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The Doomsday Testament Jamie Saintclaire #1 A bi far fetched but well worth reading for the historical content Meh A tad too much like Indiana Jones but without the humour or Harrison Ford First book in the 'Jamie Saintclaire' Indiana Jones type series OK ish thriller but a tad predictable James Douglas is a pseudonym used by historical fiction author Douglas Jackson so the book is well written Jackson's Rome books are far superior but I'll give the second book in the series 'The Isis Covenant' a go Easy to read predictable plot just an 'Indiana Jones' style adeventure storyI suppose you could read in the morals of the victors of warfare if you want but hey why complicate things? I hadn't thought that I would be rating this book at 5 stars when I first started the read However in my opinion it just got better and better I very much enjoyed itNo spoilers here just let's say my first suspicions eventually proved partially correct and the author managed to keep me in suspense for the length of the bookJames Douglas is the pen name of Douglas Jackson an author I had never previously read so I shall be looking for of his books An expedition into the Himalayas as part of the Nazi search for their Aryan roots leads to the discovery of a tremendous secret The wartime journal of an old man found dead by his grandson opens doors to a dangerous hunt Lost artworks underground bunkers the mummified corpses of slave workers mad Nazis and even madder government agents this is Indiana Jones without the Fedora and another one of those books which appears to be doubling up as a ready made screenplay for hopefully some uick fire adventure film in the near futureThe book is no great work of literature though there are some good bits of writing interspersed and the plot is uite predictable on the whole but that does not take away from it the entertainment value There is enough there to keep the reader wondering what the next move will be and the pace is steady It's an adventure Non Stop ActionFast paced thriller about the search for a lost treasure from WW II that starts when our hero discovers a war time journal in his recently deceased grandfather's papers It doesn't stop flinging us from one deadly encounter to another across Europe and Asia until the final satisfying ending A great mix of history and fiction Well worth the read I thought it was long and drawn out and ultimately annoyed me with the way the plot moved along The love interest was clumsily shoehorned in which I found ruined it a bit as alarm bells rang instantly After reading the sample of this book I had high expectations Sorting through the contents of his grandfather's house after the old man dies in a fall down the stairs Jamie finds his WWII journal in a box of medals This sends Jamie on a search for the hero he never knew or even suspected through the journal entries that switch the action from today to the 1940s and back So far so good; however ultimately I was disappointed with the shallow characterization of the co adventurerlove interest and importantly with the hodgepodge plot that tried to include every adventure thriller device imaginable neo Nazi SS wannabes as villains a search for a legendary Sun Stone residue of a meteor and key to nuclear fusion through abandoned German WWII laboratories to Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas of Tibet sinister Chinese agents popping up here and there a Machiavellian global business tycoon anxious to find a limitless energy source the Mossad a recurrent concern that the Stone might trigger an uncontrolled reaction that would end it all basically Raiders of the Lost Ark on steroids Just way way too much Too bad 1937 Hitler sent an expedition to Tibet in search of the lost land of Thule1941 Heinrich Himmler spent a huge fortune and sacrificed the lives of hundreds of concentration camp prisoners to turn Wewelsburg Castle in Germany into a shrine to the SSArt recovery expert Jamie Saintclair thought he knew his grandfather but when he stumbles upon the old man's lost diary he's astonished to find that the gentle Anglican clergyman was a decorated hero who had served in the Special Air Service in World War Two And his grandfather has one surprise for him Sewn in to the endpaper of the journal is a strange piece of Nazi symbolismThis simple discovery will launch him on a breathless chase across Europe and deep into Germany's dark past There are some who will kill to find that which is lost and although he doesn't know it Saintclair holds the key to its hiding place

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