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Truly Married Their marriage was eternal magic a fiery fusion of body and soul But in one blind moment of betrayal attorney Fergus Lachlan forfeited Sharon's precious love and lost his paradise on earthFive hellish years elapsed Then a bolt came from the blue Sharon was accused of murder Could her former husband defend her life and justify his endless love Their fierce unstoppable passion flared once But was this just a breathless desperate reprieve Or truly paradise regained

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    I read these books and ask myself – are men really this stupid? Or are we women underestimating them?Maybe women cheat in the same ways and nobody is writing about that?I am constantly staggered by stupid decisions fiction characters make when it comes to the nefarious “other women” It baffles me Sure I have seen cheating in real life but somehow I see those cheaters as people with a bit purpose Yes there are those who get in to a mid life crises and paint themselves in to a cliché but things like in this bookcould they really happen? Could people really be this blind? If yes wow What a sorry species we areI don’t know All I can say is that it was a neither here nor there romantic suspense story with a dash of murder mystery thrown in The only thing that stood out theme wise was the hero’s emotional cheating at the beginning of the bookHe married a very young heroine and being than ten years older himself he got huffy over the fact that she was immature When I say immature I really mean he was mad over the fact that she did not want to drone on about his work all day longSo he got hooked up with an old girlfriend who was also a boring lawyer and decided to talk with her At some point they got emotionally entangled and the heroine found out She divorced the hero and he did not contest the divorce Why? Because he thought their love was to passionate He was better off with somebody who was not delighted with “childish” things and who knew about his job Naturally as soon as he was divorced he decided to marry the OW with whom he was calm and collected No fighting no raised voicesThis would all be fine and dandy if not for the following factsa You throw away love for peace and uiet? Really? Ok well to each his own Maybe I could have forgiven thatb You stay with and marry a person you know you only marginally care about? You start a marriage even thou you know you will be thinking about somebody else the whole time? How is that fair to anybody?c You are against compromising with somebody that does not listen to you You can in no way forgive this person for not having the same interest as you You also can not stand the fact that that person is immature Yet you are able to compromise with somebody else on a very important fact of life – children The hero had small issues with the heroine’s interests and that basically broke up their marriage Yet he very much wanted children but was perfectly ok with the OW being opposed to having them? Heck he even agreed to not have them – no fuss – even thou he wished to be a father than anything How is this normal?As I saidare people really this stupid? If anybody was immature in this story it was the hero with his constant “brain not heart” bad choicesI am unsure what was the sore thumb in this story – the murder drama or the fidelity drama The fidelity drama poked me in the eye in so many ways I was completely unable to focus on the other plots On the other hand the mystery was completely swallowed by the relationship hubbub What was I left with? Inadeuacy on all levels Not that I was expecting a literary classic but still I needed More logic or facts or plain old MORE of a flow to the storyAll in all Not a very good read

