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Repeaters Right at the beginning I thought This is beautiful AND horrible What have I gotten myself into I uickly realized I'd gotten myself into a good story I don't usually buy into the whole reincarnation thing but the way this story is told I feel like even a nonbeliever can still get caught up in the story as if it were factual It was interesting to have a blind character at the center of things and to see the contrasts between blind and sighted when the reincarnation takes place The story itself is full of plot and at times moves perhaps a little uickly in order to make sure all of that plot gets stuffed into one book but that doesn't really make it all that unpleasant to read in fact I think it would be overly annoying if every tiny blurb was stuck in where it should be Time passes you can't have a reincarnation story without a lot of time passing What isn't there doesn't really need to be there in the same way you don't always see people on television shows going out to eat or waking up in the morning you just know it's another day because it was night in one scene and after the commercials it's daylight again I won't go into the twists at the end I'm not sure if I saw them coming or if they were totally unexpected That is a very hard thing to describe without telling anyone what happens so I'll have to leave that up for others to describe after they've finished This was a very unexpected great read Not high literature by any stretch of the imagination but a riveting and thrilling uick read I finished it in less than 24 hours and even stayed up late to complete it By a local Boston area writer It was great fun Do check it out if you like psychological horror stories A whole new take on reincarnation that would definitely engage the reader as it's so intriguing; with the usual good vs bad characters It's a great story but I thought jumped a little too uickly at different parts of the novel Some reviewers thought it to be horror like or even a thriller I didn’t find it to be either could have been a lot creepier I would have given the book four stars if it wasn't for the grammatical mistakes The fact that I had to read sentences and paragraphs over and over again to figure out the first person narrative was irritating to say the least; not to mention the number of times there were run on sentences that were part of one paragraph; all of which continued throughout the entire novel For example Kim flinched slightly at the sound of Astra's voice Maybe later For a strange moment Astra felt almost as if Kim were looking into her eyes C and I are going for a walk I don't know if this only occurred in ebook format I loved Erica Ferencik's first novel Cracks in the Foundation a witty hysterical and poignant view into the septic tank of the real estate business starring great mother and broker Ginger Kanadoo Ferencik's move from satire to truly scary horror fiction is completely different and eually successful Repeaters is a page turner the kind that makes the reader slow herself down to hang with these characters a little bit longer before all nerves are shattered If you think you have issues with your mother wait until you meet Astra I usually don't like SF novels but this one is a really good one absolutely worth reading This was completely bonkers Re incarnation aside this is basically a painfully unsexy melodrama about crazy ladies fighting over a man It could have been kind of charming if not for its uestionable portrayal of women I uite enjoyed the author's novel about crazy ladies going white water rafting though NAMED TO KIRKUS REVIEWS BEST OF 2012“Some people wait a lifetime for love; others wait many Repeaters is the story of black and murderous love a cautionary tale that in the hands of the gifted Erica Ferencik is often terrifying and truly unforgettable You’ll be riveted by this bold and brilliant novel” Mary E Mitchell author of Love in Complete Sentences“A chilling suspenseful erotic read” Chris Mooney author of Remembering Sarah Flipping AMAZING Could not put it down Crazy eerie shocking à must readSuggested it to my book club and its this months book This book was awesome I could not put it down for a second I highly recommend this book It was very different from anything I have recently read The tears kept coming but she didn't seem sad Her face was open and elated Some of us when we die Lucy we don't really die We go to another body We're called RepeatersThe story opened with a short chapter about a mother bird selfishly taking the life of her young It was dark and oddly beautiful at the same time and it foreshadowed the story that was to come Repeaters was mesmerizing dealing with themes of reincarnation and the dark human behaviour of self preservation Humans are essentially selfish putting their own individual needs above all others Dr Astra Nathanson is the epitome of selfishNineteen year old Kim decides to reconnect with her mother after getting engaged and it proves to be the undoing of a lifetime Astra is cold and reptilian with her daughter but sweet as can be with Kim's fiancee Constantin They are both lulled into a false sense of security when they visit Astra in her cliff top mansion for the weekendThe first half was truly amazing I was glued to the story and flew through it uickly As dislikable as Astra was I found myself warming to her a little She seemed almost normal for awhile The true essence was unfinished business Repeaters are only repeating life not their mistakes Only their scars remain and in Kim's case her blindness at times It is possible to fix things in order to live a fulfilled life and thus end the need to repeat it Personally I don't believe in reincarnation but it was fun to bend reality for a minute It wasn't all good though It was too long with Ellen and Peter getting way too much air time Their characters where background noise and didn't need to be featured as often Astra's therapy sessions with troubled teens were also unnecessary as well as her live of exercise But these are minor complaints I thought the ending was going to be boring and predictable especially as there was such a long lead up but I was pleasantly surprised You just have to look for the signs

  • Paperback
  • 382 pages
  • Repeaters
  • Erica Ferencik
  • English
  • 24 October 2014
  • 9780981574110

About the Author: Erica Ferencik

Oprah chose Erica Ferencik’s debut novel The River at Night as a #1 Pick calling the book “the page turning novel you’ve been waiting for a heart pounding debut” Entertainment Weekly named it a “Must Read” and calls the novel “harrowinga visceral white knuckle rush” Miramax has recently optioned the novel for a film Her new novel Into the Jungle one woman's terrifying journey of surviva