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    Eins der besten Bücher von R L Stine die ich in den letzten Jahren gelesen habe Richtig schön fies ;Wir haben die Geschwister Robert Alesha die sich ein wenig vor ihrem Großvater fürchten denn er erzählt immer super gruselige Geschichten So geschieht es auch wieder und er erzählt von dem Vollmondfieber das einen überfällt wenn man an Vollmond zum falschen Zeitpunkt einem bestimmten Lichtstrahl ausgesetzt ist Allerdings war es nur eine Geschichte und der Opa freut sich über ihre AngstDann kommt Halloween und es ist Vollmond natürlich bekommen die beiden Vollmondfieber und niemand kann ihnen helfen Ob sie es dennoch schaffen dass sie nicht als blutrünstige Bestien enden das verrate ich nicht Aber das Ende war echt cool und richtig schön fies ;D

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    Some of the best books RL Stine wrote are in the Goosebumps Series 2000 By that time he'd gotten as good a handle on the format as he was going to get and was a seasoned pro at inconspicuously setting up bizarre twists for his storylines The action often comes across as fresher and unpredictable than the original Goosebumps series veering crazily all over the road and that's a prime strength of Full Moon Fever There were a couple of werewolf books in the original series The Werewolf of Fever Swamp and Werewolf Skin but I don't believe either was eual to this fast paced and surprisingly philosophical look at the conseuences of disrespect in the face of powers beyond our ken It's a typical Halloween evening out trick or treating for Robbie and his younger sister Alesha though memories of a recent visit to their Grandpa John's fill the night with ambient eeriness Grandpa John had spun a frightening yarn about a dread folk disease called Full Moon Fever caught by staring too long at the silvery full moon Tempted to test Grandpa John's story and repudiate the existence of Full Moon Fever on this Halloween night Robbie and Alesha are immediately wracked with agony as they gaze at the moon and awaken morning next to find themselves catastrophically changed The siblings have morphed into wolflike creatures with little control over their tempers possessed of deadly strength Their own mother doesn't recognize them when they go to her for help trying to speak comprehensible words through their lolling wolf tongues and clumsy snouts Their only hope is to run to Grandpa John's house and hide with him before the police capture them but even if they're successful what chance do two terrified werewolf kids have of reversing a curse that has reportedly never been undone? Do they have a prayer of making it to the next full moon to see if Grandpa John's story was accurate if by standing under the moon's pale glow they can return to human form? Full Moon Fever moves at a good clip and goes places I didn't think a Goosebumps book would RL Stine briefly lingers on some sobering thoughts that give the story gravitas than most of his middle grade fare even allowing a few moments for deeper contemplation of the distressing scenario in which Robbie and Alesha are trapped What are you to do when the world views you as a monster unable to look past the danger it assumes you pose and recognize your human soul? What of the internal battle against your own monstrous traits instinct driving you to hurt people you care about to destroy them? If you can't resist your harmful impulses are you truly as monstrous as others say? This struggle is at its most poignant in Full Moon Fever when Robbie holds his dog Scruffy the little animal overjoyed to see him despite his monstrous exterior Scruffy doesn't mind that Robbie and Alesha are ugly and hairy he just recognizes them as his people and is glad to have them home But that morsel of live meat in his hands triggers Robbie's voracious werewolf hunger and he fears he can't control his appetite Would he kill the one creature left in the world who sees him as human? It's an unexpectedly emotional moment for a Goosebumps book and RL Stine manages it well But whether or not Robbie overcomes his baser instincts all may not end happily for him and his sister At the very least I rate Full Moon Fever two and a half stars I'm tempted to round that up to three but I'm not totally convinced Either way tally my rating as right on the verge and consider it rounded up if you believe my review makes the case This is one of RL Stine's better offerings near the level of Be Careful What You Wish For or Deep Trouble and I recommend it for Goosebumps fans who want a taste of something different Like several other Series 2000 entries Full Moon Fever certainly delivers that If you prefer your horror stories with a tinge of introspection you're unlikely to go wrong with this one

