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Slightly Psychic Harleuin Next A very good book It has some Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood moments O The ending is a little ho hum but the plot is very good and the progression is very well paced The main romance is between Joe Lila but we are entertained with a romance between Lila's best friend Pepper I won't spoil the book by telling you Pepper's suitor as well as the mending of the relationship of a newly acuired friend KatherineThe resolution of the mystery of the disappearancesuspected murder of Joe's wife is the only part of the book I found to be unfulfilling It just seemed that the author put this to the back burner behind everything else going on I think 1 chapter could have found closure to this aspect and I wouldn't have felt let down by the ending Just delightfulWhen life delivered a blow an unexpected a gift brings a new life with friends and love A search for the hero's missing wife brings closure After her psychic gift led her to find a missing womanhappily tied to the bed of her fiance Lila's abilities vanished Oddly enough a woman she'd never met left her Southern farm to Lila She leaves behind the life that imploded on her to make something of the farm An entire small town is sure Joe murdered his missing wife Unable to prove otherwise he's spent the last two years working on a small farm Now that it has a new owner he;s sure he'll be asked to leave but Lila needs his help to turn the dilapidated farm into what she wants it to be This book has a fabulous kissing scene but is lighter on the romance than I would like But then I like as much romance as can be stuffed into a book It was great for character growth All in all it was a wonderful story of healing uick simple pleasure read Wanted to try out the NEXT Harleuin series another sacrifice for the good of my customers hehe and was delightfully surprised to find that this book at least had some real substance great uite varied characters deeper than usual delving into and understanding of personality life's real challenges a light mystery occasional humor and a happy ending for at least 10 people is that a record??? I was impressed that the only sex scene was between the married couple and was NOT explicit and STILL managed to be as enjoyable heart warming and thrilling as it was tasteful and decent The friendship between the female protagonists was a joy as well I hope ALL the NEXT titles are as good Should be a 35 and this is because the characters are put in difficult settings circumstances and they all develope change and grow from their past life situations The possible murder the 15 minutes of fame for several characters and the inheritance of an old homestead make this an interesting take on a romantic mystery I felt connected to and engagde with the people within the covers of this book and really enjoed the story and writing Lila Delaney never claimed to be entirely psychicjust slightly psychic But any ability she might have had disappeared the minute Lila's visions led her and the police to a missing heiresshealthy happy and tied to the bed of Lila's fiancé Broadcast live on national television the incident was enough to make Lila hightail it out of townLila's journey brought her and her best friend Pepper to a small Virginia town All too soon the woman who just wanted to be left alone was indulging in mint juleps and moonlit celebrations becoming attracted to a too secretive man and getting involved in an unsolved murder If only her psychic abilities would return Lila might just figure out what she was getting into next

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