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Who What Wear The Allegra Biscotti Collection #2 Emma Rose is SO not famous So how did she score inside information on the most talked about party of the year Because Emma is secretly the hottest new fashion designer Allegra Biscotti and hired to whip up a Sweet Sixteen dress for the guest of honor Waitfashion emergency How can she create a fiercely fashionable dress and keep her secret There's only one solution Emma must go undercover as her own intern But when Emma feels the pressure by her BFF to explain how she got an invite from the in crowd and an ultra fabulous fashion internship just when Jackson finally starts paying attention to her she knows she has to make it work or will it all come apart at the seams

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    Who What Wear is a novel written by Olivia Bennet This is the second book from the Allegra Biscotti Collection series The novel is about a girl called Emma Rose who is secretly the hottest new fashion designer and goes under the name of Allegra Biscotti Only very few people know about Emma’s secret like her parents and Paige her manager Allegra Biscotti is hired to make a dress for Rylan’s sweet sixteen birthday party Rylan is a girl from Emma’s school Rylan hates the first dress because her mother chose it from a designer in LA that Rylan hates Since Rylan dislikes the dress so much she ruins it by tossing it into the dryer together with a pair of jeans which has a bright red lipstick in the pocket So that no one suspects anything that she’s the real Allegra Biscotti Emma must go undercover as her own intern My favourite part of the book is when Rylan’s dress is ruined by Emma spilling soda all over it It is a bad thing to do but on the other hand it mean Rylan is able wear the dress that she wants to wear not what Rylan’s mum wants her to wear Emma gives Rylan the dress that Emma Allegra Bisscotti made for Rylan to wear Rylan loves the dress and tells her mum that actually it was she spilled who had soiled the dress not the maid At the beginning of the book there was a uote by Coco Chanel that said “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” I think they included this uote because if you see Coco Chanel was the founder of the famous brand Chanel which is a huge fashion brand In my opinion what she was saying was that if you don’t want to be replaced you must be uniue in your own way and in this book Emma is uniue by being Allegra BiscottiI recommend this book to pre teens and upwards since there are some parts that might be confusing for younger children I would also recommend it to people who like chick flick books and also to people who like fashion because from this book you can get a lot of information about fashionI rated this book 5 stars because the author described the book in full detail

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    Love it

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    Who What WearOlivia Bennett231 PagesRealistic Fiction Who What Wear is about an amazing new fashion designer named Allegra Biscotti with a big secret she’s a 14 year old girl Emma was accidentally discovered by the editor of the best fashion magazine in the first book of the series In this book Emma gets a place in the pop up shop a place for new designers to show off their collections If making a whole collection in a month with school work sounds hard enough Allegra Biscotti gets a job to make a sweet 16 dress for the most popular girl in the whole school The only way for Emma to make the dress without being discovered is to go under cover as her own intern Emma finds it difficult to make the dress because of Rylan’s mom and her “suggestions” After many tries to make Rylan and her mother happy she finally gives in to what Ryan’s mom wants If making Rylan’s ugly dress wasn’t hard enough Emma’s friend Holly is mad because Emma didn’t tell her about her internship Emma soon spills to Holly because she doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship The pop up shop goes great and Emma is a big hit but she’s still feeling uneasy about Rylan’s dress The night of Rylan’s party Emma spills coke all over the front of the ugly dress and rushes over to the pop up shop and gives Rylan the dress that she really wanted Rylan’s mom wasn’t happy but Rylan was and that night wasn’t about her mom I liked this book a lot The main reason I liked this book is because I could picture the whole story happening in my head as I was reading it I also liked the drama in the book and how Emma dealt with all sorts of it My favorite character would be Charlie Emma’s friend that was there when Allegra was discovered Charlie is constantly helping Emma and he’s always there for her He helped Emma with the Rylan dress by pretending to be an intern with her Charlie helped her with stuff like the website Allegra’s blog and all the other stuff Emma couldn’t or didn’t have time to do Charlie also had a joke to lighten the mood when things were tense depressing or just stressful for Emma Over all I think Charlie is a really good friend My favorite part of the book was toward the end when Emma realized that she couldn’t let Rylan wear a dress she hated and looked awful in Once Emma realized this she had to think fast because the party was already starting Emma had a great idea She spilled soda all down the front of the ugly dress This of course made Rylan go insane but Emma ran to the pop up shop and got the dress Rylan was supposed to be in I think that this was really smart of Emma because Rylan’s mom couldn’t get mad at Rylan or Allegra Biscotti and since Emma is a nobody it didn’t matter that Ryan’s mom was mad at her I think Emma is a really smart character and she is very determined because under all the stress she could have just given up but she didn’t She kept trying and she succeeded This is a great book about persistence and never giving up even when things get hard

