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The Lone Rancher Left alone on the Cahill family ranch uin believes in making the most of the life he was born to So according to his late father's wishes he's ruthlessly buying all the surrounding Cahill Crossing land he can get his hands onFlame haired Boston heiress Adrianna McKnight wants to forge her own path—from society girl to independent rancher—and has settled on Texas for her fresh start Her new neighbor uin doesn't like the competition one bit But she's not going to let an infuriatingly sexy cowboy get in her way

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Lone Rancher
  • Carol Finch
  • English
  • 19 September 2016
  • 9780373296644

About the Author: Carol Finch

Connie FeddersenConnie is well known for her fast paced adventures sparkling humor and lively dialogue She is the best selling author of historical and contemporary romance as well as mystery and suspense Writing under 5 pen names—Carol Finch Gina Robins Connie Drake Debra Falcon and Connie Feddersen—she has penned 57 books for Zebra and Pinnacle PublishersConnie and her husband have 3 children and raise cattle and wheat on their ranch near Union City Oklahoma

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    Adrianna not what uin expected when she bought the run down ranch next to him When he went over her 1st day there and discovered the new owner a woman told her to go back to Boston He would buy the ranch from her So started out on the wrong foot from the beginningAdrianna had no plans to return to Boston Was planning to make a go of ranching Lots of strange things happening and so and contact with each other Sparks flys Looks to be the 1st book of a series so now to find the other ones Would recommend to others

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    Of the Cahill Cowboys stories I've read so far this one is the best of the bunch Carol Finch is able to breathe life into her characters and make the reader care about themThe Cahill siblings are just back from the funerals for their parents and things become tense when uinn the eldest starts ordering the others around Each of the brothers and sister takes exception to uinn's high handedness and decides to head to parts unknown This leaves uinn with the monumental task of growing the ranch without family helpIf that weren't enough uinn gets word that the piece of land that he wanted to buy was sold to a person from Boston The reader can see just how overwhelmed uinn is when he goes to his new neighbor and tells her Adrianna McKnight that she needs to go home and leave the ranching to people who understand the problems As one might imagine Adrianna is incensed by this rude neighbor and sets out to prove that folks besides the Cahills have a grasp of ranching thank you very much While uinn and Adrianna are suabbling things turn ugly It isn't long before these two decide to work together to figure out why things keep happening and who is behind the attacks on their ranchesCahill Cowboys Series Various Authors1 Snowflakes and Stetsons Carol Finch Jillian Hart Cheryl St John2 The Lone Rancher Carol Finch3 The Marshal and Miss Merritt Debra Cowan4 Scandal at the Cahill Saloon Carol Arens5 The Last Cahill Cowboy Jenna Kernan

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    I won the final book in this series in a giveaway a couple years ago and I thought I should start from the beginning I’ll admit it was a bit weird dealing with the time jump backwards Having read ‘The Last Cahill Cowboy’ I already know who everyone ends up with and the entire mystery behind their parents’ death Thankfully I waited long enough that I can’t remember the exact details and view spoilerculprits behind the whole conspiracy hide spoiler

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    WOW this is the reason I love Carol Finch She has a way of brining to opposites to make attraction so hot it's scortching This is about uin Cahill the lone rancher on the Cahill spread and his life as it has been since his fall out with his siblings and the endless stuggles he's had of working the prosperous ranch Adrianna Boston is a very wealth women intent to leave gold digging men beind and start a new like in Texas by purchasing the spread next door to Cahills ranch From the get go these to do not get along they snarlbate and get on each other's nerves For uin Adrianna brings out the worst in him he has no control aroung her and hates his mind bending attraction to her For Adrianna men are useless and their only interest is her bank account Through fight's misunderstandingscommon ground and undeniable need uin and Adrianna go from enemies to intimate allies When they come together both realize what they have been missing and realize how much they mean to each other because even if the bring out the worst in each other they also bring out the best But with family secrets revealed and sabotaging on both ranches someone want's both uin and Adrianna to stay away from the truth When all is said and done will both have the courage to take what they want and have their HEA

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    Fantastic book uin was so determined to live the life he thought his father would have wanted that he drove away his brothers and sister Now he is set on acuiring the ranch next door for his empire But Adrianna has no intention of selling the ranch she wants to make into her new home They immediately strike sparks off each other accusing the other of dirty tricks to get their way Pretty soon they realize that they're interested in their attraction than in fighting They also realize that there is something not uite right going on and team up to try to figure it out I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series

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    uin and Adrianna were both very likable characters They start out a little rough but it doesn't take them long to realize that they like each other This series is going to take us through all four Cahill siblings before we find out the truth of what really happened to the parents This book made a good start into the mystery though I enjoyed it although there are several characters who could use a good thrashingMoving on to Bowie's story nextUpdate just finished the whole series and it was great Need to read them all and in order to get the whole story

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    Je ressors mitigée de cette lecture J’ai en effet beaucoup apprécié toute cette tension à la fois piuante et charnelle entre les deux héros mais j’avoue aussi être restée sur ma faim avec ce mystère non élucidé ui nous oblige à lire la suite des aventures de la famille CahillMa chroniue ici

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    Miniseries Cahill Cowboys

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    Miniseries Cahill Cowboys

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