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Crows Row Crows Row #1 Reading In The Dark BlogLike Reading In The Dark Facebook PageEditing again 4th time nowI don't like to rant in fact I don't think I ever have so I keep trying to justify myselfI tried to read the book again because I thought maybe I was being too harsh but I'm actually adding to my rant insteadDNF at 25% Spoilers and big rant ahead You have been warned Also I know 25% is early to give up but if the whole relationship made no sense to me there was no point investing any time in it I would go as far to say I'm actually angry at it Emily what the hell is wrong with you? Really Emily come onnnn so some guys dog attacks you and your cassette player breaks and the guy is mad with you because you don't belong there A dog who we later learn jumps to the guy's every command so really he had the power to stop his dog he just chose not to He should have just shouted The dog does everything he saysDespite this he buys you an ipod for gods sake which makes zero sense because he told you not to go backbut he bought you something and waited for you? What? Don't be Stuuuupid From then on you are inexplicably obsessed with him EVEN WHEN HE KIDNAPS YOU AFTER YOU WATCHED HIM KILL SOMEBODY this is the only interaction so far in fact you learn the tiny detail of HIS NAME during the murder Yet when he has stolen you you still converse with him like he is somewhat normalno fear or anything You are an idioteditI tried again and thought maybe she does become scared of him BUT NO SHE SAYS SHE HAS TO ADMIT HE IS CUTE FOR A KIDNAPPER CUTE FOR A KIDNAPPER??? For fucks sake What is wrong with you girl? OH MY GODall doubts I had about if I was being unfair vanished when I read that sentence I swear I nearly threw my tablet She is hurt and for some reason is trying to keep her pride in checkI don't even? Why?Cameron WTF man? you're like a crime lord or something acting like a kid Liking Emily for no reason Pssshhhht Shut up So Fucking StupidI hate hate hate when a book has two characters connect FOR NO REASON Im all for an intense unexplainable connection and stuff but really witnessing the object of my affections murder someone then kidnap me Yeah it's dead in the water thenIf you can write a book so well PAY ATTENTION TO LOGIC They don't interact AT ALL and she's already obsessed with himEven if Emily didn't like Cameron at all and only started to fall for him over time that would have made it so much betterAnd damn itI'm twisted I love all of this kidnapping stuff I was so let downSo I know what will happenthey will fall in love against all odds andblahhhh I know there is a cliff hanger so something unexpected happens but I justdon'tcareThe rest of the book could be the greatest thing ever written but like I said I JUSTDON'TCAREStupiiiiiid booooook pissed me off good and proper DNF at 41%this book made me realize that i don't like slow romance build up unless the hero is a real asshole at first cameron appeared to be this strong dominat gangsta then as the story progress we get to see glimpses of his true persona he's kind of shy WTF? insecure soft not so tough after all all these ualities are a major turn off for me i know i'm weirdo I just have an idea of what a mob boss is like and Cam is not that man he's too kind when i picked up this book i thought it's story about Cameron and Emily turns out it's her story finding out how her brother died and why Emmy and her brother bill are rich kids bill was a bad boy got himself into lots of trouble selling drugs in private school to rich kids like him and cameron was his parter After bill died was killed Cameron took his sister as captive to protect her i don't know from what or who probably bill's enemies cameron took emmy to his house people who worked for him treated her poorly for a simple reason they did not trust her or trust cameron with her they knew she comes from money so when shit goes down she will be protected unlike them i liked the plot but i lost my interest in the story it was slow builduing romance Frankly some passages were boring KidRocco was probably the most annoying character i wanted to smash his head with a hammer Spider arghhhh just the name and the tattoos make me sick but i found Carly and griff to be likeable characters Whoever said that love hurts was wrong Love is excruciating especially when you can feel it slipping through your fingers and there is nothing you can do about it Why did the story have to end there?????? WHY??? OK so this is all actually totally my fault I knew what the ending was and that it was a horrible cliffhanger before I started reading this but it still punched me in the gut Dear lord sniffleFrustrated by her shallow controlling and uncaring filthy rich parents Emily just wants to be out on her own Her brother died a few years ago drug overdose and so she leaves her family refusing to take their money to strike out on her own living near the cemetery where he is buried She keeps running into this guy near the cemetery who tried warning her to stay away to move away but of course she doesn't listen and at the same time is very intrigued by him There was no doubt in my mind that this boy was odd and beautiful a dangerous combination Something about his guardedness something about the way others in the projects had looked at