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    Follow Just A Girl High On Books for reviewsThis was the second Goosebumps book I picked up after about 5 or 6 years maybe 7 I’m an adult now and it surprised me to see how much I still liked reading these books However this book didn’t pan out that amazingly for me Not that it wasn’t good story wise but it just didn’t end up being that great for me Full Moon Fever starts off with two siblings visiting their grandfather while their parents spent some time together The kids are genuinely scared of their grandfather for he tells them scary stories and then that night he told them a story about the Full Moon Fever that has them rattled Needless to say the story was a fake but what happens when the siblings are actually struck with this fever? They turn into monsters and no one not even their grandfather has any idea what to do Full Moon Fever was a nice addition to the Goosebumps 2000 list It held something new in it and I highly doubt that I had read this one earlier However it wasn’t as charming as the other Goosebumps usually turn out to be It was scary of course and would have tormented my mind a lot had I read it a good 10 years ago And yet it was uite plain It is a typical Halloween book Everything starts on Halloween after allOverall I’d say that this was like every other Goosebumps novel and I did enjoy it However it did not intrigue me that much For all that mattered the two protagonists irritated me than they eased up to me Stine’s work otherwise was great and I very much look forward to reading his other books uite again

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    Eigentlich eine interessante Geschichte über das Vollmondfieber die Auflösung des ganzen war jedoch nicht sehr zufrieden stellend Außerdem fand ich die Protagonisten und vorallem ihren Großvater nicht so sympathisch

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    Bad ending so I disliked it

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    Zum InhaltAls Robbie und Alesha bei ihrem Großvater übernachten erzählt er ihnen die unheimliche Geschichte vom Vollmondfieber das angeblich all diejenigen befällt die in der Halloween Nacht direkt in den Vollmond schauen Einige Zeit später ist Halloween und in dieser Nacht scheint tatsächlich auch der Vollmond Die Geschwister können der Versuchung nicht widerstehen und sehen direkt hinein Kurze Zeit später mutieren sie zu Bestien Sie müssen sich infiziert haben CoverDas Cover passt sehr gut zu der Reihe der Gänsehaut Romane und zeigt eine Szene aus der Geschichte Zu sehen ist hier vor einem Vollmond ein biestähnliches Wesen fast ein bisschen halb Mensch und halb Wolf wobei die Schnauze für einen Wolf viel zu breit ist Fakt ist dass das Cover aber wieder sehr treffend ist und neugierig machtEigener EindruckRobbie und Alesha übernachten nicht gern bei ihrem Großvater weil er es immer wieder schafft sie das Fürchten zu lehren Jedes Mal schafft er es sie dermaßen zu ängstigen dass sie noch weniger gern zu ihm fahren Als er kurz vor Halloween die Geschichte vom Vollmondfieber erzählt und die beiden Kinder damit auf den Arm nimmt nehmen sie ihm das sehr übel Nachdem sie schließlich an Halloween fette Beute gemacht haben bemerken die Geschwister den Vollmond und foppen sich mit der Geschichte von ihrem Großvater Als ihnen der Gedanke kommt in den Vollmond zu blicken ahnen sie noch nicht dass das für die beiden gefährliche und fatale Folgen haben wird denn bereits am nächsten Morgen beginnen sie sich zu verändernDie nun schon 59te Geschichte aus der Reihe der Gänsehaut Bücher beschäftigt sich wieder einmal mit der Thematik der Gestaltwandler Was für mich erst wie eine Werwolfgeschichte klang wird zu einer Geschichte mit einem unbekannten Biest Dabei werden nicht nur die Kinder verändert und erleben den Horror ihres Lebens auch der Großvater scheint hier uasi sein „Fett“ weg zubekommen und muss erleben wie seine Enkel Monster werden und er mit ihnen auch noch entführt wird Was die Kinder durchleben ist durchaus gruselig und spannend wie ich fand Was mir jedoch an der Geschichte schlussendlich nicht so gut gefallen hat war die Tatsache dass viele Dialoge mit Lauten durchzogen sind die die Tierlaute der Bestien nachahmen soll Das las sich für mich nicht gruselig sondern eher nervig und hat mir ein wenig den Lesespaß genommen Auch fehlt mir effektiv die Auflösung der Geschichte warum das alles so gekommen ist wie es kam Sicher ist die Nachbarin eine Erklärung aber mir fehlt eben der wirklich genaue Grund Das ließ mich als Leser sehr unzufrieden zurück Ansonsten präsentiert sich die Geschichte in gewohnter Stine Manier und hangelt sich von einem „Spannungspunkt“ zum nächsten Für sehr junge Leser ist das sicher was für mich wird die Schreibart langsam auch ein wenig öde Ich hoffe dass mich andere Geschichten aus der Reihe wieder mehr begeistern könnenFazitKonnte mich leider nicht so überzeugen und war auch von der Thematik her nicht so meins SchadeIdee 45Emotionen 25Charaktere 25Logik 35Spannung 25Gesamt 2 von 5 SterneDaten der aktuellsten AusgabeISBN 9783570211403Sprache DeutschAusgabe Flexibler EinbandUmfang 126 SeitenVerlag cbj

