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NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7 The things I read for X 23This wasboringAnd Laura was just thereAnd I felt like sleeping on my feet Kiden Nixon is a troubled high school girl whose life is compounded when she discovers her latent mutant ability to slow time She teams up with were girl Tatiana astral projecting Bobby her former teacher Cameron and an unnamed former child prostitute who will become known as X 23 in order to protect each other on the streetsThis felt very real in a way that say Spider Man's teenage origin definitely did not feel It was violent disturbing and sad; I'm sure a huge number of kids deal with these kinds of events every day trouble staying in school trouble with parents trouble with bullies trouble with gangs though without the added complication of mutant powers cropping up As the description says this is what happens to teen mutants when they don't have Charles Xavier to guide them and it's a hard life I liked Nyx from Kiden's last name and also District X in New York and the overall story but the plot was thin and the conclusion was unclearI checked this one out to see the first comics appearance of X 23 She seems to be popular but I know virtually nothing about other than she is a female clone of Wolverine and has a different set of claws I discovered that she originated in X Men Evolution which I'm guessing doesn't cover her background of child prostitution She's a fairly minor character here so I think I'll need to press on to find a better example of her This is the first appearance of Laura x23 and honestly it has little to do with her Instead the story focuses around Kiden a mutant who can basically stop time and then hurt people really bad by touching them After a incident at school leading to her favorite teacher getting shot she goes on the run Around half way meet Laura and then a bunch of other mutant kids who are basically the street kids The thing is some of it works The art for the most part is great Especially the coloring By at the same time the artist or could be the writer who wanted this liked to get odd shots of girls panties and such which since we're talking about 15 or 16 year olds is weird But then some of the dialogue is pretty good then some is really cringy street lingo that doesn't work Then got some interesting characters like Kiden and Laura and then some really bad ones I mean for every good there's a bad and that's the problem with the book It's a decent read and get to see Laura when she first comes on the scene but nothing beyond that A 25 out of 5 I didn't find this one to be as horrible as I thought it would be I mean ok the art was so inconsistent the storytelling was haphazard to the point of confusion and the characters were really very one dimensional BUT I thought there was a lot of potential with the story The characters would have been compelling with a better development but the ideas were fresh and exciting Kiden acting out fights drugs stealing cigarettes running away and lashing out at her mother all seem overdramatic but I don't actually think it's all that unrealistic In the tough neighborhood she's from with the childhood trauma of seeing her father murdered as well as her probably continually weakening single mother's grasp on controlling both her own and her children's sad lives she's got some serious issues There are teens living this life daily even without the trauma; life just sucks sometimes As much as I wanted to hate her character for just ruining everything at the end of the day she's just a kid and kids make mistakes Though it has an adult rating I find the ages of all the characters generally necessary for a compelling storyline minus X 23 who I thought is pretty useless which is a bummer because she's the only reason I read this thing I did notice some stupid points or maybe I wasn't uite following correctly Is Cameron's husband who left her's name Sam Or Frank What's up with Kiden's friend from high school Is she just nobody Can't X 23 just kill everybody Why does she have to be a teenage prostitute Is the mutant hate SO strong in NY that a mutant like Tatiana who changes into an animal mid class is worth chasing down the streets Wouldn't fear come before anger when it comes to the unknownSo much potential Unfortunately a pretty meek performance on the creators' part NYX is such a totally weird book I remember when it was coming out in singles it sort of looked too cool for me to even buy like X Men meets Larry Clark's Kids or something Anyway after reading it I feel like I wasn't too far off Not because it is indeed too cool it isn't but because it's tonally confusing and sort of voyeuristic in its depiction of a group of teen mutant runaways both of which are very Kids But the book unintentionally raises some weird narrative uestions about the X verse namely how does Charles Xavier decide who's invited to the X Mansion I mean these kids are prime candidates They're troubled and unsupervised and possessed with some omega level reality altering powers Plus they're living in New York City the heart of superheroville but there's no sign of any aspect of the Marvel Universe to be found anywhereI'm curious about what the series' long game originally was I've always thought of NYX as a miniseries and the story does wrap up sort of after seven issues but most of the entire series is spent on long introductions for each new teen mutant without really explaining how it all ties together and makes a story It feels like a first volume for a longer series that ends up calling itself a miniseries for no real reasonThe art for the book is gorgeous but there's something a little skeezy about all the teenage girl fetishism Kids again and I'm not actually sure if this book is about something specific or just trying to vibe on aesthetics I mean I don't know It's fine It's technically X Men ish despite not being X Men at all Nyx Wannabe is a wannabe edgy comic In the hands of DC's Vertigo line or even Dark Horse this one may have been interesting But with Marvel it just falls flat in all phases Had they known X 23 would become such a fan favorite they might have treated her better Well maybe not this is Marvel The X Men's dream has been one of creating hope from despair in a young mutant's darkest hour Charles Xavier will always be just around the corner ready with open arms and a helping hand But Xavier can't be everywhere at once What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything NYX Wannabe is kind of a mess The story is jumbled in a way that I think is supposed to be realistic and edgy but it just ends up being confusing and underdeveloped For example I have absolutely no idea what Felon's mutant abilty is He can possess people But his physical body comes along and the scene that introduces him makes no sense at all He raped a pop star Or killed her Isn't he supposed to be reformed at that point I kind of liked the series anywayJosh Middleton's art on the first four issues is sweet candy gorgeous and packed with nice character bits in spite of a couple weird crotch shots of the 16 year old heroines that are completely gratutious and ridiculous Then Rob Teranishi takes over for the last three issues There's a lot to like about his energetic indie style but his layouts don't help clarify the already confusing narrative and the four main female characters often end up looking like the same person with several slightly different hairstylesSo why did I like it The set up in the first couple issues is pretty effective I LIKED Kiden who is troubled and tough and refreshingly not usually the smartest girl in the room The supporting cast is interesting too even though none of them seem to really serve any purpose plot wise I can't recommend it and aside from the fact that it technically introduces X 23 as a very different type of character than she will soon become it's a completely disposable Marvel footnote Still intriguingly offbeat and I'd like to see these kids again In a word MehLike many other's I did come for X 23 reading this directly after reading lost innocence and target x was a mistake but I kept an open mind knowing this was not her own title I didn't expect too much but even the expectations I did have weren’t really met either From the second Laura appeared I knew it wasn't going to be great Her client saying she was the best at what she did left me with this bad taste in my mouth that only seemed to grow with the weird upskirt shots It felt like they were aiming for edgy and landed on gross Thankfully those died down a lot and the story seemed to take a refocus on the dynamic of the girls however by the time it started to take this direction it was already over The shift in direction Tatiana’s adorableness X 23’s compassion and Kiden’s desire to be better saved this from a one star rating but it wasn’t enough to save it all Like many others I came to this looking for X 23 Nyx does not deliver on that front Unfortunately it doesn't deliver on any other front eitherI think I can see what uesada was going for here looking at mutants who rather than instantly becoming perfect costumed superheroes are actually worse off and forced onto the street It's not a bad idea but it's not explored interestingly at all None of the characters have any depth development or even just uniue ualities Life on the street is as cliched as possible with school shootings drugs and prostitution all showing up in force Top it off with a story that doesn't really go anywhere and art which crosses the line between sexy and porn far too often particularly with a cast of young teensNot one I would recommend

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7
  • Joe Quesada
  • English
  • 15 July 2015
  • 9780785112433

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