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    He'd truly loved Elaine was shattered when she died so why did he still feel this aching need for Sharon? Hrmbecause he's a two timing narcissist incapable of human decency? Just guessingThe wife Sharon discovers her husband has been having an emotional affair with a colleague Elaine at his law office and divorces him Fast forward to five years later and the ex wife is accused of murdering her lecherous supervisor at work Returning to his office to retrieve her purse after they had a heated argument she discovers him on the floor with a letter opener in his chest Thinking to help she pulls it out and his blood gushes all over her clothing just before his secretary and a client walk in Her cheating ex is a successful criminal defense attorney so her awesome roommate tracks down his unlisted number and asks him to represent the heroine who has been taken into custody and denied bailThe murder plot is unimportant and handled ridiculously Other than gathering forensic evidence at the scene the police did no investigation The ex spouses uncover the real killer themselves then the ex husband offers to serve as the real killer's counsel which is a clear conflict of interest since he is currently representing the woman falsely accused of the crime Back to the infidelity plot view spoilerTo understand the full extent of the husband's awfulness we have to go to the end of the book where he reveals that he and Elaine had been in a relationship before he met the heroine 'There was no formal commitment It was a comfortable arrangement but I suppose you could say we were drifting toward marriage' Then he met had sex with and married the 19 year old heroine So first he cheated on Elaine with Sharon Then he found his marriage with the younger woman emotionally unrewarding They had nothing in common but sex She wasn't interested in hearing him drone on about law and his job; he wasn't interested in her college activities Frustrated outside of the bedroom he began having lunch or going out to drinks after work with Elaine to discuss their cases Eventually this drifted into personal discussion a deeper emotional involvement and some kissing When the husband tells the OW they have to stop meeting she confesses her love to him Recognizing that he won't leave his wife she takes a job in another state The wife who had been receiving anonymous notes about the affair shows up at the OW's house and sees them exchange a passionate goodbye kiss in the book's first chapterThe husband denies any adultery eyeroll lawyers and Elaine verifies that they 'haven't been intimate although I've let him know that I'd be willing' Because he's having sex with his sexy wife and only wants you as a mature emotional crutch Elaine Have some self respect Later in the story the cheating husband muses Although there'd been an instant attraction between them from the time they'd met he'd always known that it was cerebral than sexualWhen the wife asks her husband if he's in love with the OW he prevaricates She demands the truth and he finally admits 'Elaine and I have a close relationship I care deeply for her but you're my wife ' The wife declares 'I can't live with you knowing you're not totally committed to me' and files for divorceThe cheating ex husband drifts into marriage with the OW They can't have been married than three years because she dies of an aneurysm two years before the murderarrest plot begins but we do learn they didn't have children because wife #2 didn't want kids Which is vintage romance code for evil woman So since we never learned who sent the notes to the first wife informing her of the affair I nominate Elaine The heroine moves to another city and of course discovers that she is completely disinterested in sex with any other manNow the cheating and widowed ex bursts back into his first wife's troubled life to play white knight repeatedly declare his unchanged and undying love and make some really awkward seduction moves In response the heroine keeps making bitter remarks and immediately apologizing for them 'I'm sorry' she said for what must have been the hundredth time I didn't count but I'll take the author's word for itIn a particularly vulnerable moment after her first courtroom appearance when her case is remanded for trial and the heroine confronts the strength of the evidence against her they do have sex But the heroine insists it can never happen again He pouts They do their sleuthing and find the real killer and the charges against the heroine are dropped He asks her to remarry him and she rejects him saying everything I think about this heroI believe you love me as much as you are capable of loving but it always comes back to the same dilemma How can I trust that love when it wasn't strong enough before to keep you from being attracted to another woman?This is the point at which the ex reveals his pre heroine past with Elaine and recounts the weakness in their first marriage but the heroine is not convinced he is capable of fidelity and sends him on his way Two months later she ruins everything by chasing back to Chicago after him and proposing marriage because So what if he didn't love her as much as she loved him? Where was it written that love had to be weighed in eual measure? Not in this book obviously hide spoiler

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    The h in this book is the ueen of all doormat heroines The H cheats doesn't fight for their marriage agrees to the divorce and married the OWThe h pines for him for five years Five years For a cheating rotten husband Boy she really must have some self esteem issuesWhen the h is accused of murder the H comes as a knight in shining armour to defend her After that all the h does is apologiseI am sorry what?Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't the H be apologising? But no all we see is the h apologising over and over and over againI have never been tempted to smack someone right in their faceAnd anyway if you are such a doormat that all it takes is the cheating bastard to walk back in your life for you to crawl back to him well then you deserve himNot recommended for anybody who wants their h to have at least a bit of self respect

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    It was a three stars read until the idiotic woman went crawling back to the cheating ex husband It was bad enough that he didn't fight for their marriage before but he gave up on her again the second time around What is wrong with this author? A Hea where one of the couple cheated is not emotionally satisfying unless you have the cheater running through hoops and on his knees grovelling and ripping his heart out Instead he walked away from her and she had to run after him months later in order to propose to him Time like this I think I'm better off reading twilight fan fict not

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    Emotional cheating only in this oneIt was not that he was so horrible but in the end she convinced herself she was as much at fault as he wasThey married when she was 19 and he was in the early stages of his law career Given that there were sure to be problems but I find him much at fault that her and it was seriously irritating to see the guilt she felt at their failed marriageThe easy disposal unexpected death of the second wife was also annoying This book just rubbed me the wrong way