his with fear made me think I should probably run the other way next time and concentrate on not thinking about him One day while out on a run she gets caught in the rain and while taking shelter in the cemetery witnesses a brutal murder committed by the guy she kept running into and passes out When she wakes up she is thrown into a world she never expected to know filled with drug lords gangs hideouts territory wars and secrets about her brother and the life he was really involved in She is held captive in a house in the country but finds herself falling in love with Cameron the guy from the cemetery who had been watching her who committed the brutal crime who kidnapped her and is apparently just trying to keep her safe and also falling in love with her But in that world happily ever afters don't come too easily “How long are you going to keep me here?” I drowsily continuedCameron pulled the glass out of my numbed hands and set it on the table next to me “For as long as it takes”“And what are you going to do with me?” This came out as a whisper My eyes were barely slit openCameron paused on this uestion He scanned my face like the answer was written somewhere between the freckles“I don’t know” First off I should say that I went into this book expecting it to be uite dark but it really wasn't I was pretty surprised by that I mean the subject matter is serious but even though she is held captive its in a fully furnished house she is allowed a lot of freedom to go around the grounds as she pleases talk to anyone swim in the pool with everyone make dinner etc its not like its a dark and twisty kidnapping not that I'm justifying it or anything it just wasn't uite what I thought it would be and the bad guys aren't evil or mean or cruel they are just involved in some shady businessThis book really blurs the line between right and wrong What if a good person did something technically wrong but for the right reasons and in a situation where it was in many ways the only solution Does that make them a bad person? Can you still fall in love with them? Can a relationship in a world where that life is necessary work?From the start of the book Cameron was a total mystery He seemed to be always fighting against himself On the outside he seemed cold and harsh but pieces of his softer caring personality kept peeking through revealing his true nature and drawing the line between the person he wanted to be and the person his position made him have to beI'll admit it I got Stockholm Syndrome I totally fell in love with him and despite their less than ideal circomstances I could really see a solution where things worked out for them and then the ending aaarrrgh WHY?? grumbles about noble idiots Everything was different between Cameron and me What I felt wasn't just mind games or some fabricated syndrome What I felt for him I had seen him felt him feel for me too I was sure of this Emily and Cameron very much have a forbidden love In his world loved ones are liabilities and almost always get hurt or killed And the she learns about him the she begins to understand his world and why he is involved in it You'll probably die if you stay with me he told meThen I'm dead either way because I won't survive without you There were however several discrepancies in the book that make me suint at it skeptically but overall the story was good and so I was able to make myself accept them as part of the world But don't read too deeply into the details If you think about them too hard a lot of the stuff that happens especially in the first 60% can be a little unbelievable or uestionable I had a lot of moments where I kind of just shook my head put away my thoughts on the matter and just accepted what I read in order to not take myself away from the story line Unfortunately though I can't really talk about them without giving spoilers And I kind of wavered back and forth on how much they bothered me but then I had to put the book down while I went to work and found myself thinking about it all day and realized that despite all that I was really sucked into the story and the fact that it made me care about the characters like that was definitely a good sign But I'd say that that was the primary reason for not rating the book higher Well that and also I would have wanted steam The love scenes were very tame even for a YA book 100% fade to black The most we saw was a kiss I wanted The story was actually relatively light until about 65% and then there were a series of twists I didn't see coming and the ending had me in serious emotional knots although I didn't get misty eyes or cry throughout the whole bookThat being said its not an anti HEA ending it definitely leaves room for things to work out in a swoony HEA in the seuel but for now ARRRRGHHHHHI checked on Julie Hockley's website and she has confirmed that she is in the middle of writing the seuel she's only a few chapters in but thankfully its in the works I'm definitely looking forward to of Cameron and Emily's storyI'd definitely recommend it for fans of Sempre the two books had a very similar feeling to them but Sempre had steamHere's my version of Cameron and Emily PLEASE NOTE My review is based on the original indie edition of the book I read this back in 2012 For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter 45 Stars There would never be