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New Years Eve One New Year's Eve couple Dixie Grady head out on a trip to go see Grady's family They get caught in a blizzard but as luck would have it where they get stuck is actually not far from their friend Ron's house Grady and Ron are both Canadian Mounties as are some of the other guys gathered at Ron's house that night When a call comes in for Ron to attend to Grady decides to go with him Dixie stays and hangs with the wives of the guys and they all get to discussing love and marriage It ends up being a night of conversation that forever changes the relationship between Grady and Dixie At 77 pages this thing is barely a novella like short story and an incredibly underdeveloped one at that It has some good elements for something in depth Sharla and her zero filter for one lol but as is pretty much just feels like a draft for a story idea that's it The plot brings up a lot of uestions that are nowhere near addressed There was one bit that spoke to me though taking me back to my childhood You have to be patient But you also have to figure out the difference between being patient and being a doormat When you have a daughter watching you I turned the page to keep reading and it was done Too short for my tastes On their way to visit family a young couple Grady and Dixie and their 6 month old Daisy can’t continue on in a storm and decide to take a detour to visit some friends who live close by Once they get there RCMP officers Grady and his friend Ron head out on a call about some loose buffalo leaving Dixie alone with not so friendly Sharla The two women try to celebrate New Year’s as best as they can in a storm and with someone they aren’t too fond of Some secrets are revealed and an understanding forms While reading this I kept waiting for something interesting to happen It was all there – a terrible storm three unhappy marriages a young baby – but literally NOTHING happened It also didn’t make much sense They were stopping at Ron and Sharla’s house because the weather was too bad to continue driving and yet Ron and Grady spent the entire night driving around Yes Ron was on duty but after the buffalo incident was cleared up they continued to drive around town because he didn’t want to go home And then Sharla and Dixie decide to walk down the road to a dance and they bring the baby with them walking in a blizzard with a 6 month old really Another great little find at the Saskatoon Public Library I thought this short read had all the ingredients of a good short story good character and story development description dramatic tension I really value these short reads written in simple language not only because they offer accessible reading for a broad audience but as they demonstrate an author's capacity to create what are often uite complex narratives without embellishing language as Endicott does here The characters were very believable as was the representation of small town contemporary prairie life The reader gets a very credible and heart felt portrayal of a young mom struggling in her marriage and insight into life in the RCMP On New Year’s Eve Dixie and her husband Grady set off on a car trip They plan to visit Grady’s family five hours away But soon they’re caught in a blizzard They turn off the highway and go to their friend Ron’s houseBoth Grady and Ron are RCMP officers When Ron must go out on duty Grady goes with himDixie spends the evening sharing secrets with a couple of other RCMP wives By midnight Dixie has learned a thing or two about marriage and about loveNew Year’s Eve leads to a turning point for Dixie and Grady And a new road for them both

  • Unknown Binding
  • 77 pages
  • New Years Eve
  • Marina Endicott
  • English
  • 06 April 2016
  • 9781926583334

About the Author: Marina Endicott

Marina Endicott was born in Golden BC and grew up with three sisters and a brother mostly in Nova Scotia and Toronto She worked as an actor and director before going to England where she began to write fiction After London she went west to Saskatoon where she was dramaturge at the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre for many years before going farther west to Mayerthorpe Alberta; she now lives