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    3 ⭐⭐⭐ OK decent readsNothing new Jolene the whorebag tries to cause problems Our heroine is full of issues Our hero too A bit of a drag but okAnd the Dolly Parton soundtrack keeps playing in my mind JoleneHe knew Lisa loved him and he’d made up his mind then and there to love her back Even if it killed him It had taken some doing but he had come to care for his pretty young wife especially after their son Justin was born One look at that kid and Brody would have done anything—given up anything—for himthree weeks before he would have turned two Justin was killed in a car wreck along with LisaDumped? He hadn’t even had the decency to do that He’d just boogied abandoned her in the middle of the night while she was sleepingSomebody else’s cat Somebody else’s house Everything in her life it seemed belonged to somebody else Including Brody Creed Whenever Joleen Williams blew into town she and Brody were joined at the hip It was probably only a matter of time before Joleen roped him in for goodAre you dumping me Brody Creed? Brody sighed again dug out his cell phone and speeddialed Joleen’s number “Hello?” Joleen purred like she couldn’t imagine who’d be calling little old her “I just think it’s time we called it uits” Brody said seeing no reason to bother with a preamble “The sleepingtogether thing I mean”“I could make trouble for you you know” Joleen reminded him mildly Was she serious or not? He couldn’t tell “You could” he allowed “You might as well tell me who she is Brody” Joleen went on reasonably ignoring what he’d said “I can find out with a phone call or two anyway”Nothing had ever—ever—hurt the way losing Lisa and Justin did What if history repeated itself? What if he had to bury another wife another child?“She’s back” Just then the door opened and Joleen poked her head inside beaming in the unfounded expectation of a warm welcome This month she was a blonde and her contacts turned her eyes an unlikely shade of purple“You didn’t hear him setting his stupid ground rules” she said revealing than she’d ever intended by that statement “No sex?” Tricia asked visibly battling back a laugh “And we can both see other people if we want to” Tricia’s expression changed in an instant “Brody said that?” Carolyn nodded “That stinker” Tricia muttered“Well” Tricia replied suirming a little “Joleen is back in town that’s all”“I should have known what he was up to” Carolyn said “In fact I did know but I chose the luxury of denial”

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    Brody and Carolyn were my favorite couple in Miller’s Creed series And I wasn’t expecting that because 1 I don’t typically like romances where the heroheroine have a history and 2 I was feeling a little Creed burn out before I got to this book I loved that this continues the stories from her earlier books but I never felt that it overpowered their story Tricia and Conner are in the honeymoon stage but I enjoyed that their romance elevates their other relationships friendships familial etc rather than being their only focus I was surprised at how much I enjoyed their story Brody and Carolyn have both been on the run – from life Brody has a tragic past and he has finally decided to return home and make things right Carolyn has a history of running before she gets left behind and she has decided to place roots in this little community that has made her feel so welcome But she’s afraid to trust in Brody again afraid to make commitments Brody doesn’t know how he feels about Carolyn but he knows that he doesn’t want her moving on His feelings for her are tied up in his guilt about the past and he has a lot to work through and step up before he can really show her that he has changed Carolyn has to decide whether Brody is worth the risk or if she should settle for a nice “normal” complication free guy I really enjoyed the twist that Carolyn’s dating threw into the mix and how this becomes an important piece of their story Definitely worth the read

