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Auilla in the New World The Auiliad Book I On this alternate Earth Rome rules all including the New World known in other dimensions as America but here as Terra Novo General Titus Papinianus is governor of that untamed land and Auila chief of the savage Lacoti nation is a Roman senator But official titles aside their duty is to Caesar So when Caesar sends them on a uest for the fabled land of China thought to be somewhere in Terra Novo off they go They are hardly prepared for bloodthirsty Aztecs flying machines time traveling aliens or Bigfoot—and Auila's problem solving strategies are unconventional to say the least Before they know it their adventures lead them into the hands of the Time Criminal who is bent on altering all the multiple universes to suit his own evil whims Somehow they have to stop him before their world is destroyed Note Looking at a couple of the other reviews I gather that I may have missed the point of the book I read this book back in '07 and haven't reread since so I can't say for sure Anyway the following is the review I posted to my blog back in '07I’ve been putting off this review until I had time But then I realized something very important This piece of garbage vomited forth from the preening self satisfaction that is Somtow Sucharitkul does not deserve a proper reviewThis Sucharitkul doofus has decided that because he knows five or six Latin words and has read Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire The Cliffs Notes Version a couple times he is an expert on ancient Rome and further since he is a person he is an expert on human psychology Combining these two he is an expert on psychohistory on the level of Hari Seldon Therefore he is better suited than anyone else to write an “epic” examining what would have happened had Rome not fallen And incidentally Sucharitkul is also an expert on what would happen if time travelers from our future began mucking about with our pastSay did you know that conversational Latin as spoken by a native Roman when translated into English reads like idiomatic British English Rather than say idiomatic Italian EnglishOn second thought having his characters talk like stereotypical Mafia dons might have been even insulting to the reader’s intelligence than having them talk like children from an E Nesbit book I find myself strangely heartened to think that there is a way for this book to be insulting to the readers than it already isIn short Don’t read this book Sadly this was 'boring roman legion silliness' than 'space alien bigfoot t rex silliness' DNF but have put the trilogy I found at a second hand shop out for others to find and possibly enjoy This book was pretty silly but also pretty enjoyable Auila in the New World isn't badly written if you go paragraph by paragraph But its historical aspects are flawed and its satire fails as much as it succeeds Most of all its premise a mishmash of concepts embodied in the phrase flying saucers Sasuatch time traveling aliens is unbelievable and uninteresting It's like a child's version of science fiction like something you'd read in a bad comic book As a farce it was pretty good Lampooning the romans as delusional self righteous war mongers Though the academics were the portion of the farce I most enjoyed; endlessly debating over nonsense and trying desperately to fit what they see into their limited view of the world As a sci fi book I found it severely frustrating It was one deus ex machina after another with no real direction or specific futuristic notion Wow A trifle Just funny enough to keep me engaged to the end Predictable and than a bit derivative of Terry Pratchett Not recommended I stumbled upon this at a used book store and couldn't leave it behind If you can see the details on the cover there is a fat Roman in full armor eating some sort of sandwich turned out to be a bagel with lox and cream cheese oblivious to the hungry tyrannosaurus rex behind him who is frightening some Roman soldiers and Native Americans If you're a fan of Roman history and you enjoy the absolutely ridiculous the WTF factor of this book will make it an excellent read I don't want to give away too much so I will only mention things the teaser material hints at Aztecs flying saucers a Roman general's hunt for China by crossing North America flying saucers Sasuatch time traveling aliens Lacota Indians etc The Romans have cars They cross the Atlantic like it's no big deal It certainly isn't the best book I've ever read but it was highly amusing and well worth a read if you find it for a buck or two at your local used book store Auila in the New World is an alternate history science fiction novel It's neither funny nor frightening The characters never really develop The jokes mostly revolve around the naming of things and then having the savages name it something we'd recognize now like the Oceanus Papinius being renamed to Oceanus Pacificus because it looks peaceful Anywho the point is that there is no real reason defend this book and recommend it However I will say that the pacing was fine and I didn't leave a bitter taste like some do I'd recommend it as something to bring and leave at the cottage or if you had a particularly long flighttrip

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