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Wheels of Rage Mostly true story of the Iron Cross motorcycle club of the seventies Nearly all ex Nazi storm troopers they outclassed every bike club in southern California Being borderline psychotics helped Their exploits got them headlines and jail time Big Mike Brown formerly George Lincoln Rockwell's bodyguard was club president The book used as a character reference helped get Mike four years in Federal prison for an attempted bombing of the U N A psychiatrist after reading Wheels pronounced it the best study of a sub culture he had ever read

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    Hilarious yet very realI could not believe this book when I read it back in the late 70's It was out of control This motorcycle club was run by one of my favourite authors Michael H Brown The stuff that these guys did and got away with was insane yet funny Barbarians on motorcycles It totally reflects that time in the 1970's

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    Entertaining look at the biker gang Iron cross MC by one of the godfathers of survivalism uick and easy read

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