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    Oh my oh my oh my those Creed men just keep our mouths watering and our hearts palpitating and good ole boy Brody is no exception Playing the bad boy of the family estranged from his twin brother Connor for a decade showing up in Lonesome Bend only now and then and leaving the responsibility of their jointly owned ranch to Connor Brody was a man who seemed to live in the emotional shadows and even those closest to him most of his life felt excluded and shunned But Brody has now come home and is in the process of building his own house and barn on property purchased from his brother's wife Trisha McCall Creed whose story was the subject of the second book in this trilogy Creed's Honor Now he appears to have accepted the need to carry his share of the ranching load even though he will be living in his own home seemingly ready to once again shoulder his family responsibilities and the relationships that go with them Something is different about the man now He has made peace for the most part with his brother and yet there are shadows in Brody's past a deep hurt that he doesn't seem to want to share or perhaps he finds it too painful to revisit In any case his family is thankful he is back and seems prepared to stay His rodeo days are over Add to that the fact that Trisha and Connor were expecting their first child and Brody deeply desired the sense of happiness and contentment he perceived in his twin brotherThis novel is about lots of things finding a way out of an emotional maze that is painful summoning the best in one's self the healing power of love overcoming fears that are so deeply rooted that they have become accepted as part and parcel of one's life and finding hope for the future It is also about the need to forgive one's self especially when the guilt and hurt are really not legitimate nor are they about anything that can be changed I have to say that I liked all the Creed men in these three novels but I really came to resonate most with Brody possibly because he was so vulnerable and tried so hard to be the hard bitten cowboy rodeo champ that everyone else saw Inside he was lonely needy and wanting to be settled and happy He knew he had to own up to some really foolish and wounding behavior in the past especially toward Carolyn who he had secretly desired for years but his fumbling efforts to overcome the difficulties and barriers his behavior had caused were endearing in a way That he would make the efforts he did were proof that down deep he was a man of deep emotion and passions wanting a mate who would return those feelings and who would help him to feel complete Carolyn too was a tender lost hurting soul She and Trisha Creed had started a business together She was artistic sensitive and had major trust issues from being abandoned by the people she trusted and forced to be on her own from early age She was a wanderer a professional house sitter going from place to place never really feeling like any spot on the planet was hers exclusively Starting the business with Trisha made a difference she felt that perhaps there was a place for her that no one could take away and that was not temporary Her pain over Brody's abandonment eight years earlier had never been relieved as she really didn't know why he had left especially as they has been talking marriage just hours before It was a wound that just wouldn't heal His leaving just reinforced her belief that any person she loved would eventually abandon herLinda Lael Miller is one of those writers that just knows how to craft these characters so that they reach out and grab the reader's imagination and they just don't let go In fact this was so true in this instance that I was truly sorry when the novel ended There are also some surprises here and a facet of Brody's personality that emerged in such a way that some of his friends and family were truly surprised All the characters in these novels were uniue and interesting in their own way Carolyn was a character that I felt deeply about and I almost felt a hurting sensation when she experienced another disappointment or when she and Brody just couldn't seem to get on the same wave length All is a testimony to Miller's writing expertise and I think her ability to translate the images of her own imagination onto the pages of her booksLovers of those manly cowboy type men will love this trilogy and I think especially this book It has capped off the three book series so beautifully and yes it is fiction but no it isn't a waste of time It is worth every minute and you may be just like me already thinking about re reading it I give this novel a 45 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Judith

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    The Creed Legacy by Linda Lael Miller is the third and final book in her Creed Cowboys trilogyAfter years on the road and a devastating personal tragedy Brody Creed has finally come home to Lonesome Bend Colorado to make amends with his twin brother Conner and the rest of their family Brody also wants a second chance with Carolyn Simmons a woman that he once had a relationship with but left behind The attraction between Brody and Carolyn is as intense as ever but Carolyn never really got over Brody breaking her heart and she wonders if she can trust him with it a second time I've said it before and I'll say it again I love westerns whether they are contemporary or historical and Miller's books are just comforting down home reads I know exactly what I'm going to get when I pick up one of her books a sexy cowboy or two men and women with strong roots and friendships with each other a big extended family and lots of petsThis book follows that formula but the elements just didn't uite gel for me this time My main problem with this book is that there just didn't seem to be all that much romance in it Brody and Carolyn talk and think about each other a lot but it didn't seem like they were actually on the page together at the same time all that much I would have liked to have seen much of them interacting with each other and working through their issuesOverall this book didn't work for me as well as some of Miller's other titles have but if you like westerns you should check out her books

