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The Chalet School and Richenda I remember living this when I was younger and it’s still as good I liked richenda as a character and the adventure or mishaps that happened to them Chambers hardback edition unabridged This is one of my favourite of the later books in the series for various reasons Richenda later Ricki Fry is one of the likeable young Chaletians who get their own book before becoming just another student and interesting at that She has somewhat varied interests than those of her classmates at the CS which helps for a start This book also doesn't weigh in heavily with the proselytising which is a great improvement upon the unabridged editions of some of them Mary Lou comes immediately to mind that book being one of the irritating in that way I do confess that I was slightly disappointed by the fact that although Richenda comes from a uaker family EBD had her decide or less randomly to attend Anglican services at school and to claim that she was Anglican when asked there rather than being honest about her lack of certainty It's a series repetition that simply irritates me when I meet itOverall this one falls somewhere between a 35 and 4 I've read this before but in the abridged Armada paperback so I was thrilled to get this reprint of the complete original At first Richenda is determined to dislike everything to do with the Chalet School since her father has sent her there as a punishment But she can't help being attracted to some of the girls and mistresses and also realized that if she enjoys herself there it isn't really much of a punishment She is in the same form as two of the Triplets and happily joins in their adventures and exploits — until an unexpected happening that could have had tragic results Highly recommended At fifteen Richenda is the only child of a middle aged father who specialises in early Chinese ceramics We first meet her with an almost priceless item in her hands and her father is so furious that he decides to take her out of the school she loves away from her friends to a boarding school in Switzerland Although Richenda sulks at first in typical Chalet School style she finds the people and surroundings irresistible Most of the story is told from her point of view including some close observation of decor in the school and in local houses This gave some new insights into how the author imagined the school and I thought was nicely in keeping with a girl whose passion is art with a keen eye for detail I have an abridged Armada paperback but apparently nothing of importance is missed out Since I hadn't read it for at least twenty years I'd forgotten most of the story I liked it a great deal than the previous two books in the series Excitements and Coming of Age and would recommend it Richenda is sent to the Chalet School as punishment by her father so her new girl story is not so much about settling in at the school but a redemption story about loving her father Plus the usual slightly mad plotlines such as being assaulted by a small child with a spray bottle full of some kind of acidMost hilarious bit Jo needing to consult a doctor in London and the diagnosis? She had displaced an organ slightly which meant an operation to correct it I would love to know how you can slightly displace an organ and which one it was Richenda has been sent away to boarding school by her father a punishment he's bestowed upon her because she cannot seem to stay away from his precious ceramics However she's determined that she will enjoy herself at school and it turns out that it's not a punishment for her after all She makes friends with the Manyard triplets and is enjoying life to the fullest During a school trip to the dentist Richenda's injured by a young boy and her eyesight is severely compromised Feeling remorseful her father uickly rushes to her side and they are reunited once again A great chalet book Introduced Richenda Fry daughter to a professor of Asian ceramics Richenda is sent to the chalet school as a punishment but uickly makes the most of it and settles into a fun life Some very grown up topics ones future careers career planning and thinking properly about others especially your parents and why they might feel or act the way they do I loved the name Richenda after reading this Loved how Ricki was determined to hate the Chalet School and lasted all of like one day before she began to enjoy herself This was HUGE when it first came out I can still remember the excitement New cover style Mary Lou is finally head girl And isn't Richenda a weird name?And actually it doesn't disappoint Yes it's a favourite formula new girl with issues which are all conveniently worked out by the end of term And yes there are some medical mysteries what exactly is Joey's ailment? What exactly is suirted in Richenda's eyes? How does Biddy know well let's leave that one But there is a good mix of old and new staff and girls in and out of lessons and I did think while re reading it that this would be a good one for somebody coming new to the series Presumably in 1982 that's what happened and unsuspecting people picked this up not realising what they were about to get sucked into The Christmas play is marginally less tedious than usual and maybe first timers would find the Swiss tourism sections interesting rather than eminently skippable There's even an almost believable adventure involving a storm and a swollen stream given the cover illustration I don't think that really counts as a spoiler it's uite like dear old Tirol daysI'm not entirely convinced that there's a gene for love of ceramics but that aside Richenda is a good character and it's a shame she spends most of the rest of the series being overshadowed by the triplets Richenda Fry has been sent to the Chalet School as a punishment Her father is a specialist in historic porcelain and Richenda cannot resist handling the beautiful items especially the rare Khang he vase even though she has been expressly forbidden to go near his valuable collection She arrives at the School sulky and determined to hate everything about it This lasts about a day and a half after which she decides to enjoy life to the full in order to render the punishment null and void She teams up with the Maynard triplets particularly Len and Con and it is at their behest that she agrees to have her name shortened to the friendly 'Ricki' As a new girl Ricki is invited to tea at Freudesheim and Joey Maynard uickly senses that all is not well between Ricki and her father Being Joey she determines to get to the bottom of the matter before Ricki goes home to England again

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