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    Really enjoying re reading the Goosbumps series Catching up on this story I can't help but imagine the song By the light of the Silvery Moon playing in the background off a scratchy old vinyl record A scary story that turns out to be real is a kids worst nightmare and that's exactly what happens in this Stine tale Especially love the twist at the end on who the protagonist really is although the premise could have been avoided if the kids understood they had dyslexia 'nuff said

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    PLOTOn Halloween night two friends named Robbie and Alesha go trick or treating around town They reluctantly go to the home of one of their nastiest teachers Mrs Eakins When they arrive at her home however they are surprised to find that the usually mean Mrs Eakins is being so friendly Mrs Eakins generously gives them both full size candy bars which the two gobble up on the way back The next morning Robbie discovers that he is completely coated in thick hair just like a werewolf Robbie can't talk and finds that he is hungry all the time frighteningly enough for living animals Robbie finds Alesha and the two flee into the woods nearby away from the police who are persuing them They worry that they have succumbed to a mythical illness called Full Moon Fever which turns anyone who looks at the full moon into ravenous snarling beasts Robbie and Alesha go to find Robbie's grandfather who told them about the disease the night before only to discover that it is merely an old legend and that it isn't real The two go on a journey through the woods to find a cure only to be captured by a circus ringleader who turns them into circus freaks They escape the circus and then deduce that it must be the fault of Mrs Eakins They go to her house and discover that the large candy bars she gave to them were actually cursed and that she is a witch They eat many Cure Bars which were lying around the house and hope that they will cure them However Robbie takes another look at the label and discovers that they actually say Curse Bar meaning that they have just likely permenantly cursed themselvesINFOCover artist Tim JacobusPublisher ScholasticMedia type Print PaperbackRelease date October 1999Pages 121Series Goosebumps Series 2000Series number 22Chapters 28Target audience 7 13 yearsPrevious book The Haunted CarNext book Slappy's NightmareMy opinions this goosebumps has got to be one of the worst I have ever read The cover Looks amazing but unfortunately the plot lets it down Stein must of written this book in less than a week as there are many contradictions and poor uality cliff hangers The twist in the end was no surprise as I suspected it to be the chocolate bars as the involvement of mrs Eakins would of been pointless The story goes of on a unrealistic tangent and the story is set over a few days In that few days they get the fever fly off somewhere to find a cure get captured by an evil doctor paraded in the circus and fly back and destroy the old lady's house which is far to much for a 112 page novel The plot was good but could of been a lot better if the story followed a different route I would rate this book 310 as the story was pointless and I wouldn't recommend it as it's a waste of time

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    One of my first few books I remember reading it while i was in seventh grade This book kept me enchanted in all aspects I could have hoped for And the ending blew my mind I was but a kid Anyone who is looking to read books and has never read one can pick this book up and be amazed This book really is page turner

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    This book is 'lovely' As a child I cherished it Every horror loving child should read this

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  • Paperback
  • 121 pages
  • Full Moon Fever Goosebumps Series 2000 #22
  • R.L. Stine
  • 27 September 2016
  • 9780590685306

About the Author: R.L. Stine

Jovial Bob Stine is an American novelist and writer well known for targeting younger audiences Stine who is often called the Stephen King of children's literature is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas including the books in the Goosebumps Rotten School Mostly Ghostly The Nightmare Room and Fear Street seriesR L Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children's author in history In the early 1990s Stine was catapulted to fame when he wrote the unprecedented bestselling Goosebumps® series which sold than 250 million copies and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon His other major series Fear Street has over 80 million copies soldStine has received numerous awards of recognition including several Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids' Choice Awards and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the NEA's Read Across America program He lives in New York NY