another For her or for me Not what fans will expect but it was a good second installment The story is told in alternating povs of Emmy and Cameron Emmy and Meatball are exactly where we left them in book one They are waiting on classes to start penniless and so very brokenhearted When you saw him when he let you see him Cameron was exuisite He was all my love and my joy My paradise My paradise lost Cameron is struggling with his decision to keep Emmy safe and out of the Underworld While we get a lot of the dealings with all the captains of the underworld and their power plays Honestly I couldn't keep up with all the players at times Go get her and do what? Have her stay here as a sitting target? Wait 'til someone else has it in for us and takes it out on her? She's not meant for this shit life A friend appears on Emmy's doorstep Griff You remember him right? Griff's the hot sexy ex figther He would do anything for Emmy even help her with her attempts at revenge against Spider and Victor If Cameron had or had my heart then Griff had my soul Emmy makes several plays for revenge in Rocco and Cameron's name all of which I found pretty feeble but perhaps her last idea will work out in book 3 So much pain and hurt throughout this read and a reader will just want Emmy to know that he is view spoiler hide spoiler I loved this book Loved it I'm not going to write a long review because right now I don't have the words I just have to say that I love Cameron The last few chapters of the book left me a mess I was so relieved to read the epilogue I can't wait for the seuel 5 ALL THE FEELINGS STARS “Whoever said that love hurts was wrong Love is excruciating especially when you can feel it slipping through your fingers and there is nothing you can do about it” Si algún día hiciera una lista de mis libros favoritos Crow’s Row estaría en los primeros lugares Es una novela facil de leer si se lee con el simple objetivo de pasar el rato te entretiene porue la manera de escribir de la autora es muy sencilla La historia avanza a buen ritmo los secretos y misterios te enganchan por lo ue no puedes dejar de leer Si es la clásica historia de la chica buena y el chico malo mezclada con un poco de síndrome de EstocolmoHistoria ue si te permites profundizar y leer entre líneas te darás cuenta lo hermoso y triste ue este libro llega a ser Critica la siempre presente separación de clases sociales y nos muestra ue ninguna de las dos es mejor o mas sencilla ue la otra ue ya sea ue se viva en una mansión o en las calles el infierno ue se vive en ambas es parecido EMILY “The problem is normal was'nt in my DNA I was destined to be forever freakish” Nuestra protagonista creció llena de lujos pero también de soledad superficialidad e infelicidad Tanto ue Emily prefiere renunciar a todo e irse a vivir lejos del dinero y control de sus padres Estudia en una peueña Universidad vive en un diminuto cuarto ue paga con su trabajo en la biblioteca y donde le es fácil visitar diariamente la tumba de su hermano Bill La única persona en el mundo ue la amo y se preocupó por ella CAMERON “He had been a real person whom I loved and who had inexplicably loved me” Mi amor por Cameron es inmenso y especial primero porue fue mi primer book boyfriend mafioso y segundo por su personalidad Es un chico malo pero NO del tipo patán mujeriego él es realmente malo me refiero a ue es un narcotraficante asesino a sangre fría Pero no es de los criminales ue disfruta lo ue hacen sus acciones han sido simplemente para sobrevivirEse es el principal mensaje de este libro la manera en la ue la sociedad moderna ve a los niños ue viven en los barrios pobres en vez de ayudarlos se les juzga de algo ue aún no han hecho pero ue al no tener otra opción terminan siendo criminalesObviamente la historia de amor es el principal eje de la historia la cual se desarrolla a buen ritmo no es amor a primera vista es hermoso ver a Cameron un hombre ue vive en la obscuridad del mundo criminal pero ue cuando interactúa con Emily deja salir esa otra parte de sí mismo esa parte donde no tiene ue ser el peligroso jefe de la mafia en la ue solo es un joven conociendo a una chicaA pesar de ser una historia tan intensa el personaje de Rocco el hermano menor de Cameron nutre la historia con su humor involuntario la relación ue lleva con Emily es muy linda y dulce view spoiler La muerte de Rocco fue la primera vez ue derrame lagrimas por un personaje de un libro hide spoiler CROW'S ROW FA uestion 1 ”When is book two expected out?”Here is what FB is saying Click here uestion 2 ”Does this book have a cliffhanger?” Yesuestion 3 ”HEAHFN?Not at all The story ends on a sad note uestion 4 What does the title mean? view spoilerIn Manuuk tribal legends crows are said to be spirits of great powers that move between the worlds of the living and the dead They are highly intelligent creatures They learn and adapt uickly Crows are also greedy and tricky They like to play tricks and are extremely loyal to their kind They take care of each other like a family blood ties or not hide spoiler Even beautiful stories can be at times frustrating Oh my god that ending broke my heart I'm partly okay with the other part still goddamn THAT ENDING I'm definitely going to read the next one and find out what happens next Emily Sheppard is a naive rich girl studying at Callister University She