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Protégée Freedom Bound An untimely end to a long stable relationship leaves Amelia Grant at a crossroads Should she try to reassemble her life much as it had been for the past 20 years or try something completely new As the Internet becomes her lifeline to the outside world she finds herself exploring lifestyles she never knew existedDirk Gregory has been a successful SubSlave trainer and BDSM club owner for nearly his entire adult life Immersing himself in his work he has completely denied himself any chance of a romantic relationship He can’t even bring himself to take a vacation so when his friend Bella asks him to take on a complete novice and introduce her to the BDSM lifestyle during a break in his schedule he obligesThe immediate attraction between these two is undeniable to the point of distraction As they each struggle to stay on task through the training program Dirk has crafted they fall helplessly deeper into a relationship A bond that is based on a rich understanding of one another trust and mutual respect But that doesn’t improve their situation They can’t change who they are and finally they have to face reality and forge ahead in pursuit of the common goal Find Amelia a suitable DomPublisher’s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse mild BDSM theme and elements

  • Kindle Edition
  • 159 pages
  • Protégée Freedom Bound
  • Dakota Lynn
  • English
  • 14 January 2016

About the Author: Dakota Lynn

I am an erotic romance novelist living in Texas In addition to writing I enjoy riding my Harley hanging out at my ranch with my dogs horses and family and reading books I am actually a systems engineer by trade Now I have no idea what it is about any of this that drives me to write these stories but I know I'm not about to stop I'm already conjuring up my next twisted tale I have a lot

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    WARNING The F bomb is about to get dropped off in here so if that offends you keep on keepin’ on I won’t be butt hurt PromiseThe story in a nutshell is 40 something AmyAmelia decides after her husband of 22 yrs dies that she’s going to explore BDSM She starts online researching then starts hitting chat rooms meets Mistress Bella They chat for a couple months then decide to meet at a café evolve into friends Bella is hell bent on getting Amy to enter the lifestyle orchestrates a meet between Amy Dirk had a hard time getting the image of Marky Mark in all his polyester glory in Boogie Nights out of my head with this name that lasts all of about 5 mins Apparently he agrees in this meet to train Amy although I never fully understand how this comes to pass Bella tells Amy she’s having dinner the following evening with Dirk be ready so he can pick you up at 800 They have dinner; he pretty much tells her he’s going to train her for 12 days at his house that’s that 247 She’s just to email her boss say she’s not coming in has no time to inform her son either She agrees; he says he’ll be by at 700 ugh the next morning to pick her up He trains her introduces her to all kinds of BDSM related activities asks what her goals are all under the pretext that they will be realized but doesn’t explain howHere’s my gripes1 He talks up this whole issue of trust full disclosure says they’re a unit blah blah blah Day 2 they have breakfast he takes her to the bathroom afterwards sits her on the toilet then proceeds to tell her that he slipped her a laxative basically laughs as he tells her she’s about to Slumdog Millionaire it WTF? I mean seriouslyWHATINTHEFUCK?? So all that trust honesty he was talking about is only supposed to run one way? Nuh unh Negative ghostrider Here’s the kicker does she take it that way uestion the trust or look sideways at any drinks or food he gives to her thereafter you ask? Nope Which leads me to gripe #22 These people are supposed to be adults both are in their 40s yet their decision making is juvenile I can understand naivete blind trust in a teenager or a 20 something no offense just wisdom comes with age supposedly but this just reads ridiculous First of all the training thing who just uproots their entire life to go live with a stranger? He got Bella’s stamp of approval that’s all you need? A Domme you met on the internet? Then he takes her to his house which is apparently out in the middle of BFE she doesn’t bat an eye? Two words for Amy skin suit I just hope Dirk doesn’t have a van down by the river She’d probably go anyway all doe eyed thinking it was a picnic3 The whole “romance” between these two again just didn’t make sense for people their age Their first sexual encounter which consists of a blow job she’s thinking about love? C’mon man Really? How old are you again? I get instant attraction thing but let’s call a spade a spade The whole thing just never gels for me4 I find it ironic that the word desperate comes up semi regularly but never seems to occur to either of these people that it applies to them How’s about a little self awareness? He even cautions her to not move uickly with a Dom see things in said person that aren’t there out of desperation Like meeting someone briefly at a coffee shop then having dinner with said person then moving in with that person for 12 days in the middle of fucking nowhere? That kind of fast? Or a different kind of fast?5 This is an annoyance definitely subjective so take it with a grain of salt As a person that works in the field of psychology I think the whole concept of control theory is bogus It’s just a cheap rip off of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in my opinion Butto each their ownThe pros are1 It’s fairly informative regarding poses euipment2 Overall writing’s not bad decent dialogue with an air of realism but sometimes feelsIDKhokey? Also the author misused the word ‘recant’3 I like that it’s told from both POVsOrdinarily I’m not someone to demand realism in art Its escapist for me but when all you give me is 2 people said people should be fully developed that never happens It’s not as though there isn’t time to do it either there’s like 20 chapters in this thing If you’re not going to fully develop the characters then there better be some sort of intrigue good secondary characters or some smokin’ hot sex guess what? Yup none of those happen either So there’s nothing else to distract me from this 2 nutbags That coupled with the fact that there’s just too much ambiguity overall that I had a hard time getting pastAmy appears to be intelligent in so many areas picking up concepts uickly making adjustments being cognizant of his reactions to her her ability to verbalize her thoughts feelings desires succinctly then other times she just comes across like a lovesick puppy She literally knows nothing about him There are some tidbits here there but still she keeps coming back to the label love It’s called a lot of things honey but love ain’t one of ‘em But perhaps it’s the old adage of ‘the heart wants what it wants’ at workHonestly I think Dirk’s fairly self aware aside from the fact that he’s manipulating her desperation basically exploiting it for financial gain which he seems to be somehow inexplicably unaware He’s hyper perceptive reads her like a book for the most part Also the whole pushpull of him having feelings for her just reads trite especially considering he’s having misgivings about training has pretty much decided he’s ready to take a break from it which negates the boundary between them So it’s not only trite but a fallacy And we’re back to the whole truth thing again Hooray

