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The Making of a Muckraker I love Jessica Mitford and all of these pieces are excellent except the last about Egypt She admitted that she’s not that interested in the subject and it shows “ The Making of a Muckraker is worth dropping everything for; it should be read from beginning to end without missing a glorious word and never on any account lent to friends” –Brian Masters Books and BookmenJessica Mitford once called ‘ueen of the Muckrakers’ by Time gives us a collection of her best articles including ‘Let Us Now Appraise Famous Writers’ her near fatal attack on the Famous Writers school and ‘My Short and Happy Life as a Distinguished Professor’ her war against fingerprinting by a Californian university Her comments after each piece give an insight into the after effects of each investigation The introduction to the collection also serves as an excellent primer for reporting Reporting as she knows is the best obtainable version of the truth Then she shows us how to get there with grace wit cunning style imagination and above all a sense of enjoying the journey “My favorite Mitford blastsare sharp and witty exercises in counter malevolence” –Clancy Sigal Listener “Her best pieces are a delight becauseMiss Mitford writes as she talks with and enthusiasm for her subject” Robert Chesshyre Observer Lots of fun Mitford was a burr under the saddle of the establishment and must have been profoundly irritating to her targets Particularly entertaining about the funeral industry see The American Way of Death Making of Muckraker has almost exactly the same contents as Poison Penmanship The Gentle Art of Muckraking except for a short Vogue piece contained in this edition It's worth it to read as a Jessica Mitford completist but Poison Penmanship is easier to find than Making of a Muckraker Introductory and afterword material is different but one version is sufficient to start off with baring any particular enthusiasm for Jessica Mitford Very informative very funny I do wonder if blowing the lid off of expensive funeral arrangements and overpriced correspondence courses is the height of high wire muckraking but time will tell Strange that an expert in preparation for death had so little interest in ancient Egyptian cultureMs Mitford is almost the uintessential success story with no formal education at all including primary school She started writing and publishing in her forties and lays out the book as if it were an instructional manual It appears that her journalistic output was far serious in subseuent books