refuses to take her parents' money so she works on a library to pay for her expenses and lives independently She decided to stay on her dorm for the summer and is usually jogging to kill her boredom Mostly she drops by on the cemetery for Bill's gravesite her brother who passed away because of overdose and for the man in gray sweater She was kidnapped by Cameron who is a drug lord for witnessing a brutal crime and also keeping her for safety reasons As she spends time with him and his crew she learns everything about the drug business and also about his life She somewhat feels safe around him and can't help being drawn to him Eventually she falls in love with her captor Still it's a uestion mark because they both live in different worlds and being together is risky The story isn't that dark and graphic mild violence mild steamy scenes still romantic though the twists and turns are so good and there are lots of revelations that will keep you reading this book They're so good For the love of crimemob bosses I love Cameron to bits The romance between Emily and Cameron is so good and I love the development What made my jaw dropped was the ending It took me minutes to recover on that Gonna read the next book is ASAP Final rating 45 5 stars Crows everywhere are eually black Crow’s Row is not a solid 4 stars book but I must say that I CANNOT wait for the seuel The end was just GREAT but I had some issues with the story Let’s startEmily is a lost soul She’s 19 years old and she is in college She lost her brother a few years ago and since then her life changed She is not a conventional heroine she is lost she’s shy and she refuses all the money that comes from her rich family She is living in a “horrible” place close to her college and to her brother’s cemetery so she runs every day there to visit himOne of those days she cross paths with a mysterious guy who is apparently walking his dog That lovely dog breaks Emily’s ancient Walkman seriously do they exist any? and Emily’s life changes from that exact momentA few days later that same mysterious guy and his mates kidnap Emily and I couldn’t understand why she didn’t try to escape I mean she NEVER tried to escape from them I just didn’t get it As Jessica told me that was probably because her life suckedCameron the mysterious guy asks his kid brother Rocco one of my fave characters in the book to take Emily to the ‘farm’ and Emily instantly thinks they are going to kill her so she tries to establish a relationship with Rocco and get some time before he kills her I loved this part in the car”What’s your name?”“You can call me Sexy Bull” OMG I love Rocco That is allSomehow she discovers what Cameron and his mates do they sell drugs and they kill people And this was the biggest issue for me in this book I mean I wanted to love Cameron but OMG what he does is SOOOOOOO FREAKING WRONG I understand he had a complicated life but COME ON I can’t never ever agree with that I could never EVER fall in love with someone who sells drugsI would say Emily is kinda happy that she’s been kidnapped She doesn’t like to be alone at home but she is always with Rocco or Griff one of the guards of the farm I also loved Griff He was always taking care of EmilyThe rest of the members are just ok for her Carly doesn’t seem to like Emily at the beginning but she is a great person She didn’t have a good life tho and she’s just trying to save her family for the horrible world she is living in And then Spider well I guess I cannot talk a lot about him without spoilers so I better shut upAm I that much of a threat to you?More than you know Days go by and Emily’s feelings for Cameron are growing She likes him there is something special about him and he cares for her but he also avoids her sometimes so she is confusedHe was sooooooo sweet sometimes but so hard another times but I guess I understand him now he wanted to protect her over all things I don’t want to spoil anything but let me tell you that his feelings for her started A LONG TIME AGO view spoiler Em’s brother was Cameron’s boss a few years back and before he died he asked Cameron to look after Emily so Cameron has spent part of his life watching her and falling in love with her somehow hide spoiler For college student Emily Sheppard the thought of spending a summer alone in New York is much preferable than spending it in France with her parents Just completing her freshman year at Callister University Emily faces a uiet summer in the city slums supporting herself by working at the campus library During one of her jogs through the nearby cemetery while visiting her brother Bill's grave Emily witnesses a brutal killing and then she blacks out When Emily regains consciousness she realizes she's been kidnapped by a young crime boss and his gang She is hurled into a secret underworld wondering why she is still alive and for how longHeld captive in rural Vermont she tries to make sense of her situation and what it means While uncovering secrets about her brother and his untimely death Emily falls in love with her very rich and very dangerous captor twenty six year old Cameron She understands it's a forbidden love and one that won't allow her to return to her previous life But love may not be enough to save Emily when no one even knows she is missing

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