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Il segreto delle gemelle Fairy Oak è un villaggio magico e antico nascosto fra le pieghe di un tempo immortale A volerlo cercare bisognerebbe viaggiare fra gli altopiani scozzesi e le scogliere Normanne in una valle fiorita della Bretagna fra i verdi prati irlandesi e le baie dell'oceano Il villaggio è abitato da creature magiche ed esseri umani ma è difficile distinguere gli uni dagli altri Infatti fate maghi streghe e cittadini comuni abitano uelle case di pietra da tanto di uel tempo che ormai nessuno fa più caso alle reciproche stranezze E dopo tanto tempo tutti si somigliano un po' A parte le fate che sono molto molto piccole e luminose e volano I maghi e le streghe della valle le chiamano per badare ai piccoli del villaggio I libri della uercia sono realizzati nel massimo rispetto dell'ambiente in carta interamente riciclata secondo gli standard del Forest Stewardship Council Età di lettura da 8 anni This was a re read and one of my favorite books from when I was a child 😊 This book was a staple of my childhood The whole series really but this one is the one that triggers the most memories and a significant part of the love that I have for it can be traced back to those memories and the comfort element of a childhood book rather than to its actual ualitiesThat being said it's a damn good book and reading it now as an adult I'm even aware of it than I was as a kid It's a classic story of magic and wishes and fairies and woods and mysterious enemies but there's something about it that stands out to me among all the other magical stories I read as a kidEvery detail name and image is deliberately uaint and reminiscent of natural elements scents and visuals and that as a kid used to drive me absolutely nuts in a good way I just loved it So much It was adventurous and playful but also so deliciously cozy And there's a depth of character and variety of relationships here that kind of surprises me even now It's written like a children's book with made up magical words and a lot of exclamation marks but there's something in it that appeals to the grown up reader in me something about the way it explores its characters just as deeply as its fantastical traits in a way that's perfectly understandable to kids and carries a little intrigue and emotion for the older ones who can catch itAfter I closed this one I was actually excited to read the seuel For like the fifth time That's what this series does to meOh also the illustrations are gorgeous this still holds up to everything i remember I'm so happy I decided to pick it up for a reread totally gonna read the rest of the series omg this was horribleI didn't have any true memory of this book but I remember I was fond of it kinda Well it's all gone It's boring tedious the characters are plain as an iron mat PLUS gee the ideals This is super sexist With the twins fighting each other for that stupid brat competing for the man Almost like a boy which is the best compliment a boy can make Are you fucking kidding me I read this as a kid I didn't think any of it This is so wrong Wow ME ENCANTÓ EL LIBROLO RECOMIENDO Re reading childhood books is priceless 3 and a half stars rereading one of my childhood favourites

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