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    It always came back to that The curse of caring deeply for one woman and being passionately in love with another The much reviled bookAnd even reviled HThis was a letdown actually Angst wise Knowing all the crap going in the book proved mild and meh The H is ‘good’ and ‘honorable’ the h is ‘sweet’ and ‘compassionate’ and the dead ow ‘bright’ and ‘vivacious’ The author preferred taking the we are all conflicted yes but basically nice and honorable people line instead of any great angst or moving drama over the betrayal Spoilers inevitableview spoilerPast Because it was betrayal of the worst kind Off all the cheating Hs his sin seems worse He says he loved the h all the time when it was the ow who really made him feel happy and comfortable And he preferred and sought his co lawyer’s company with whom he had a deep friendship and lawyerly ‘kinship’ As for his wifeh he had a very patronizing attitude and he either wanted to chide her or bed her If you love someone – truly – a third person cannot find space in your personalprivateromantic life and certainly you can’t have ‘strong feelings’ for them How’s it even possible if all your emotions and feelings are tied to one person that another can slip in I think Johnny Depp’s uote is a good guide in such situations If you love two people at the same time choose the second Because if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second ElementaryPresent Before they meet again he’s shown as a grieving lonely man as he misses his dead wifeow The h gets mentioned only in passing as a pesky memory like a particularly bothersome bunion that pinches now and then He’d truly loved Elaine was shattered when she diedFrom that he goes to this within a day or two of meeting the h again ” It’s a much compelling and painful obsession than that I’m in love with you”Okay so he drops everything and comes running to her rescue but that doesn’t erase what he’s done in the past The instant cuddly fuzzy fluffy between them was annoying and taking the easy way outWhen I wanted the h to rant and rave she’d say something mildly offensive and then backtrack and apologise She apologizes at least 20 times I’d say Though the h forgives him easily but she couldn't trust him She knew with the knowledge of hindsight that if she’d been older and less idealistic she would have fought to keep her marriage intact But she hadn't She hadn’t been willing to be second best with him five years ago and she still wasn’t now Now without this the story would've been complete trashTriangles are difficult to resolve without completely accepting or belittling the third person He hurt her grievously and he grovels but as a reader my feelings weren't completely assuaged Because the grovel and chase should have happened years ago if he truly loved her Instead he let the divorce go uncontested and married the ow asap Imo he was just plain selfish and greedy and 'loved'wantedneeded both of themHe was in 'lust' with the h and in 'law' with the ow And 'really loved' neither Maybe he should have asked himself how he would have behaved if the ow his colleague had been a man He would have got the answer to whether his feelings were plus and over respect and friendship or notI skimmed read back and forth but still will give it an almost 3 because this is not an easily forgettable or run of the mill book And the murder courtroom drama is okay as well hide spoiler

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    Sharon and Fergus had a whirlwind romance They uickly married and had been in that state for a few years However all they do is fight or visit the bedroom They don’t seem to have anything else in common Sharon truly trusts her husband and believes that he loves her and would never stray Yet she has been receiving notes recently – three in total The last one she decides to check out just to prove to the “helpful writer” that nothing is going on After all it claimed that both her husband and Elaine had resigned their jobs and were running off to elope btw how does one elope when they are already married to someone else? She finds her husband kissing his coworker Elaine and Sharon reacts rather than rationalizing things out and wants to give her husband a divorce since she wants it all No caring for OW it’s all her or none at all Fergus for his part feels awful and really guilty so he consents rather than fighting the divorceFive years later Fergus is a widower and Sharon seems content w her work at a hotel Yet she is being sexually harassed by her boss and believes she deserves a promotion When she doesn’t she believes it ties in w her not putting out for boss So she promptly reacts blows up and storms out only to uickly return and then get caught holding the murder weapon Fergus seems to have all that money can buy but he doesn’t seem content He didn’t fight for his first marriage and the second wife conveniently burst an aorta and left him too He gets a call and uickly runs off dropping all else to defend his ex wife of a murder charge He had still loved and wanted wife but had strong feelings for Elaine – but seemed like they were compatible on the surface on paper but Sharon and he were compatible She just needed to grow up because at the time of their marriage they had nothing much in common other than arguing and sex He truly regretted not fighting for his marriage to Sharon He and Elaine were never truly happy because their whole marriage was built on the demise of his and Sharon’s He may have cared forloved Elaine but it was never even close to the passionate love he had for Sharon He would have never told her about Elaine if she hadn’t caught them together He truly didn’t want their marriage to break up but someone did I’m wondering if in the end it didn’t truly matter who wrote the notes as they both had to own some mistakes from the past He tells Sharon “I’ll tell you anything you want to know as long as it doesn’t compromise Elaine’s dignity or right to privacy” Um she is dead you are trying to win back your wife why wouldn’t you compromise OW Perhaps that is to show he is a stand up guy and wasn’t willing to malign Elaine’s character just to help him out w his ex wife The book doesn’t outright say who wrote those notes so I tried to work it out for myself I felt like his stating towards the end that you would be surprised what some people would do helped to solidify my thoughts as well as the character of Tracey in this story Tracey didn’t really serve much of a purpose but Fergus seemed to be able to assess her character from experience Tracey was someone that would take advantage of a situation and perhaps throw in some emotions to boot to manipulate things and get what she wanted So I felt like Elaine was that experience for Fergus He would never have divorced Sharon However that wasn’t to say that Sharon wouldn’t divorce him if given enough provocation How else to get her to the house than to send some notes which Fergus implied the author was a professional and knew what they were doing – Elaine is an attorney w some inside information so seems to work for me Besides how standup can this woman be who blatantly admitted to the wife that she was willing to commit adultery w her husband Of course there were no other incidences against Fergus after his divorce from Sharon either so makes sense to me I liked that Sharon didn’t fully trust in his love throughout the whole story but she finally decided to take a gamble She made him work for her though but in the end she still made the decision Leave past behind and get on w future “All people were flawed and capable of hurting those they loved most but the ones that were truly blessed could forgive and then forget the transgression and work towards a better life”