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    Review by Jen This story is supposedly about Brody Creed as the series has been following the Creed clan but really the star of this book is Carolyn his love interest Carolyn is a complex character and one that you're just drawn to She's lead a hard life first being abandoned by her mother then surviving the foster care system and then leading a gypsy life floating from one jobplace to another but never really settling down But when she lands in Lonesome Bend she found a place she can call home and hopes to settle in She's become friends with the Creed clan and even had an affair with Brody years ago but he broke her heart when one night he just disappeared Now he's back and the attraction between them is still blazing and he's pulling out all the stops to try to win her back but she's afraid to trust him againNow not to say Brody don't have his complexities I mean he did have his reasons and pretty honorable ones at that for disappearing on Carolyn But being hard headed he doesn't just tell Carolyn what happened no he just sets out to seduce her Granted he's really good at the seducing or romancing or whatever you want to call it but so many of their hurdles would've been cleared if they'd just talked about their past But that said the book would've also been over way too soon so I shouldn't complain too muchI enjoyed this story It was a good conclusion to the Creed trilogy and now I need to go back and read book 1 Linda Lael Miller has written another heart warming tale

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    The prodigal has returned and despite a decade of separation the identical twins Brody and Connor still resemble two peas in a pod and Brody unabashedly helps himself to his twin's wardrobe Since book 6 Connor and Tricia got married and a baby Creed's arrival is imminent At issue in book 7 is the path to matrimonial bliss Brody and Carolyn will take If a certain ennui creeps in here you're reading me correctly If you're familiar with the joke about what happens when you sing a country music song backwards these novels seem to follow a similar patternYou get your dog backgenerally a strayYou get your truck backgenerally brand newYou get your house backoften newly builtYou get your wife backgenerally newly wed though past flirtation is often the caseThe sex is always good marriage and a baby follow these boys are virile and succeeding babies to uote Davis in this outing take nine months And a rodeo past is often part of these boys' history They never seem to lack for money though I can't imagine most make a killing on the rodeo circuit Perhaps I should admit that the law of diminishing utility is coming into play here As the series winds up I predict the next Creed will arrive in under nine months

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    This was the last book of the Montana Creed series and I really liked Brody and Carolyn and I liked their story I have to admit though that Miller disappointed me on a couple of points in this book Joleen and the horse On both accounts I kept expecting something big to happen in the story with them More than once Brody even verbalized the concern that she would cause trouble with Carolyn but she never did And both Brody and Carolyn talked about looked at considered the dangerous horse and his history and I kept waiting for some disaster to befall concerning the horse But it never did I felt like these were both sort of 'red herrings' in the story that ultimately amounted to nothing and should have added some sort of drama to the relationship or been played down or cut from the story On the whole though it was a good ending to the Creed's series and I enjoyed the budding romance as much as any of the others

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    I'm sad to finish this extra long series of good book with two books boring This one was less boring than the previous one but stillI didn't like Creed twins They were boring and childish On that sad note I'm saying good bye to Linda Lael Miller

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    sad to see the end of the creed cowboys series

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    Tough cowboys independent women and a beautiful country setting If you enjoy modern western romances you are going to love The Creed Legacy

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The Creed Legacy The “First Lady of the West” #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller continues her emotional new Creed family series about putting down roots—and the healing power of loveRough and tumble rodeo cowboy Brody Creed likes life on the move Until a chance encounter with his long estranged twin brother brings him “home” for the first time in years Suddenly Brody is in Creed territory—at thirty three he’s a restless bad boy among family with deep ties to the land and each other And a secret past haunts him as he tries to make plans for his futureCarolyn Simmons is looking for Mr Right in Lonesome Bend as the ticktock of her biological clock gets ever louder Then she falls for gorgeous Brody Creed the opposite of everything she wants Until lassoing his wild heart becomes everything both of them need