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A Theory of War by Other Means Previous studies of political science have begun with the premise that government is the product of a thinking logical man Such a government's goal was to create a society designed to avoid the nasty brutish and short life that would arise in a state of nature It was assumed both Conservative and Liberal philosophies were merely different means of attempting to accomplish such an objectiveWhether it was Hobbes seeking government control of the populace to secure each individual's safety or Locke who merely sought a minimalist government designed to protect his own freedom the assumption of political scientists was that all participants in the debate were motivated by the same logic and urges Books written by these individuals never touched upon the true motivations underlying their differences of philosophyThis book will take a wholly divergent path We will discuss the underlying Darwinian urges themselves and where they came from We will study primitive organisms and show how two Darwinian psychologies exist within their species each expressed by a portion of the population We will show how each psychology represents a means by which it's adherents attempt to gain survival advantage in the Darwinian environment We will show how these Darwinian psychologies yield the philosophies of the modern Liberal and Conservative We will then follow the evolutionary path of the Human and show how these Darwinian psychologies came to be the foundation of the two main schools of political thought and how they also produce many of the behavioral traits one sees in our species todayWe will show how each Darwinian psychology has inherent within it behavioral drives which create our different political psychologies Whether it is a Conservative's tendency towards morality and national defense or a Liberal's desire for a promiscuous population and foreign appeasement each Darwinian psychology has inherent within it the whole platform of the Liberal or Conservative political ideology It is for this reason that there exist only two primary political philosophies two dominant political parties and the individuals within each tend to adopt the party's whole platform of positions instead of splintering into a myriad of single issue parties with diverse beliefs It is why environmentalists do not lobby for lower taxes those who favor gun control tend towards environmentalism and anti immigration activists are not often antiwar isolationists as wellThis scientific text will then continue to examine this theory in light of the latest peer reviewed research in related disciplines from Neurobiology and Neuropsychiatry to the Social Sciences We will examine structural neurochemical and functional changes within the brain that current research indicates may play a role in the adoption of these psychologies We will examine current research techniues and explain how they may soon offer us dramatic new insights into these two different psychologies as well as how and why they develop We will show how these two divergent Darwinian psychologies have already been recognized and identified in other disciplines where as with politics they have produced two grossly divergent patterns of behaviors in the lives of those who hold them We examine how the differences in psychology arise when it most likely occurs what advantages the presence of these two psychologies would offer our species how those who hold these psychologies can be manipulated with this knowledge and we offer real world examples of when such manipulations were performed by the naturals of the political worldStepping back we will then show from Bushido to Nihilism Capitalism to Communism courage to cowardice selfless to selfish just how these behavioral drives have molded the very essence of who we are morally intellectually and philosophically as a species and as individuals

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