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    For me this was 25 stars with the story unfolding as they seek to prove her innocence Their past his infidelity emotional not physical and the end left me with a sense of dissatisfaction He did stray no matter where you draw the line and that she somehow ends up taking some of the blame for their difficulties in the past did not sit right with meA re read; 2 Well written had some great passages but a cheating book with redemption is hard to pull off view spoilerI want you to forget about the past of course he does cause he wants back in her pants Nothing cries I've always loved you like divorcing and marrying the ow He was still grieving for his wife when he gets the call about the h being arrested A good dose of lust seems to take care of all that She's pined over him since the divorce and he's been in a happy marriage Then he's getting all whiny because she isn't all over him but as far as I'm concerned she's a doormat The situation the h find herself in could be attributed for the bad judgement or heightened desperate emotions Yet she also kept apologising to him every time she was somewhat snippy Why? he deserved it He really was all about lust with the h The H was just another man who wanted to have his cake and eat it too He tells her she's not 2nd choice I understand the words but not sure the sentiment was true at the time he was involved with the ow What really gets my panties in a twist is this She understood clearly now that she had been eually to blame for the breakup of the marriage Really? she pushed him into another woman's arms did she got him all emotionally entangled with the ow by using her psychic powers? Whatever the problems between them stepping out is the weakest of behaviours and to follow it up by not even trying to save his marriage That last discussion before she sends him off was realistic and after when she's missing him she muses Where was it written that love had to be weighed in eual measure IN ROMANCE BOOKS dammit that's where The final straw was when she goes back to him and expresses some understanding about his involvement with the OW That was a bridge to far hide spoiler

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    This story was just so unrealistic Or maybe just so frustrating that I can't buy it? LOL I mean the Hero is a complete moron and his excuses were beyond pathetic; heroine lacked a backbone and eventually if not instantly bought into all his crap And the OW? She deserved a horrid death not the easy one she gotThe main issues obviously is the whole cheating and relationship with OW First of all even if they didn't sleep together the fact H was sneaking around to hang out with a woman who is clear in wanting to bang him married or not was just wrong Then refusing to admit his feelings even if he says later on that he didn't love the skank as basically anything than a friend STILL he ends up marrying the hoe and played happy husband with her After reuniting with h he then goes on about how he won't speak of his liferelationship with OW to h the woman who's life the skank OW invaded and sought to destroy but he still can't seem to actually admit to being IN love with OW just that they had a connection with their love for law And he actually married and bedded someone who he only liked to speak and banter with? I just didn't get itI really wish h would have kicked his arse and demanded ALL uestions be answered no ifs ands or buts She deserved it even if the hoebag was dead and not able to defend herself It was uite clear from the hoe's own lips that she was out to destroy the marriage so I suppose H had things to answer to than OW but still he had to have demanded answers of his own and should have shared it all with h

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    such a pathetic book I hated the heroine than the hero How could she go back to him after what he had done to her? He cheated on her even if he didn't sleep with the other woman he was emotionally attached to her and he leads her on knowing she is in love with him He even thoroughly kissed her which was later witnessed by the h which leads to their divorce He readily gave h divorce n without wasting much time married the ow He wouldn't even have thought about the h if the ow was alive After all these he had the audacity to claim he loved the h What a joke but it didn't seem funny to me This book haunted me for days I couldn't believe the stupidity of the h I don't know whom the author was trying to fool by this book I was definitely not fooled worst book I have ever read period

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