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Sleeping Beauty III Sleeping Beauty III Memorial Photography The Children enhances the history of postmortem photography and is intended as a reference for bereavement organizations photographers hospital staff and parents engaged in renewing the practice of memorial photography This compilation of over 125 photographs documents images from photography's earliest era 1840s up to the present The historic images are classic representations of American and European memorial cultural traditions The modern photographs document contemporary practices of bereavement and memorialization Case Bound Format 6 x 6 34 in 136 pages 130 Illustrations In four color

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    You can read my entire discussion hereDiscussion snippetA lot of people find memorial photography morbid – if you stumble across a Facebook account where death photography is discussed or reproduced the comments range from an appreciation of the history to people thinking the parents long ago were insane or that the whole thing in general is somehow morally wrong or gross “Ewww Why would anyone want to take a picture of a dead person?” As much as I dislike it when people react to these pictures from a strictly modern sensibility or a sueamish uasi morality I often have a hard time explaining why it is such images appeal to me Burns does his best to explain why these images may seem so jarringIt is difficult for most of us today to understand the prior culture’s need to take memorial photographs We no longer live with personal death and dying as part of our everyday lives By the 1930s dealing with death had been left to professionals ranging from physicians to morticians The advance of medicine control of killer epidemics the ability to treat disease and the removal of the sick from the home made us unaccustomed to living with and seeing death Children dying before parents something so common in the nineteenth century has become unusual in the twentieth centuryHe goes onMemorial postmortem photographs have deep meaning for mourners These keepsakes become special icons that help survivors move through the bereavement process Healthy grieving ultimately distances us from the dead The human bond our connection with others is mankind’s strongest guiding emotion and thus influences our fears and actions These images represent confrontation with our loved one’s mortality and our ownI would like to think this fear of death that these images can provoke is behind the “Yuck” reactions people sometimes express

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    This is intensely sad and beautiful at the same time I once got my hands on the first one and I was lucky enough to find this edition in my budget the Stanley Burns Archive books are pretty tricky to find in libraries and generally expensive to buy Anyways this is postmortem photography and this edition was of children 1840's to modern time There was the story of why people would take pictures and the purpose they serve in the mourning process and examples of the various styles and poses It's terribly terribly sad tho especially looking at the mothers

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    Certainly this is a morbid subject and the book is no ray of sunshine but I found many of the photographs were actually uite touching Burns also briefly introduces the reader to earlier photographic methods and the industry of memorial photography which I was surprised to learn has experienced a slight revival in the 21st century He includes some modern memorial photos at the end I also liked that he had not just photos from the United States but from various locations in Europe as well

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    There is an old photo in here of a dead father holding his young alivechild It is so categorically uniue i am speechless but its powerful and beautiful and frightening This is a plunge into the abyss

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    Very sad very moving book on postmortem photography This particular book is about children and the era it spans is from the advent of photography until the presentI found this interesting in the introduction as I really liked the film The OthersSleeping Beauty has also served as inspiration to documentary filmmakers and several Hollywood feature film directors who used photographs from the book in their films Producer Tom Cruise and director Alejandro Amenabar's film The Others starring Nicole Kidman featured several full screen postmortem photographs from Sleeping Beauty with the images playing a central role in the story May have to watch that film again

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    Interesting book of photos of recently deceased children taken so families could remember their facesMost were done in the 1800s when no one owned a camera and there was no refrigeration The child died and a photographer was brought to the house Sometimes the deceased was posed with a parent or sibling Some were posed to appear still alive Very sad but a good history of photography thrown in

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    Some would say this book fill with dead children is morbid I on the other hand feel feel this a beautiful tribute to those lost It wasn't uncommon to take photos of children after they had past away Only in todays society do people feel it is something wrong After reading this book you decide

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    This volume focuses on the particularly uncomfortable and painful subject of childhood death These exuisite photographs represent the last desperate attempt of grieving parents to bring back what is lost forever For many devastated parents these death images are the only ones they would ever have of their beloved children

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