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    Allegra Biscotti groundbreaking new fashion designer has a secret She is actually a 14 year old girl named Emma Rose living in Manhattan In book 1 The Allegra Biscotti Collection she is accidentally discovered and asked to keep silent about her real identity After all who would take a 14 year old fashion designer seriously? In this installment Emma is asked to design a collection for an exciting display AND a dress for a swanky Sweet Sixteen Party for a student at her school With a bumbling new Italian assistant a best friend who doesn't understand why Emma is so busy all of a sudden and the mother running the Sweet Sixteen Party all trying to make Emma's life difficult how is she ever supposed to get the new collection designed in time?Obviously this book is written for younger than YA The back of the book labels it as Juvenile FictionIndependent Reader and the content is certainly appropriate for young children I picked up the book mostly because of the ADORABLE cover and cute sketches throughout as well as the catchy name I have not read book 1 but I plan to at some pointI enjoyed this book because it was so fun and Emma's best guy friend Charlie is hilarious I would love to be friends with him even now The descriptions of the clothes are also really fun I wish there really was an Allegra BiscottiOne thing that I would change about the book is that I was totally convinced that there was a sinister sub plot brewing but the climax was actually a bit of a let down The action ended too soon in my opinion but the ending was also really sweet Sometimes it is nice when everything works out smoothly in the end and perhaps it has been too long since I've read juvenile fiction of this typeI would recommend this as juvenile chick lit and girls around the 3rd 6th grades would probably enjoy it It was very easy to read and it might be a good book club type book for girl scouts or something there is definitely a positive girl power message It could also be a great book to read to kids before bed Super cute and very fun

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    My honest opinion on this book is that it's much better than the first I absolutely love the concept about fashion Emma Rose has a sense of classy but yet trendy style Olivia Bennett found a way to make this book modern and enjoyable while still sticking to the fashion concept The presentation is eye catching and colorful The cover is also inspiring The format is much better than The Allegra Biscotti Collection book 1 The pages are rounded and it's easier to navigate through the pages The pros for this book is that it's about fashion and when there's a book about fashion for teens it's bound to be a hit This book is a girly read for inspiring fashion designers and i think that tweens and pre teens will enjoy this just as much as i do There is very few cons for this book The first one isn't really a con It's just a suggestion So basically in the first book on the pages there is designs that go well with the words on that particular page I think that Olivia Bennett should have done that in this book to make it eye catching and colorful I guess that's all for the cons Lastly i would recommend it for ages 8 15 or tweens pre teens and teens One a scale from one to ten i would give it a ten This book is great

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    Who What Wear is the second book in the Allegra Biscotti Collection This book is about Emma and her journey through her life as a fashion designer This is a dream of many girls and Emma gets to design clothes just at the age of thirteen One of the first tasks Emma is given from Paige Young one of the fashion journalists is to create several outfits for a spring collection This is very exciting for Emma because this will be her second big task as a fashion designer Then once Emma begins designing the spring collection Paige calls her again and asks her if she can design a party dress for Rylan's sixteenth birthday party Rylan is one of the popular girls at Emma's school and Emma can't wait to make her a dress The only problem is that Rylan and her mom want to meet with Allegra and discuss the dress This is a problem because Emma can't afford for Rylan to figure out that she is Allegra Thankfully Paige is able to come up with a great idea and gets Rylan and her mom to believe that Allegra got a call and was needed in Italy right away After this problem Emma is able to set everything aside and Rylan ends up being able to wear the dress that she wanted for her birthday Who What Wear is a fun book and I would definitely recommend it to others

