep that one promise20% later Rick gives Alec permissionbut by then I was already mad at Alec for cheatingOtherwise I was entertained by this book than the prior It wasn't as repetitiveIt took a while to get to the story line but it was there I liked that first read Jan 28 2013 Round Two and Alec takes a bender while adjusting to his new status in the Order of GC A little time off a few decisions later and Alec realizes what he really wants and needs Hamilton is waiting for him Interesting to see where this is going in the third segment I had some grievances with this one as I can accept almost any trespass except lying glad I stuck with it because while I still don't agree with some of the actions I understand the resolution Hamilton and Alec come to As Alec gets to grip with his new role In Service Grade One to The Order of Gentlemen life continues to unfold in unexpected ways He is faced with new challenges in his personal life that force professional changes Alec's not sure he wants or is ready for Follow his on going escapades through a tangle of love laughter and tears that bring Alec's life into focusContains explicit scenes Tags Ds; sex at work; threesome; man love; sex acts in public; multiple partners; polyamory Free MM fictionhttptheriseofaleccaldwellblogspot

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