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    Loved this story I agree with it being sweet and their is not much pain It's far about the mental process of Dominance and submission And what a joy to have an older experienced intellegent thoughtful female submissive with a skilled Dom I get so tired of clulessness in the heroines and there's none of that here even if she is a newbie

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    Dakota Lynn's Protegee gives a fresh perspective to bdsm It delves into the psyche of a new sub and her seasoned Dom as much as it goes into the physical relationship between them Amelia is in her 40's a widow who after 20 years of marriage is searching for something new and exciting She's someone I can relate to And Dirk Amelia's Dom trainer is another character whom I can understand I didn't do the math but I imagined Dirk to be a little older than Amelia and as many of us do when we hit mid life Dirk also has uestions about what he wants for his futureThe writing is topnotch The storytelling is compelling The sex is hot The bdsm focuses on bondage and domination than it does on sm I heard someone call it sugarkink which I think fits If you're into romance but unsure about bdsm this is a good book to start with Sit back relax and enjoy

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    This book was a bit of a surprise to me as it was a good bit tamer than I anticipated I agree with Vivian who described it as gentle and sweet Although it had a few BDSM elements I felt like it was about bringing out natural submission The BDSM was very mild with a bit of exhibitionism a brief ff scene and an even brief mm scene Overall I enjoyed the story and found the characters easy to like If you like HEA with these type of elements this book is for you

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    35 starsI don't know what I was expecting with this one I thought it was much gentler than what I got from the description I really thought it was sweet the way the story ended I would have liked the story to be longer though I really wanted of it I think I will continue with this series

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    Dirk is the Mr Miyagi of BDSM A dom has no purpose without a subEvery dom has a little sadistic streak just like every sub posesses a little masochism wax onwax off DanielsonCredit here for NO TYPOS Good job Love to see that the third star is for the lack of typos and there was very little awkward dialog or interrupted flow in the readingAs is typical of shorter stories character development is slightly lacking This is a good story and I learned some new stuff I'd never heard of before the names of poses the auction concept suspensionWhen we are in Dirks head he never accepts what he is feeling so when he does it seems sudden His personality is also not consistent He speaks so formally using words like 'nonetheless' but when he is 'off duty' he sounds almost geeky oh wow you arent going to be a full blown slave full blown? so unintelligent But I get the concept of showing he has a pro Dom side and a casual funny sideI liked the jealousy aspect of it and the concept of training as a business Worst thing you can do to your hobby is turn it into a business Burn out comes uickThese characters are in their 40's so that detracts from the appeal Dirk's money comes from inheritance and running the club and training Another Dom clearly has money than him which is a turn offwould have liked to see Dirk training another sub to see him when he really is professionalThere was a missed opportunity here to show Dirks vulnerability But yet the angst and tension was pretty good for me I would have liked to see the resolution in both their heads of the devotion greater than hate concept This is a smart smut bookThe second book by DL is much much better and easy to read without having read the first

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    Very interesting book and highly sexy and provocative I enjoyed it and it was one that was on my mind a lot during the day as I was working The self discovery and self evaluation that Amy goes through as she is doing her training with Dirk is uite enlightening and very interesting than just a kinky BDSM introduction It's fairly light on the BDSMbut yet heavy Ds themes if that makes sense What I didn't really care for were the constant changing POVsand usually I really enjoy that because I love seeing the story from each character's mind's eye but this one wasn't really done as well as others I have seen It varied from being told in Amy's POV to Dirk's POV to both in third personand there were editing mistakes throughout such as a part told from Amy's POV and then it would say something like Amelia nodded Just distracting and a sign of poor editing I also felt like the ending was REALLY rushed view spoilerThe Dom that Dirk set her up with to me didn't seem to be a good situation which is strange considering that he's supposed to know exactly what she would like and then as soon as she said no to that and came back to Dirk they immediately rush into marriage and collaring after like a week? hide spoiler

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    This book was good It wasn't great and it wasn't horrible just kind of there Protegee is certainly on the hardcore side of BDSM books and I was not uite prepared for it Don't get me wrong I lovee BDSM books and I think they are totally hot but Protegee shows a whole other side to the Domsub atmosphere mostly with Slaves It can be very intense and I'm not going to lie I got a teeny bit unsettled at some points but overall it was bearable I would however suggest this book to an older crowd I am 22 and the main characters in this book are in their 40s which I did not know until I started reading so it was hard for me to relate or even envision what they would look like because I am nowhere near that point in my years

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    I really enjoyed this book I think a lot of women will like that the main character is an older and relatable women I like that this author gets into some of the psychology of BDSM I found that fascinating I also liked that it felt like and actual love story and even made me all giddy at the end

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    Nope Not for me Not hot The search for decent erotica continues

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