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    Who What Wear by Olivia Bennett is the second book of the Allegra Biscotti Collection This book is not like any other book I have read So it is original In this book Emma Rose otherwise known as Allegra Biscotti has become popular than ever Allegra Biscotti that is She has to make a bunch of new pieces of clothing for a pop up shop that Madison is hosting Madison is a magazine that Emma Rose loves other people like it too Her inspiration is a twist on child like clothing making it kind of like a sophisticated child's outfit It still has the childish look though She also has a very important client The most popular girl in school wants Allegra Biscotti to make her a Sweet Sixteen Dress But her mother wants to make a few touch ups that no one likes at all Later Emma and Charlie get invited to the exclusive partyEmma still has to keep her secret from Holly but Holly has made a lot friends anyway In the end Holly finds out that Emma is Allegra Emma makes the dress that the popular girl's mom wanted but she ruins it by spilling soda on it After that Emma gets the dress that she really wanted the girl to wear and is happy

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    Who What were is by Olivia Bennett It is the second book in the Allegra Biscotti Collection series Who What Was an amazing book for teens and pre teens and also if your a fan of Project Runway Emma just been hired to design an exclusive dress for the the most popular girl at Emma Rose’s school The characters are Charlie Emma her father Jackson Holly and the popular girls at her school who she designs clothes and dresses for Emma is secretly the hottest new fashion designer Emma Roes who plays Allegra Biscotti got hired to make a Sweet Sixteen dress for the guest of honor Emma Rose has a ginormous secret she is up and coming fashion designer for Madison Magazines Very few people know the truth just her family her dad The senior fashion editor at Madison who discovered her also knows And Charlie one of her two best friends knows also In book 2 Emma must go undercover as her own intern to make the sweet 16 dress Emma must also design and construct several new pieces to add to her growing collection for a special buy in Madison magazine Can Emma pull it all off and keep her identity a secret? Read and find out

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    I enjoyed this book even than the first okay I read this one first Emma's plunge into the world of fashion design gets even deeper Her best friend Holly still doesn't know she's the hot new designer Allegra Biscotti partly because Emma's muse Paige the editor of the fashion magazine Madison forbids it Emma's parents are still keeping an eye on her school participation though her dad and his secretary are wonderfully supportive on her fashion efforts The hot Jackson shows his interest in Emma even though he's supposedly going with school ueen bee Lexie And now disaster THE ueen bee Ivana wants an Allegra Biscotti dress for her sweet 16 How will Emma and Charlie keep Ivana from finding out who Allegra is? And how will Allegra keep Ivana's mom's demands from ruining the dress?Again vivid colorful three dimensional believable It's a total romp I just wish there was another book out NOW I read too durn fast I wish I could design clothes like Emma does

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    I frickin Loved this book Probably a little tiny bit then the first one which I reviewed back in November 2012 This book is about Emma Rose who is secretly the newest fashion designer Paige Young the editor for the famous magazine Madison decides to get Allegra out there by having Emma design a dress for the most popular girl in the high school district Rylan Sinclare Other then that Emma has a pop up shop collection design for Madison Magazine and Emma then has lots of stress on her hands; like her bestie Holly finding out that Emma is an intern for Allegra Biscotti or when Rylans mother is making sewing a dress together to hard and Emma doesn't know what to do; either uit or make a dress that might ruin Emma's dream job Will Emma have to come clean with her darkest secret with Holly and will the dress work out with Rylan? Will the pop up shop collection design work out with Madison? Read the Allegra Biscotti books because they are amazing

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